Cuttlebug, Glitter, & Bags, Oh My!

January 11, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

Hey Everyone, welcome to 2017. I am so excited to start this year off by telling you about my favorite new items.

A Match Made in Heaven

First off our new Cuttlebug. I will be the first to admit that the Cuttlebug confused me. However, after seeing it in action, and seeing what it could do, I became obsessed. I am not even joking, I had to have one. Now I use it all the time. So the fact that I can now match my Cuttlebug to my Cricut Explore Air 2 is well… okay let’s just get real. I love matching items, I think they are adorable, and if they exist I buy them (much to my husband’s dismay).

More Matching!

Oh the tools… again with the matching. They are adorable!!! I mean seriously how could you honestly say no to tools that one, solve all of your crafting needs and two, match your machine.

Mint Tool Set

All That Sparkles

Okay, moving on. Another one of my favorite items this month is our new Glitter Tape. Not to add to the whole “Girls love things that sparkle,” stereotype, but…I LOVE THINGS THAT SPARKLE. I can’t get enough of it. We released a Glitter Tape sampler that you can find in a retail craft store near year or you can find it and the 12 other individual colors on My favorite colors are the Teal and the Sapphire Blue. 

Cricut Project

Neat Bags

Now, I actually loved everything that we released this month, but I am just going to talk about one more.

The bags!!!

I love these bags!

The Shoulder Bag, the Machine Tote, and the Rolling Tote. I have two words… Organizational Heaven *Cue heavenly music*... 

If you are anything like me your craft room is frequently in a state of chaos. Not in the “I never clean any of this up chaos,” but rather the “where do I put everything in this tiny room” chaos. These bags are the answer. Seriously though, I can put my materials, mats, tools, pens, and my Cuttlebug, just in the Rolling Tote alone.

Cricut Bags

The other thing I love about these bags is that they are portable. If my friend decides to have a last minute craft night at her house (it happens a lot), I can just grab the bag that is full of supplies and go. Rather than finding a bunch of plastic bags to fit everything I want to bring, which what I have been doing. I can roll the bag into a closet for more floor space, or into the middle of the floor for more closet space. It’s the best!

Biggest win for these bags…They look way better than those plastic bins that I seem to keep accumulating in the corners of my craft room to hold everything.

Now you can see why they are my favorite right? I would love to hear what your favorites Cricut things are! Leave a comment below and let me know if you have a favorite item or go to project! 

11 thoughts on “Cuttlebug, Glitter, & Bags, Oh My!

  1. Still a newbie, but I love the scoring stylus! really helps make my cards look more professional with clean fold lines! Can’t wait to start playing with other goodies such as vinyl using my explore air 2! love your posts, too — full of useful information!

    • Kaylee, I was just looking on-line in Accesories category. They have very cute accessory pouches in the new color scheme of Explore Air 2. It is called a pouch, it seems it zips up, which makes finding things actually much easier, I am forever looking for my score tool or vinyl weeder. I may have to resort to tying them to ribbon. lol

    • Kaylee, the matching tool set will be available next week! We are SO excited about them. You will be able to find them on under supplies and then tools. You will also find the matching Accessory Pouch that Lara mentioned. Happy Crafting!!

  2. I saw that! I am still waiting to get my explore air 2 for the rose color one!!! I got the rose cuttlebug off of HSN, but they say another months for the air 2! I can hardly wait!

  3. kaylee i have been looking for almost a month for the same air2 in ROSE, i got the rose cutterbug off HSN also. I wasnt told a date for the rose air2 i wanted it as a birthday gift on the 25th of this month. but if i have to wait for it i will i dont want any other color i hate the green one, i hate green

  4. How about a way to organize embossing folders and dies? I know there use to be a book but I believe it has been discontinued?

  5. Is the new rolling craft tote big enough to store the explore air machine or just the cuttlebug? Would love a rolling tote for my machine… it’s a little heavy to carry on my shoulder along with another bag with supplies.

  6. So excited over the new bags! I teach special needs children and often need to take my Cricut to school. Now, there is a safe and SO STYLISH way to do this! Time to start saving up!!!!!

  7. Will they ever bring out the lilac colored Cuttlebug? I have the new lilac Air2 and the lilac Brightpad. All I ever see in Cuttlebug is mint and gold! ?

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