Upload Your Own Images to Cricut Design Space

Can I Upload My Own Images in Design Space with Cricut Maker?

October 17th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

One of the best parts about using Design Space is that it’s so versatile for using many different types of content. If you’re a new crafter, Design Space has thousands of ready-to-make projects, fonts, and over 60,000 images you can choose from to make any project your heart desires.

We know many of you love to use our content in Design Space but once you start making and get lots of inspiration, you may want to use your own images to cut and draw with your Cricut machine.


If you have a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machine you can upload your own images in Design Space.


And the best part? You can use your desktop (Mac or PC) and your mobile device (iOS or Android) to upload your images in 6 different file types. We want to give you the freedom to design anywhere you are the second you get inspired.

Upload Images in Design Space with Cricut Maker

Where can I learn how to upload my own images in Design Space?


If you’ve never uploaded your own images into Design Space before, Cricut has an amazing Learn center where you can get step-by-step tutorials on all things Cricut machines, Design Space, and so much more.

Make sure you visit Cricut’s Learn center and in the meantime, we’ve included the downloadable PDF of how to upload your own images at the bottom of this blog post.

Cricut also has an Education team that is focused on bringing you the most helpful learnings possible when it comes to all things Design Space and Cricut in general.

You can see one of their latest webinars on our YouTube channel about how to upload your own images below.

If you loved this webinar, there are many more to come! Make sure you see what live webinars are coming up on Cricut’s Learn center page here.

Tell us in the comments if this guide on how to upload your own images, including the resources from our Education team, was helpful… and let us know what else you want to learn about and we will pass it along to our Education team! #CricutMade

Uploading Images to Design Space PDF

Upload Images in Design Space with Cricut Maker

17 thoughts on “Can I Upload My Own Images in Design Space with Cricut Maker?

  1. Do I have to pay for every single thing that I make and print. Basically what I am getting is that I have to pay for the membership to use this cricut.

    • Hi. Cricut Access means you can use the thousands of images and fonts included in the membership. Anything that is included has a green A in the corner. There are free fonts and images available, as well as the ability to upload your own images and use your own fonts that are installed on your computer (found by switching to System Fonts).

  2. Upgraded to Cricut Premium for Disney images, etc being A mom of 2 girls it seemed perfect.
    Evidently right after Cricut removed Disney from premium packages
    Meaning i upgraded, they changed, that night
    Every thing i wanted , i got then thry changed so i never got any of em
    Basically paid over 100$ to still got get it, emailed them LAST wk end and still NO REPLY

    • I am so sorry you are having problems. Could you please call our Customer Care center? The information is at cricut.com/chat

  3. I love to upload my own designs. My mom hand wrote my daughter’s name in calligraphy and I was able to take a picture, upload it, cut it out in vinyl, and make custom water bottles for her!!!

  4. I bought the Star Wars bundle and I downloaded it to Cricut. But now I can’t use it. It’s not highlighted like everything else in my files. I paid $35.00 for that and want to make Christmas ornaments with it.

    Thank you

  5. Hello, My main concern is I do not understand if I am able to draw cut images. Is that when layers come into play? I am looking to be able to upload images and be able to draw things like flowers or a lace pattern for my wedding invitations.

    • Hi Caitlin,

      There are simple shapes available to help create in Design Space, but for more complicated images, it may be easiest to draw images in a different app and then import them into Design Space. Check out this help page on importing images.

  6. Does anyone know if you can draw directly on the grid in design space? Sorry it’s my first time setting up my cricut maker.

    • Hi Anjana,

      You can create shapes and text directly within Design Space, but there is not a brush or pencil tool feature as there may be with other drawing or paint software. Hope that helps.

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