The Perfect Mate For Your Cricut

May 1, 2017 • Contributor: Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

No craft room is complete without a place to store your most prized crafting possession, your Cricut Machine. Whether your craft room is stationary or portable, having a place to store your Cricut Machine is a must. Enter the Cricut Machine tote. This Tote is beautiful. Unlike many other craft totes out there, it has a sturdy frame and side to protect your favorite cutting machine.


Machine Tote


This bag also has leather straps and is so durable. It even has a strap on the back to attach it to your brand-new rolling tote as well.


Machine Tote

Mmmm, matching heaven. I am just going to leave this here for you drool over. I know I am.



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7 thoughts on “The Perfect Mate For Your Cricut

  1. Just got all three pieces. It’s the best set ever while worth the money. There is room for everything you need.

  2. finally! I tried a cricuit carrier years ago and it barely fit my cricut. then I made a carrier from the shipping box by padding it all around. better but not great. This is an answer to a prayer! Kudos!!

  3. I bought my oldest daughter one we loved it!!! And it came with a carrying bad I bought myself one it didn’t and it so discomfortable trying to vary the machine and all my things around

  4. I LOVE this bag! It is so well made and absolutely stunning. A must have for anyone with a machine who wants to keep it safe and sound.

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