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Uploading Images on iOS is Here!

November 21st, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

I know I am not the only one out there that is excited about the latest iOS app update. We know you have been wanting the ability to upload images from your iPhone or iPad and now that capability has arrived which makes us all feel like this:

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

So now that it is here, let’s look at how it works.

Image upload works directly with your camera or camera roll, so you can use any type of file that would be found in your Photo Library. This means you can take a picture and send it straight into Design Space. 

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

Once you take your picture or choose your image from your camera roll, you will be taken to the clean portion of the process. I just took a picture of some hand-lettering I have been working on.

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

From here I have access to all the tools that the computer software has (remove, erase, and crop), plus a few more!

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

If you move the circle toward the plus or minus it will remove more or less of the background. This is a really useful tool when you are working with more complex images such as pictures. The little box in the upper right corner is your cut preview. No need to toggle back and forth here!

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

After you take out what you don’t want, click next and you will be taken to my new favorite feature! The despeckle and smooth page! Because I just took a picture from my phone, there are bound to be a few pixels here and there. Despeckle erase the smallest pieces first getting rid of the small flecks that were hard to see. Next comes smooth. Now if I am being honest with myself (and you,) I don’t have the steadiest of hands yet as I am hand lettering. This is why smooth is so great, it takes away the rough edges.

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

From here you save it to the cloud as a Cut image or a Print Then Cut image.

That’s it, folks. It is that easy to upload images from your iOS device!

Let us know in the comments below just how excited you are about image upload and what type of things you will be uploading to make projects.

117 thoughts on “Uploading Images on iOS is Here!

    • We do have an Android app, but it does not have this feature yet. As we continue improving the Design Space experience for Android, image upload is a major priority for us. We expect the image upload feature for Android users to be available in the future.

  1. The cut preview window gets in the way when I’m working in the upper right corner. Is there any way to move it or turn it off. We really don’t need it there all the time. Toggling would actually be preferable.

    • I had the same problem…just like you would enlarge a portion of a picture with two fingers enlarge your image the box will go away (sometimes comes back too quick) but you have a lot more control of the areas you want to work on bc you can move the spot you’re working on below or beside the box…try it! Enlarging portions of the image make clean up so much easier….I was trying to clean out an “e” or a skinny “l” and it kept erasing parts of my image bc my fingers were to big…now even the tiny portions like inside the loop of a cursive “r” are easy to remove! Try it and Good Luck

  2. I am super excited about this feature. Before I would have to drag out the laptop…now I can do everything from my iPad!!!

  3. Love this feature! One of the reason I just recently (it’s suppose to be a Christmas gift, but little do they know it’s only the box they wrapped!) upgraded from the original Expression to the Explorer Air 2. Ok well, that’s not exactly true. It was new laptop vs new cricut. The laptop was hardly ever used. So it would be FABULOUS if I were able to do everything from the iPad in design space instead of still having to use a computer for certain things. Fingers crossed that will be soon!

  4. Hi. I’m new to cricut, was bought an explore air 2 for Christmas. Sorry if I sound silly but once you’ve uploaded a photo and smoothed the image out etc what would the next step be in the process eg what can you make with the image? Many thanks.

    • Hi. You could then open the image in your canvas and create your design, then cut or draw it. There are so many different possibilities that await!

  5. Please work on giving Android users the same attention as iOS users. I have an Ipad, but would like to use my phone. In the past it took an extremely long time to release the Android app verses the iOS app. Thank you for all you do to update the Cricut system!

  6. I was hoping this would happen for an android based system. I don’t do i phone products and I make a ton of cards 250 at a time for charity. I have expressions air 2, will they be coming out with this option for an android based system?

  7. Is there a way to work exclusively in the preview mode? Versus toggling back and forth? This is especially useful when cleaning up detailed images. Being able to zoom in and see the preview of the final image, identifying spaces to clean and smooth.

  8. I see it said that you have to upload your image to the cloud. What if your cloud is full? Can you save the image elsewhere? Do you have to use the cloud in order to print and cut?

  9. Just got our Maker. I am liking this feature, but heck, please make the font writing a bit easier. Having to move letters together, just not very easy for a first time user. I want to type and it be ready to Make.

  10. What about people who don’t use iphone, iPad and I stuff? I have no plans on owning I produce so that wouldn’t help me.

  11. I see, the android users are always left behind. Just joking, can’t wait for the ios app for androids to come out.

  12. This is Spectacular!!! Love this feature and all the bells & whistles that come with it!!
    Thanks Cricut for another Magnificent Creation!! CRICUT YOU ALL SO ROCK!!

  13. I love this !! And I have used the the upload a lot … Thank You so much ?. Is there anyway to delete uploads that you don’t want anymore?

  14. I have to agree with one of the other comments. The print view box got in my way a lot. It made it very hard for me to fix the areas where that box was. I tried to move the box to a different corner and I couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong I like the box however can you fix it where we can move it to whatever corner we want? Thank you for all the updates. I do love this feature and was super excited I didn’t have to drag out my computer.

  15. It would be great if we could upload images from Dropbox or directly from the source without having to use a file converter app or taking a photograph.. Especially with larger images. The two clean up buttons are a great addition, but it would be a lot easier if I could upload images directly to design space. It would be much more time efficient, as my craft time is limited. Plus the results from my iPhone are not always as clear even with the tools as the digital copy.

  16. Sad for all of us who don’t have an apple computer. Sadder yet is that the wood cutting blade isn’t available yet

  17. Why does it always have to be about the IPhone? I would just as soon do completely without any electronics than to have any products from Apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi. Our specifications for Design Space are Windows 8 and above. It’s possible it could work on Windows 7, but may have problems.

  18. Now please do the same for tablets! I have a samsung that I would like to be able to use Design space but can’t because of this upload issue.

  19. Greetings, Cricut

    In all this excitement, please try and remember not all of us have or want iphones and the desire to use them is not job one.
    I am happy for those that do use this more “now” device, but please keep improving the additions for the rest of us.
    Can hardly wait for the knife blade.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • I Totally agree with this person. I have no desire to have an I-Phone or any Apple product. Android users are definitely treated as a second-rate citizen. it makes me feel like getting rid of my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine.

  20. As technology increases for on the go demand it would ‘ve been nice if all features available for desktop/laptop features where available on mobile devices. This should be a major priority now not in the future. Without the ability to add your own photos from mobile devices makes the whole cricut experience negative.

  21. Love the feature, until I try to cut. Locks up the IPad and I can’t do anything. After 5 minutes I get an error message. Then I have to haul the machine up to my desktop computer to work. Very frustrating!

  22. Love it!!!! Thank You Cricut and team members you get better and better!! Thank you for make me as a customer feel valued by all your dedication and hard work !!

  23. Really, it’s unbelievable!!!!!!!. I can use any IOS device? Wonderful. I’m so thrilled your digital staff is on the ball. I’m married to my iPad. I purchased the Cricut Explore Air for my Library as well. This is going to make instruction to my staff so much easier and fewer “eyebrow raising”. Thank you.

  24. I love My Cricut !!! But it not was not as easy to use as expected. I have and Android phone and kindle tablet.And there is no app for the kindle. I feel when you do and upgrade for Apple it should be ready for Android as well. it makes me feel like a second class citizen. Cause I have to wait for months sometime for these update.

  25. I cannot wait to use this! It looks amazing! Love Cricut and and your forward thinking! Constantly improving your products, this is why I continue to purchase!!! So happy!!!

  26. I’m super excited about the direct upload, clean, and smooth features, as I expect to be uploading some original art. I often snap screenshots of ideas I love (but am always cognizant of copyrights). I just got a Cricut Maker as a gift from my loving, generous husband of 34 years!! ❤️ (I’ve been wanting one since the first pre-availability video.) I have big plans for my Cricut Maker–lots of different ones!

  27. This is exciting. To be able to smooth edges is so important. However, I do not have IOS . i am still anxiously waiting help for us android users. I actually though of buying an iPad because this feature is so great.

    • I’m on the waiting list too. I use my desktop, exclusively, with my Design Space. No laptop, no tablet. Got really excited when I read the email. Now I find out that I can’t use it. I’m bummed.

  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH’ Just one suggestion we cannot delete our uploaded/saved images from the iPhone. I was on the phone with customer service and this has to be done through a computer ☹️

  29. I would like to know why iphones get apps FIRST EVERY time n android users ALWAYS have to wait. Can i ask why we android users have to wait “till sometime in the future?”. There are just as many android users as there r iphone users n yet we android users are never first, we are always last. Does Cricut not like android? Just wondering…….Lynda

  30. I can use the upload from my computer but I would very much like to be able to use it on my android. I don’t have apple anything. Please make it happen for the rest of use please please please. Love my cricut my husband bought me the air 2 last year and the maker this year. Love my machines

  31. Disappointed. Why are these upgrades not available in DesignSpace? It seems to me that DesignSpace should be the number 1 place to install new features. That way all the cricut users would have access. Why do I need to purchase an ipad in order to use these new features?

  32. If you gave me the moon, I would want the sun, but I would probably, in this
    Case, settle for the ability to upload from Dropbox.

  33. I agree with another post. Leaving us Android users out when upgrades and/or updates come out makes us feel 2nd class. Should be all or none. Sad.

  34. This sounds like a wonderful tool. My question is: Will it accept a jpeg file since this is the format of the pictures on the phone? I really wish it was not necessary to find an svg file or convert jpeg to svg.

  35. This is so wonderful. Although I’m having a little difficulty with the smooth and despeckle feature….when I discovered the upload tool on my iPad, I was on it right away.

    Only one more feature to this that would just rock my “crafternoon” would be the ability to upload SVG files in IOS. (Hint, hint)

  36. Thank YOU!!! For finally ridding my life of the never ending “ plug-in” installment pop-up that no amount of tech support could EVER CORRECT!!! So glad to be done with it!!!

  37. I would like a partial refund of my membership , as I have been paying the same amount as the apple users while not having the same functionality. Had to wait longer for the app, now have to wait longer again for upload improvements.
    If it was not available in the past and is not available today, the answer of “in the future” is no answer at all. Give it to all or none until everyone is on level footing ,anything else is discrimination.

  38. We need an android app for those of us in Canada 🙁 Whrn do you expect to have one? If you have one I can’t find it…please send a link to me 🙂
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  39. Not excited even a little bit since Apple never has and never will get a dime of my money. Now if you were to come out with the Android update, not only would I find that interesting, it might even encourage me to renew my Cricut Access membership. One day Ashish will wake up and realize that the world really doesn’t revolve around Apple. Cheers!

  40. When can we expect an app that works in Canada???? Canadian Android user here and although I absolutely love my Cricut I feel left out of all the cool new stuff

  41. Will the clean and smooth feature be available for iMac? If we already have it please let me know and I will love k for it.

  42. Why is Android users always the last to receive new features? I don’t have nor do I want an iphone. Clearly android users are not that important to you guys. Angry, yes I am very angry at this time. Sounds like a great feature, but we android users must wait until all the iphone users are pleased.
    I am just saying!!!!!!

  43. Please don’t forget about us Android users. Why do we always have to wait the longest for the new usable fun stuff?? Hmm…

  44. I am truly excited for everyone who’s able to benefit from this feature right now but, it’s a bit unsettling that all of your consumers aren’t equally considered. My Android preference should not make exempt from such a beneficial feature.
    Patiently waiting but, a bit annoyed…..

  45. WOW!~!~~! JUST WOW!!!! I fell in love with Cricut from the start, and it never fails me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  46. New features work great on IPad. However it locks up when trying to cut. Error message takes 5 minutes to receive and you can’t close out until it “cuts”. How about an update to make this actually work?

  47. No fair! We bought this in hopes it would work in this way with our Android tablets and phones. We ARE NOT a Apple Family and if the feature is offered for Apple products it should be for Android customers as well! Kinda feels like we are being pushed into a brand!

  48. Why do these updates first come out in iOS first? I would love to use this feature, but I have Microsoft and not Apple products.

  49. I received a cricut maker for Christmas and I purchased my first non-android device (an iPad) just because I am so excited to be able to use these new features. I can’t wait to try it out!

  50. When will Apple products work with the maker? I just got one, tried to use it yesterday, it will not connect via Bluetooth. Cricut said they are working on fixing the problem, they will email me when it is resolved. I wish they would have said something in the store…it was such a letdown to get it out, ready to use, and it will not work with my iPad…I do not have a laptop available at this time…anxiously awaiting!

  51. This looks like an amazing tool but when will it come out for Androids? Also if you use a computer will design space have this feature or are we waiting for that to?

  52. When is this going to be ready for Androids? Please don’t forget that not everyone is an Apple user. This post is from November and I haven’t seen any updates.

  53. Still waiting for upload option? My mother uses ipad and has the option, I use an android and don’t have the option to upload??

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  55. Dear Cricut,
    I use cricut design space on my Apple MacBook Pro. I’m am disappointed this clean and smooth feature upon uploading is not available on my laptop. Do you have plans to add this feature to the Apple laptop? If so when will that be?


  56. When I upload an image I get a black box in the upper right hand corner how do I get my image to appear instead of the black box

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