Valentine’s Day Brunch

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, which means most of us will be celebrating on Saturday night with a night on the town or cozy dinner at home (check out yesterday’s Valentine’s Day DIY Dinner Party). So what to do on Sunday? Serve up a surprise Valentine’s Day brunch or breakfast for your significant other or your kids. Whether it’s heart-shaped pancakes or pomegranate mimosas, explore these projects to make the morning truly memorable. You can go all-out with a theme or add a few touches here and there to make a statement.

XOXO Theme

With this Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ready-to-Make project, create a place card greeting, napkin ring, plate embellishment, and an arrow for your heart-shaped pancakes!

Valentine's Day BreakfastValentine's Day BreakfastValentine's Day Breakfast








And coffee, of course.

Since the brunch is a surprise, create a heart path from bedroom(s) to kitchen. These heart-shaped vinyl decals are easy to make with your Cricut and peel right off the mat. You can stick them on your floor or walls, and they are super-easy to remove.

To keep the kids engaged, put down a white paper tablecloth and give them these adorable DIY crayon boxes filled with their favorite colors. They can create valentines on the spot.

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