See some fun ways to upcycle your vinyl tube

4 Ways That Cricut Lovers Can Upcycle Vinyl Tubes

April 20th, 2018 • Contributor: Shelby Jones, Cricut Social Media Specialist

We are celebrating Earth Day with upcycling something that we think most of you may have lying around your house! You know those cardboard rolls that hold all your Cricut cuttables like vinyl and iron on? We challenged some of our Cricut Blog Contributors to see how they could upcycle their leftover iron on and vinyl rolls!

A tip we love before your supplies are finished is to use your roll as storage - just roll that vinyl up and use your cardboard as storage! Nifty eh?

Store your vinyl inside the rolls.

Now you’ve finished the last bit of that roll and you think to yourself what could I possibly create with these? Sure, you could just recycle but who doesn’t love another excuse to DIY and add another project on that To Make list...well!  We’ve got our favorite 4 for you today!


Cori from Hey Let’s Make Stuff made a DIY kaleidoscope from supplies you probably have around your house! This kid-friendly project would be the perfect next rainy day solution!

Find the tutorial here:

Flower Container Board

Kayla from Kayla Makes had us COMPLETELY fooled that she even used her old cardboard rolls! Kayla said, “Whenever my kiddo completes a chore or does something nice for someone she gets to choose a flower, pull it off and take the prize inside!” We are thinking this could even be fun as a jewelry organizer or whatever your heart desires!

Find the tutorial here:


Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts made these noisemakers that would be perfect for Cinco De Mayo or really any fun party! Dress up your cardboard rolls and you’ve got yourself some party accessories!

Find the tutorial here:

Pen Organizer

If there is one thing we love more than Cricut supplies it is seeing Cricut supplies happily organized!  Jenny from Everyday Jenny created this DIY organizer that is simple enough to make a few and lets you get creative with how you want to personalize each set!

Find the tutorial here:

Have we sent you on a scavenger hunt yet for all your empty rolls? We want to see how you upcycle your leftover rolls!  Share with us on Instagram with #CricutMade.

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  1. I cut the tubes in 1/4 and use them to hold my scrape vinyl’s, keeping everything in order and easy to see what I have.

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