Tips for Layering Iron-on

March 21st, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

I always like to say there is no wrong way to be creative, and I absolutely believe it. However, I do think there are correct methods or techniques in different creative mediums. So today we are talking about Cricut iron-on best practices when it comes to layering. If you would rather watch the explanation rather than read it, check out this Facebook live we did on the subject.

When you layer iron-on you have a base layer and a top layer. We recommend only using certain types of iron-on as a bottom layer.

For instance, when layering Sportflex iron-on you can use it as a top and bottom layer. However, we only recommend using Sportflex on Sportflex as it has a little stretch to it and our other iron-on types do not.

As a regular bottom layer, we recommend Iron-on Lite which you can layer on top of itself as well.

Here is a list of what you can layer on top of Iron-on Lite:

  • Glitter Iron-on
  • Foil Iron-on
  • Holographic Iron-on
  • Patterned Iron-on

We don’t recommend using any in the list above as a bottom layer.

We know many of you out there have layered and loved it.

Feel free to share your creations in the comments on our video!

If you want to make the project shown at top, go to the Ready-to-Make project in Design Space.

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  2. I love the adventure board you posted as the cover photo! Would love to learn how to do multiple colors on vinyl projects!

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