Weld, Attach, Group and Flatten tools in Design Space

Weld, Attach, Group, and Flatten: What Is the Difference?

February 20th, 2018 | Contributor: Cortney, Cricut Product Team

I am sure if you have ever made a project in Design Space®, you have seen these words. Maybe you knew what they meant and maybe you didn’t. It doesn’t matter because I am going quickly to tell you about them today.

If you would like to watch the explanation rather than read it here is a fun video all about the differences.

All these features are part of the Design Space Layers Panel. If you aren’t familiar with Design Space quite yet, learn more about it in our Design Space Help Site.


Flatten is used with the Print then Cut feature. It takes a multi-layer project and squishes (or flattens) it down all the selected layers into one layer that can be printed on your home printer then cut on your Cricut machine. Aside from the outline, it will also remove all individual cut lines in the end result.

When you Flatten a multi-layer project, be sure you have changed and selected all the colors you want in each layer before you click on the tool. You will not be able to adjust individual colors after you flatten, except for instances where you can undo.

You will be able to tell if you have a flattened image by looking at your layers panel. There will just be one layer.

Check out the video below where my friend, Anna Rose, illustrates flattening an image.


Group may be compared to putting individual items into one bag. By grouping individual layers in Design Space, you will be able to move them around as one item. However, like items in a bag, the different layers that are grouped together aren’t fused together. These separate layers move in a group but are still individual layers. You can still open the bag and remove individual pieces with UnGroup.

The group tool is useful for projects when you need to keep a multi-layer, multi-color project together on your canvas. Though, keep in mind, once you send the canvas to the mat preview, they will separate into different mats.


Attach is similar to the function of a paper clip. You can keep layers (like the documents help together by a paper clip), but when you Detach, the layers will separate (when you remove the paper clip).

Like Group, Attach will keep your project together on the canvas. However, unlike group, when you send it to the mat in Design Space, it will keep its formatting and stay as one.

Attach is specifically useful when adding text as writing. You can Attach written text as placed in relation to the rest of your project so the machine understands where to place the writing when you make.

Learn more about how to use the Attach function in Design Space.


Weld is like glue. When you glue one item to another, they fuse together to make one item. Use Weld when you want to eliminate the cut lines between images and/or text. Like Attach, Weld keeps your project together on the canvas and when you send it to the mat to cut.

Unlike Attach, there is no un-weld button. Weld is more permanent.

Learn more about how to Weld images together in Design Space.

I love each and every one of these tools, especially now that I know when and where to use them. I hope you grow to love them too! Check out the video above for a visual explanation and then tell us in the comments which tool is your favorite!

33 thoughts on “Weld, Attach, Group, and Flatten: What Is the Difference?

  1. Great information but I back up so many times because you talk so fast. I can’t understand what you said. First what is the name of the font I can’t find it. Also at the end I could not see what you were touching on the iPad because the camera was not on that. It is also hard to see because it was not a clear picture. I hope this helps for future videos. Loved your video. Can’t wait to learn more! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  2. I found this video to be very helpful and I will watch it as I open a window so I can follow along as you do it …that is how I learn. I wish I had found this on day one…although I am not too far away I could have saved myself many hours and youtube videos that only confused me. Love, your style I get it
    Thank you

    • You can use printable vinyl for projects. If you wanted to use a photo, for example, this would be a way to cut it out for use in your design without converting it to an outline version to be cut. You would upload it into Design Space, say it’s for Print Then Cut, then it would direct you to print it out. Doing it this way puts a special box around the image so the machine knows where to cut.

  3. This was very helpful. I have hardly touched my Cricut because the amount of info needed to use it seems overwhelming. How can I watch more of your videos?

  4. I’m not understanding the print then cut. Are you using any printer and then placing it on a circuit yo cut it or a special machine for both ?

    • Hi. You set it to Print Then Cut in Design Space. When you are ready to make the project, it will give you prompts to have it printed out on your own printer. We recommend an inkjet one. It will print out your design along with a special box around it that the machine can read to help it know where to cut.
      Once it is printed, you place it on your mat and follow the instruction prompts to have your Cricut cut it out.

  5. Suggested that in the videos put the option of subtitles so that people who do not speak English can visuarlos in our language, in my case the Spanish, and if they could do it on the page of DS would be wonderful because they would remove many headaches when wanting use our Cricut machines. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for clarifying these actions. I am just starting to use the print and cut features and your video helped me realize how much this machine can do. Can’t wait to play on my Cricut.

  7. Thank you for all the info. I have a very small knowledge of how to use my cricut but with these tutorials I’m getting better. Is there a pdf manual for the cricut machine?


    • There is printable iron-on available that will be suitable for this process. The guidelines in this link are helpful; steps like wash inside out and make sure there is a full spin cycle.

    • Inkjet ink is usually water-soluble. If you are going to get your final product wet, you might want to get the printing done on a laser printer.

  9. Hello I am new to Cricut crafting. I purchased a Cricu t Explorer 2 and I’m really excited to get started. My question is, I purchased images from Esty and uploaded them onto my Design space. Now I wanted to use an image but it’s group with other images in the upload. How do I get the images onto my Design space from the side panel where the images appear? I don’t know how to do it and I’m frustrated. Please help me.

    • It depends on how the designer created the file. You can click on the eye in the layers panel to make parts visible or invisible.

  10. After cutting my images I saved them to the cloud. How do I access them?
    I want to recut those images without having to resize reweld ect. Can I do this

    • You should be able to see the projects in Design Space. Click on My Projects in upper right. If you saved them after making all of your adjustments, it will cut out just like that again.

  11. This is an excellent in detail video, which I think a lot of people appreciate, just one thing though, if you could speak slightly slower would have been 10/10.

  12. Thank you for sharing the knowledge, the terms make it easy to understand. I just got my first Cricut two days ago, having success so far, but needed a little help with things and found you!

  13. Best video explanation ever… on these before confusing and unfamiliar terms. You are a natural teacher and made this information clear, understandable and memorable! Thank you!

  14. I’m trying to get a image to download on my design space. Everytime I try to save and download, I follow the steps, then it is always a print then cut, but I want a cut only. What am I doing wrong??? Please help me, I am so frustrated!! Thank you. Lora

    • Under linetype, choose Cut and then it should cut it out for you. Also make sure that it is set to No Fill in the dropdown next to linetype.

  15. I welded the word ‘mine’. Then sent the project to the mat, the inside of the e closed up. It didn’t show that on my canvas only when it went to the mat and then It cut like that also. It also did that on the letter ‘d’. The inside closed up and was just one black circle. What did I do wrong ?

    • Hi. Sometimes if your letters are a tiny bit too close, the insides of letters can close up. If you try spacing them out just a tiny bit more, it can keep this from happening.

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