Turning Over a New Leaf: Fall Weddings

October 14, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Most of us know that June is the most popular month to host a wedding. But we were surprised to discover that part of the reason for this fact goes back to medieval times, when a person’s annual bath (yes, really) took place around this time of year. Armed with that aromatic knowledge, we’re ready to embrace some newer traditions and customs, and can think of no more enchanting time of year to walk down the aisle than fall.


Autumnal colors in this lovely wedding invitation establish the wedding’s theme. The project is available now in Design Space.




This woodsy Welcome sign continues to make natural elements part of the event’s landscape, and the project is available now in Design Space.



We love the look of fresh flowers in a bride’s hair (okay, we love the look of fresh flowers anywhere),
and feel that this piece is especially stunning. It’s designed by The Honeycomb, and you can check
out their Etsy shop here.


Chilly autumn nights are the ideal time to savor a mug of something hot and comforting. At the end of the event, send guests on their way with a hot cocoa-themed favor!




This eye-catching table number makes the perfect centerpiece in a harvest-themed table scape. Visit Design Space and make it now!


We also adore this idea for table décor: rugged yet charming, it’s a sensational centerpiece idea!



Everyone enjoys a signature cocktail, and this elegant combination of champagne, pomegranate seeds and rosemary makes for a flawless autumnal toast to the happy couple.


What’s a fall event without pumpkins? Consider this unexpected way to use them in an autumn ceremony.



Here’s a stunning image of two people who said “I do” to fall nuptials.


Let’s face it: weddings can be fabulous every month of the year. But autumn feels like an especially poignant time for newlyweds to walk into the sunset… together.

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