We’ve Got a Font Fetish

January 25, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

One Font, Two Font, Red Font, Blue Font…

Okay, we all have that small secret thing that we obsess over. Something that we are constantly looking for or at. For instance, my husband’s is cars and car parts. For me, it’s fonts.

  • Small Fonts
  • Big Fonts
  • Plain Fonts
  • Fancy Fonts

I love them all. They each have their own personality and style. I can say the same thing several different ways depending on the font I use.


Hello Beautiful Font Image

See what I mean? You can say it softly, boldly, sassily, lovingly or many other ways. Hence why I am crazy about Cricut Design Space. No matter how I want to say something, they have a font to match and they are continually adding more.

Fabulous Fonts

My favorite fonts this month are:

  • Loop-Di-Loop, this one is kind of curly and sassy. It makes me think of ringlets and bubblegum (I never said it was a great combo, that’s just what I think of.)
  • Pen and Ink has a more sophisticated look. It seems like something you would use for special occasions or just because you want to be fancy.
  • Kyden reminds me of the handwriting I always wished I had and now I do. (Shh, don’t tell anyone. I just write everything via my Cricut.)
  • Confetti + Sprinkles is just downright crazy which is what makes it so awesome. It literally is a party in a font.

Last, but by no means least, our newest one…*Drumroll Please*


Neon Lights Font Image

Neon Lights is the newest addition to the Cricut Font Family and we couldn’t be happier. This boldly electric font is just the type of uniqueness you were looking for this New Year. But wait there’s more…

Neon Lights is the first in a long line of fonts that will be hitting Cricut Design Space this year. You will have to check back each month to see whether we have released one or many. All I can say right now is that they are going to be AMAZING!

Finding Fonts

I honestly can say I have never met a font I didn’t like, and that holds true for all of the Cricut fonts. One question I get asked a lot is “How do I change my fonts in Design Space?” I have got your answer right here.

It is actually pretty simple. After you have added your text by clicking “Add Text” on the left hand side of your screen, you will head over the right side and click edit.


DS Image

After you have clicked the edit tab (make sure your text is selected) you will see three drop down menus. The middle one has all the fonts your heart could desire.


Hello Beautiful Font Image 1

From there all you have to do is scroll through and select your favorite font.


Hello Beautiful Image 2

And there you have it. Pretty simple right?

Were any of my favorite fonts your favorite as well? I would love to hear what your favorite type of font is. Comment below and tell me how much of a font fetish you have.

Now go make something, you crazy craft animal you!


17 thoughts on “We’ve Got a Font Fetish

  1. I definitely have a Font Fettish….love your post and am so excited about the new fonts and what will be coming this year…..thanks for all the information. YOU so ROCK!!

  2. Question please. For
    A font that looks like calligraphy, such as Pen and Ink above, do you need a special pen? If so, how do you use it?

    • Fern,
      That is a great question, one that deserves its only post probably. The short answer is that we do not have a special pen to create the font the way you see it above at this time. The pen follows the same path as the blade would to cut the letters, creating a type of bubble effect if you just change it to “write” in the layers tab. However we do have some fonts that have draw layers, which are single stroke and don’t just draw the outline of the letter. After typing out your word, if you go to the edit tab and click on the first drop down menu, you can filter by those fonts that have a writing style. I hope that answers your question.
      Be sure to check back soon as we will post a more detailed description of the process and how our writing styles work.

  3. Fellow font collector here. I use the Cricut too for all my hand writing too! Thanks for the post and the good news!
    New to cricut and I was wondering if there is anyway to go back and change a word or spelling in the text itself once I’ve left the add text box?

    • Judy,
      If you double click on your word, the text box should open again to allow you to make changes. Just make sure you haven’t already attached or welded them to anything, or separated the letters. I hope that helps!

  4. Now, you’ve hooked me! I love the fonts that are available! One question, the two projects that are shown…what is that pretty/simple font that is used on the “Family” project?

  5. Hi ! I loved Loop-Di-Loop as well and have used it in several projects. However now when I open my projects with it, the font is gone!! I have spoken to two customer service representatives and spent over an hour being told I must have downloaded this font on my own and it is not a cricut font. I sent them a cricut issued list that showed the cricut access fonts, yet they kept telling me this isnt their font. Has anyone else had any trouble? * PS. I also have noticed sugar and spice is missing!

    Here is the link to the cricut fonts! http://content.cricut.com/b/pdfs/ca_image_library_list.pdf

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