Trend Watch: Hottest Trends in Home Décor from NY NOW

September 2, 2016 • Contributor: Andrea Greco

What is NY NOW? Formerly known as the New York International Gift Fair, NY NOW is one of the largest trade shows featuring new and on trend home and lifestyle products for specialty retail. Visiting this show, one gets a firsthand preview of what will be in stores and on trend for the upcoming year. With over 1000 exhibitors, tackling this show every year can be both an exciting and overwhelming task. Undaunted and armed with both my press pass and a venti caramel macchiato, I entered to doors of the Javits Center and began my day.

Street view of the NY Javits Center – photo credit Andrea Greco

As I looked around, I was battling sensory overload in this veritable decorator's paradise. There are linen vendors, furniture designers, potters, paper crafters, soap makers, wood sculptors and chocolate confectioners (with free samples for an energy boost, thankfully!) to name only a few. I carefully walked the show booth by booth, looking at item after item.

NY NOW  - NY Javits Center/Photo Credit - Andrea Greco

As much as I would like to share with you every gorgeous thing I saw, unfortunately, this is a blog post, not a Harry Potter novel. So, I’ve been forced to narrow it down by stand outs and pick my faves. These were the trends that struck a chord with me.

Trend 1 - Southwestern Colors
With the announcement of Pantone's colors of 2016 being Rose Quartz and Serenity (aka light pink and light blue), it wasn't a huge surprise to see a strong presence of pastel palates in everything pottery, objet, and furnishings. These colors definitely provide a "luxe softness" when combined with the heavy presence of golds and coppers. I love the prettiness just a little bit of pink can add to a room.

Products from “Bloomingville” booth/ Photo Credit Andrea Greco

Products from the Be Home booth/ Photo Credit – Andrea Greco

Products from the Darryl Patterson Design Studio booth/ Photo Credit – Andrea Greco

Products from the Kevin Wilcoxson Ceramics booth/ Photo Credit – Andrea Greco

Products from the Shiraleah Chicago booth/ Photo Credit – Andrea Greco

Trend 2 – Origami, Faceted and Geometric Shapes
I am a little obsessed with origami (I JUST crafted a piece for a shoot). So, you can imagine my glee filled heart when happening upon the many origami interpretations I witnessed throughout the show.
MoMA, Home Art, Shiraleah Chicago, Be Home, and Roost featured everything from vases to Christmas ornaments in paper, ceramics, metal, and glass.

Products from the Home Art booth/ Photo Credit – Andrea Greco

Products from the Shiraleah Chicago booth/ Photo Credit – Andrea Greco

Products from the Roost booth/ Photo Credit – Andrea Greco

Products from the MoMA booth/ Photo Credit – Andrea Greco

One of my favorite new vendors is a company out of Texas, Bright Beam Goods. They had an amazing array of fun products including origami puzzles. Love!!!

Products from Bright Beam Goods booth/ Photo Credit- Andrea Greco

If you haven't guessed, I am a huge fan of my Cricut. I am always looking for fun things to make for my home AND my person utilizing the ultimate maker's tool. It was to my great delight to see so, SO many things utilizing this cutting trend. There were two major stand outs in this category. The first was amazing shadow box artwork by designer Tommy Mitchell. The floral pieces shown in this booth were so gorgeous and inspiring. I want to make a version of one of these pieces for my foyer ASAP!

Products from the Tommy Mitchell booth/ Photo Credit – Andrea Greco

The second was Scottish accessories designer Lynsey Walters. I love this girl! She had a gorgeous selection of felt pins, necklaces and headbands. Her cheery color and shape choices made me swoon.

Products from the Lynsey Walters Jewelry booth/ Photo Credit - Andrea Greco

I wish I could have shown you everything great that I saw! But, I feel like I gave you the best of the best. NY NOW was truly an experience. Excuse me now – I need to go stare at a white wall for a few days to help clear my overloaded brain.

I hope this post inspired you to look, decorate and create!


Next Week: Visit the rustic-chic wedding of two New York fashion photographers. You may see a Cricut craft or two!!!

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