The Perfect Printable Bottle Wraps For Your Summer BBQ (Tutorial)

June 9, 2017 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Every Day Party Magazine

Hi everyone! It's Jess from Everyday Party Magazine here again sharing one of my favorite party tips.

I love to use Cricut printable vinyl to create custom drink bottle wrappers for my parties. It's a simple addition that adds a lot of WOW! These bottle wraps will be perfect for all of your upcoming summer BBQs and of course, the 4th of July!

Here's what you'll need:

Begin by measuring your bottles. I like to measure the circumference of the bottle, and then the "billboard" space. This is the place where you will add graphics and text.



Next, open Cricut Design Space and create your design. I designed a patriotic themed drink wrapper, but the sky's the limit. Select an image from Design Space or upload your own. I typically create two rectangles to design in. One is the full bottle wrap. (The circumference of the bottle and the height of the label) The second is smaller "billboard", where I place most of the text and graphic. This helps me visually place everything. Once I'm happy with the design, I remove the “billboard” rectangle and flatten it to make it printable, if necessary.


Design Space

Now, I add any more graphics, designs, or pattern fill to the larger rectangle. I select the whole design and attach it. (This keeps everything together as one print, then cut file)

Send your design to print and then cut. At this point, you can select the amount of labels you want to print then cut. Send the file to the printer to print, then, cut the design.


water bottles
bottle wraps

Finally, you're ready to add fancy custom labels to your party drinks!


water bottles
american flag wraps

This is also a great way to embellish inexpensive party cups, favor bags, and everything else for your party!

For more party inspiration and tips, check out my blog!


water bottles

10 thoughts on “The Perfect Printable Bottle Wraps For Your Summer BBQ (Tutorial)

    • It’s printable vinyl. It’s sticky on one side and the other side is where you will have your design printed.

    • I think you would have to use the Outdoor Vinyl. It’s made to stay in place in the weather elements!

    • Since this is made with printable vinyl instead of paper, it will stay together if wet and cold and could indeed be used on cans also.

  1. I know this is so basic, but I can’t find a clear answer anywhere. I am not understanding how to get different colors printed. Is this being printed on a regular colored printer and then stuck to vinyl to be able to achieve this look? Please explain. I just got my machine last week and am clueless. thank you for not laughing at me too hard!

    • Hi! We have a product called Printable vinyl. You would create your design in Design Space and set it to Print Then Cut. It will give you guidance in printing it off on a regular colored printer. Once that is complete, you would put it on a mat and follow the instructions so the Cricut will cut it out.

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