With the new Cricut Maker, you can print then cut on colored materials for your craft projects.

You Can Now Print Then Cut on Colored Paper With the Cricut Maker!

September 20th, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Have you ever wished you could work with more than just white when doing a Print Then Cut? If you have a Cricut Maker, your wish is granted! This machine's sensors are able to work with colored materials, greatly expanding your crafting potential. For starters, here are different versions of the same gift bags:

Best Wishes Gift Bags in Different Colored Papers

You can customize your project to include your favorite colors, match a theme and so much more! Try one of the following projects in Design Space for your next crafting day.

Note: These projects can still be made on the Explore family of machines if you use white cardstock.

Today's Schedule

Want to feel like you are on top of everything going on? Start with this stylish Today's Schedule printable! With the new colored paper options, it can match your desk, your mood, your life as you plan out your day to make sure you get everything necessary done.

Good Vibes Only

Add some positivity to your life with this Good Vibes Only sign as a reminder. You can use any patterned cardstock that speaks to you; I'm thinking I need a tropical one, personally, since it reminds me of home.

Printed Envelopes

White envelopes and papers are so blasé. Add a little color to your next gift by making your own printed envelopes. It's now easy to coordinate your gift wrap, envelope, and card!

Thank You Tags

Add a personal touch to your gift with these Thank You tags. Choose different cardstocks to match the occasion: baby rattles for a baby shower, snowflakes for holiday gifts, apples for your child's teacher and so on.

We're excited to see how you use this new feature for your craft ideas. Show us by using #CricutMade when you share photos of your completed ventures.

What project do you like best? Comment below!

13 thoughts on “You Can Now Print Then Cut on Colored Paper With the Cricut Maker!

    • No, only with the Maker machine can you use colored paper from Print and Cut, plus the registration marks are different than they are in the Explore machines.

  1. Can we do the same thing with the cricut explore? I feel like every time I get a machine you need another one, to keep up with the projects, I don’t have money to keep purchasing a new machine every few month’s. We should be able to upgrade and or exchange to stay up to date.

    • Yes. I’m so disappointed. I just saved up enough money to buy one and a month later this one comes out and I can’t do any of this cool stuff.

  2. Omg I love print cut on color. I’m going to own the Maker one day. This means my adoption banners can be colorful when I finally am able to get one. Thanks for sharing great info and projects loved them.

  3. Since I am trying to reinvent my inhome business after being ill for a long time, the Cricut Maker may be just thing I need!!! I am now making greeting cards as a ministry. I make them, give them to my church friend and she sends them out! Ideal situation!

  4. I have the Circut mini which uses the cricut craft room. And I can’t do much unless I buy the cartridges. And it won’t even take svg files. I’ve seen plenty of videos of how to import them, but t does not seen to work for me. Any suggestions on how I can make projects with my mini and cricket craft room. I agree with Marie we should be able to upgrade what ever version we have. Because these machines are pretty expensive.

  5. I agree about the constant new machines being expensive. Started with an expressions, then upgraded by buying a used expressions 2. Have Cricut Craft room and subscription but still very limited on cutting as cannot cut own designs. Was saving to get an Explore and before i get one they come out with even another. Have a home based business and am limited enough on what we can cut I am ready to switch to Silhouette or Brother scan and cut. Mine can be wireless and outdated to the point i’d have to buy adapter on eBay at ridiculous price.

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