Transform A Boring Wall with Vinyl

February 20, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Manager Lauren Duletzke

Have you ever stared at your walls and wondered, “I really need to paint these but it sounds like so much work!” Well that’s exactly what I thought when I moved into my apartment and felt surrounded by stark walls with no color or character. And seriously, when I tell you, I’m super creative but never really took on DIY myself, it’s the truth! You can imagine how I felt before I worked at Cricut. Having a Cricut really gives me the freedom to make designs that are personal to me. 

Enter Heidi Moore of Idieh Design, who we’ve had so much fun working with over the past two months on some amazing room renovations. In working with Heidi, I’ve learned some great tips for adding pops of color, using materials in unique ways, and importantly, finding the right designs to fit my home style.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about doing is a DIY vinyl accent wall – either a cool geometric pattern, something like this:


Geometric Patterns

Or a fun contemporary design like this:


Contemporary Wall

There’s so much you can do you, you just have to know what style you’re looking for, your priority colors, and oh yeah… a Cricut!

In December, I watched Heidi completely transform this white entry way wall with some of her signature patterns and I was completely in awe. Let me show you how she did it …

Step 1: Measure Your Wall

The wall we were working with was roughly 8 ft. x 3 ft.


Step 2: Decide Your Pattern

Heidi designs with a lot of polka dots and hearts, which was perfect for the room we were making over, and what I love about the pattern she chose is that while it’s young at heart, I felt it had a modern touch too.


Step 3: Design It In Design Space

Heidi opened up Design Space and used her signature heart and a circle shapes to cut around 50 pieces for the wall (that was our estimate to make sure we had enough space but also covered the wall). Heidi’s project (Hidden Hearts Wall Art) is actually a Make It Now project in Design Space, so it’s really easy to click, cut, and apply! Before you cut, make sure your Cricut dial is turned to vinyl, or whatever material you’re using.


TIP: Cut out a couple extra pieces when designing larger installation pieces because if you make a mistake you’ll have extra to work with on your surface. 


DS Images

Step 4: Decide On Your Materials & Cut

In this case, Heidi decided to use Cricut metallic adhesive foil for the polka dots and multi-color glitter vinyl for the hearts. She loaded in the mats to Cricut and cut all the shapes out … it probably took us about 20 minutes to cut 50 shapes.


Step 5: Apply To The Wall

As you can tell, Heidi is a total pro at this … she had to use a ladder to apply shapes at the top of the wall but overall, it probably took her about 30 minutes to finish the design on the full wall.


Heidi Applying Vinyl

Step 6: Step Back & Fall In Love!

Check out how amazing this wall turned out …


Vinyl Wall

After watching Heidi master this wall from a design perspective, I knew I had to do it in my own home! The nice thing too is like me, if you rent or you’re just indecisive with style (aka super trendy, also like me), you can just peel off the design and start over. No messy paint, tape, or paint brushes needed to make your wall truly stand out.

So what do you all think? Is this something you think you could do? Well the nice thing is you don’t have to do it alone, remember you can sign-up for our massive home décor contest and get a personal style session with Heidi! This is the last week so don’t forget to enter.

Stay tuned because I’ll be posting what my finished wall looks like in the next month.

17 thoughts on “Transform A Boring Wall with Vinyl

  1. Hi, did you use transfer tape to apply it to the wall, and if so – is there a risk of the transfer tape removing paint?

  2. I love all these designs! The tutorials make it look so easy! However, I have a house full of boys, and I often see a lot of patterns that are more feminine rather than neutral or masculine. Do you have any suggestions for patterns on living room walls which would be more of a neutral space or boy bedrooms? The other struggle I have is that our home is more traditional in nature, and I feel like a lot of the patterns and signs on the walls go with a much more modern, slightly edgy look. Any recommendations?

  3. Hi Lisa! Since the pattern was so simple and the shapes were large on the entry way wall, we actually didn’t use transfer tape – it was super easy to peel off and place where we wanted each shape to create the pattern. I would highly recommend using transfer tape when you’re doing phrases or detailed designs – it helps keep everything together and makes the transfer easier to do. Unless your walls are drying, transfer tape is safe to use on paint! Hope this is helpful. Cheers!

    • Great thanks – I’ve been a bit reluctant to apply designs to walls for fear of damaging the paint with the transfer tape – I’ll give it a go now!

  4. Hi KC! That’s a great question. I tend to see a lot of chevron stripes when you need a neutral pattern, but given your home is more traditional, I think the use of blocks or very simple shapes would work well with your style to create a neutral wall. I’ve seen some really cool walls that look like faux brick (using vinyl) and in a boy’s room, even simple stripes can add that pop to the wall while keeping it simple. I hope this helps! We’ll definitely consider doing some different wall vinyl tutorials to show the versatility across rooms and styles … stay tuned!

  5. What wall surfaces can the vinyl be applied to? Is there a trick to getting it to adhere?

    Looks really neat! Thanks for the info!

  6. Hi all!

    Love this project. My only question is, how do you get the shapes so perfectly laid out on the wall?! I’m scared mine will look slanted/uneven. What is the method to this madness?

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. Can this be removed off the wall easily or will it be on it permanantly. Only asking cause my daughter wants to do something for her daughters bedroom and they rent, so really dont want to be a permanent thing.

    • Make sure you use the regular Cricut vinyl that is removable, as you can easily peel it away when the time comes. There are other kinds that are meant for outdoors and other permanent applications, which will be specified on the label.

    • Oils can sometimes degrade adhesives (I use orange oil to remove price tags, for example) and the vinyl may not stick or come off later. You can try a small piece on other types to see how it does if you want to check.

    • Sure, that’s possible. You would just do slicing as needed for the different parts, then put them together.

  8. Does the removable vinyl take paint off the walls? I want to make a decal for above my daughters crib, but I’m scared if it doesn’t look good I will need to remove it. I don’t want the vinyl to rip of the paint off my walls. My husband would not be a happy camper.

    • Hi. On most walls, removable vinyl works just fine for easy removal without affecting the paint. Sometimes it can have a bit of trouble with oil-based paints, but that is more because sometimes it starts breaking down the adhesive on the decal, not the paint itself. If you are still worried, you could test a small piece on a less visible location just for reassurance.

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