Make your coasters custom with foil iron-on plus the EasyPress

Using the EasyPress With Unique Surfaces: DIY Coasters

November 14th, 2017 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Hello!! It’s Jess from Everyday Party Magazine, and I am thrilled to share this fun DIY with you today! It’s perfect for holiday gift giving, hostesses, or even your own home.

For this project you will need:

We needed new coasters for our house, so I made this set for myself, but I have made two more gift sets since I made these.

1: Choose an Image

Pick which image that you want to use for your design

Open Design Space and choose an image you like. I wanted a festive seasonal coaster, so I chose the moose in DS.

Choose the image that you want to use
Choose the image that you want to use

This moose had layers so I removed one layer, leaving me with just a silhouette image.

2: Add a Monogram

Add letters to make a monogram

Type your monogram and ungroup the letters. I chose to use my husband’s and my name with our last name. But, do you on this and make it your own.

Add letters to make a monogram
Add letters to make a monogram

I made the middle letter (our last initial) a little larger than the other letters and placed them where I wanted them.

Add letters to make a monogram

Once I had them lined up, I welded them and layered them over the moose.

3: Slice Out Text

Slice out the letters from the image

I moved the letters and after I was happy with their placement, I sliced them from the moose image and deleted the excess text.

4: Cut Out Image

Cut out your project

I sized the moose to fit my coasters and sent it to cut. (Don’t forget to mirror it, and choose the cutting material.) I bought a four pack of coasters, so I made 4 images to cut.

5: Weed Image

Weed away excess vinyl

After my Cricut worked her magic, I weeded the images with my Cricut Tool set.

6: Apply Iron-on to Coasters

Use the EasyPress to apply the iron-on to your coasters

Now I was ready to warm up my EasyPress and pretty up those coasters!

I bought these coasters with the copper accent line already added, and even though I love the look, it did make EasyPressing a little more challenging, because it was not a smooth and even surface.

Warm the surface of your coaster with your EasyPress for 15-20 seconds. It will be HOT, so be careful. Place your weeded Foil Iron On onto the coaster, and press at 300* for 40 seconds. Wait for the coaster to cool, this will take a bit, and remove the transfer tape. If you have any areas that are being troublesome, repeat the EasyPress step.

Use the EasyPress to apply the iron-on to your coasters

Voila! You have four custom coasters for less than $12!!!

What image would you use for your coasters? How do you use your EasyPress? Tell us below!

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  1. Hey Everyone…do they offer a class anywhere in design space? I mean I know “You Tube” but somewhere you can go sit in class and do a.project and ask questions…thanks

    • I have seen some Joann stores offer Cricut classes. There are also a lot of big Facebook groups about Cricut. You could possibly find people nearby who might be interested in doing a small class or the like.

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