Upcycle Your Holiday Decor

You wish taking down the holiday decorations were as much fun as putting them up. This year, upcycle some of your holiday décor and make it last year-round.

  1.     Cards

Got some greeting cards leftover? Give them a facelift and use them as thank-you cards for all those fabulous holiday gifts you received. Or make little note cards you can use for any occasion. Check out this before-and-after using this Hello Upcycle Card Embellishment.

  1.     Cake stands 

You’ve invested in holiday cake stands and plates–now what? Put them away? Upcycle them with a new look like this Sweets Plate project.

3.      Wreaths

Holiday wreaths are perfect to transition to year-round cheer. Add a new message or your family initial for the perfect Monogram Wreath look.

  1.     Pillows

You used your Cricut to create holiday pillows. Now upcycle them for a new home decor look. A great example is this snowflake to Elephant Pillow idea. 

  1.     Tins and jars

From all the bake sales and holiday parties, you’ve accumulated a lot of jars, tins, and boxes. Don’t throw them away. Create fun labels and reuse them as storage for the bathroom, kitchen, pantry–or wherever!

From left to right: Bathroom Storage Mason Jars Craft Storage Boxes and Numbered Tupperware

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