The All-New Design Space!

May 3, 2017 • Contributor: Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

Being a frequent Cricut Explore user, means by default I am a frequent Cricut Design Space User. I like the current Cricut Design Space. It is easy to use, which is good because I design with it a lot. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say I was excited for the new update and I know a lot of you are too. So, now that it is in public beta, I thought I would tell you the reasons why I am so thrilled, and why I know was worth the wait.

There is no place like home…

I know a home screen may not be something to necessarily jump up and down about, but I really like the redesign. Rather than seeing all the projects at once, I get to see the project by category. Vinyl, Iron-on, cards… It makes it easy to find a project based on the material I want to use. The other great thing is that all my projects are the first thing I see, which makes the process of finding them much simpler.


DS Tutorial

One Project, Two Project, Red Project, Blue Project…

You know you want to make a project, a t-shirt perhaps, but that’s as far as you’ve gotten. If only there was a way to search the pre-made Cricut projects for that criteria. Good news, in the newest update to design space, you will be able to do just that.


DS Tutorial


You will be able to search for t-shirt projects, vinyl projects, projects with stars, or projects with trees. Basically, if you can think of a search term, you can use it. This is a game changer and one of the main reasons for my excitement for the update.

Gone in a flash…

Or should I say “gone is the flash”, Adobe Flash that is. The new Design Space is more rebuild than update which allows Cricut to get rid of flash. This means no more annoying flash updates. Time to celebrate. Plus, it is also faster and more responsive.

Bigger and Better than ever…

The font menu, oh the font menu. This beautiful, bigger than life menu is just what you never knew you needed. Have you noticed that in a lot of the programs we use (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, etc…) the font menu is only 2 inches wide? Well, in the updated Design Space the font menu is the width of your screen, making picking a font much more enjoyable.


DS Tutorial


Another awesome feature is the ability to still change the font after you have ungrouped or isolated the letters. This means you can change your mind as many times as you want, without having to hit that undo button.

Everything all in one place…

In the current Design Space, everything is placed in tabs on the right of the screen. In the new Design Space, those tabs have disappeared and have been laid out for quick access.


DS Tutorial

Drag and Drop…

The ability to upload your own images is a pretty sweet feature. It has gotten just a bit sweeter in the updated Design Space. Instead of searching through your files for the right one, now all you need to do is drag and drop. It can’t get much easier than that.


DS Tutorial

These are just a couple of my favorite feature. Do any of these excite you? Tell me in the comments below which one excites you the most.

Also, don’t forget to keep checking back for more information on just how the new Design Space works. Tell us what your favorite feature in Design Space is below! #CricutMade

165 thoughts on “The All-New Design Space!

  1. I was hoping you were going to tell us that there was going to be an easy way to curve and outline text.

    • This new format is dumb. It took away so many good features. Wich there was an alternate site to use with Cricut. This is holding up so much work. 🙁 **frustrated*”

      • And they are? This new design space does not work for me at all. I have tried all the help/support suggestions, and nada. I have a very expensive piece of equipment sitting there, and I can’t use it!

  2. I think I could see the fonts better without grabbing for my readers all the time is awesome ..

  3. Is there a list of supported Cricut machines that can use Design Space?
    For example, an older Cricut Expression (the black one)? Can I design my own stuff in Gimp or whatever and upload to an Expression to cut on vinyl?

  4. I am so excited about these new features especially no more Flash and the drag and drop. This sounds as though it will be much simpler for s novice like meet to use. I can’t wait to test it out because I do have done t-shirts to make!

  5. I am thrilled about the elimination of Adobe Flash! I recently bought an IPad with the anticipation of creating on the go. iPad does not support Adobe. Great news!

  6. Well I have to say that I LOVE my Cricut. I had to wait and save to be able to afford a machine. Last fall I was able to get mine. I had it quite a while before I used it. I am terminally ill and was in and out of the hospital which seems the way my life is going. But Now when I come home I craft. I like the drag and drop and everything in one pace. Those 2 features will make my crafting experience simpler and more fun.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Cricut and all the supplies I order from you have been better than any other suppliers by far.
    Thank you
    Patti Misko

    • Patti you might want to read and research into plant based diets. They are supposed to be far healthier for us and I’ve heard about how in some cases it can even reverse ilnesses and the only vitamin you don’t get is b12 which one can easily buy a supplement for. I thought I’d tell you since it’s worth a shot to research it maybe? You are in my prayers and I wish you many more healthy years of crafting! 🙂

  7. Will the new Design Space be different on the iPad? I seem to remember seeing that the iPad won’t change. If not, will there be an upgrade eventually?

  8. When will we actually begin using the new Design Space?
    I was a bit upset that it requires a newer Windows than my laptop runs. I had to either install Windows 10 (installations never go well for me… which is why I still run Windows 7) or go buy a second laptop.
    Now that I have a computer solely for crafting, I can’t wait to see and try out the changes!!!
    Down side: I paid for the laptop with the money I was going to spend on new products at Great Lakes Mega Meet next weekend.

  9. What I’d really like is being able to save my own designs on my computer. The old save system sometimes let things disappear. Being unable to back up my designs leaves me in the lurch, having to redesign a whole project. My other issue is obvious right now. I have to cut some confetti for today, and I can’t access my machine. It’s just a lump of machinery on my desk. Luckily, I also have a Silhouette machine. It doesn’t cut as nicely, but it allows me to save on my computer and I don’t have to worry about it becoming a lump of useless machinery.

  10. how do i get this new design space. I cant log into my old design space and that’s the only program I have, I need to know how to do this now. I cant access any of my projects

  11. I’m excited for the “drag and drop clipart”. I have had problems inserting cliparts into Design Space because it always wants to “print then cut” and I just want to cut it so I’m looking forward to that feature.

  12. Looks brilliant, when will it be available in the UK?
    Is there, especially in the light of today’s outage, an off line mode?

  13. Guessing this is live now — which means I will not be able to use my cricut until I can afford a new computer. This really is not good customer service.

  14. They all look wonderful and I just wish I could use my Cricut Explore 🙁
    I just can’t figure it out.

  15. I’ve been using the beta version and really love the new and improved design space. I am missing one thing that I don’t see. The canvas isn’t there any more. I used this feature every time I created something so I could give my customer a proof to approve. Please tell me it will be in the final version.

  16. Please bring ack the canvas feature. I used that for so much and it’s definitely something that should be put in the new DS.

    Thank you

  17. Do you know what would excite me? Being able to use my Cricut Explore Air 2 offline with my PC.

  18. I would love it if more than one Image could be uploaded at one time. Uploading individual images/files can be very time consuming.

  19. I’m sure ALLLLL of these features are great, but for the love of god why can’t Cricut provide users with a simple “search” box for their designs? I have 100’s of designs and there is nothing more frustrating than scrolling and scrolling and scrolling trying to find one project, that I saved with a file name. All I want to do is SEARCH for it ?

    • I totally agree with Ashley Moore. There seems to be no fast way to find my designs except scroll for a long time. It’s faster to go to the search page and start all over, something that is a waste of time.

  20. I’m excited to try the new features. So glad Flash is gone! Just wish that we could have an offline version. So many times when internet is down I would love to use my cricut and find myself wishing I had a different machine.

    • I’m with you there! I’d love to work on the Design Space on my tablet when I’m away from home and my WIFI, but can’t! A downloaded version would be amazing!!

  21. Please bring back the canvas feature!!! I use this ALL the time and so do many others. It helps me to visualize the finished project so much better! Also, it would be great to be able to save images within projects instead of just the whole project (or the ability to copy and paste an object into another project). Many times I create something (say a flower) and want to be able to use it in other projects but don’t currently have the ability. Thanks!!

  22. One thing that frustrates me about the current design space is the inability to organize your projects. It automatically organizes the list by date modified. I own a business and sometimes searching through my hundreds of projects is a bit time consuming if I want to use a previous project or make changes to one. I’d love it if we could group our projects into categories to make things easier to find.

  23. I’m very excited for the new DS3! Being able to change the font even after ungrouping is my favorite feature so far. There are a few things that I was hoping they would have changed but haven’t. Like being able to arch your text & when looking for a special image I wish they would have recent images so of you need the same image in a different project you don’t have to search for it. It’s a good start though.

  24. I don’t look forward to having to pay for a computer upgrade, in order to use design space on my PC. I currently have Vista installed. Now I will have to upgrade to Windows 10.

  25. I am so glad flash player will be gone. I am fairly new to Cricut and recently changed to Mac Book air and the constant update messages were so frustrating!

  26. It ALL sounds so exciting. We have needed these changes. I am most excited about no more Flash. It caused delays every time I used my Cricut. Thank you for the Awesome changes.

  27. Might one of the changes you have made in the new design space be that you can rename your uploaded images after they are uploaded? that is a feature I would like to see.

  28. Will the new Design Space have the offset feature like Sillhouette? It would be so nice to easily be able to make perfect layers like I do with Silhouette.

  29. I love updates and redesigns. What I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see in a new version of Design Space is the ability to outline ALL fonts so you can layer them. It is very frustrating to be so limited and have to learn other programs or go without to work around what seems like a basic font option.

  30. It would be super helpful if a chosen project would save with the name it was given rather than me having to type the name in.

    Also, having names of “My Projects” in alpha order would make much more sense.

  31. I too like the new way the fonts are displayed. Especially now you can see what the font looks like in a sentence! I really like the rotate button on the “make it” screen. These old eyes had a hard time using the previous Itty bitty green circle to rotate the images before cutting! I love how “My Projects” show the images and fonts I used, instead of just showing the list. I like having the “edit” functions so readily available. No more toggling between tabs! I am excited to design with this new program! Thank you for this highly needed and appreciated update/rebuild!

  32. The New Design Space looks like a great improvement. I find Adobe Flash to be impossible to work with. My Cricut Design Space membership expires 10/8/17. Will it automatically transfer to the New Design Space?
    Thank you….
    Sue Saubert

  33. Hello

    Is this the new design space up and running? I was on it this afternoon and didn’t see any changes

    Thank you

  34. I am unable to access this link. My password and Cricut ID are correct, however; I am getting an error message.

  35. I really like that my projects show up rather than just the titles because I don’t always remember what the title means. I also like that fonts show a sentence. Good changes.

    • I agree with you Jan McQuade – I love seeing my projects in tiles – saves time from opening files looking for the right one.

  36. I can’t seem to get the plug in to work. It keeps saying something is missing and the only option I have is to move it to the trash.

    • Your browser might be blocking the use of flash (security). In your browser settings, you need to add the Cricut Design Space address to the list of sites that are allowed to use flash.

  37. A feature that could be useful would be holding you mouse on the picture preview of the project and seeing it in an enlarged preview.

  38. I am new to all of this and have so many questions. Does anyone anywhere have classes – hands on and not you tube videos? I am creative and have never had somewhere that I can’t turn to for answers to my many questions. I am feeling overwhelmed. This is unusual for me as I sew, smock, embroider by hand and machine, and many other hands on activities. I would love a manual to look at and I don’t care if it is online. I prefer hard copies.

    One big question I have is how I go about converting all my thousands of embroidery designs and fonts from PES format to SVG. That is just on of my many questions.

    Help me please

  39. I have a Cricut Explorier Air. How can I get the new Design Space so I can see the larger fonts?

    • Copied and pasted this from Cricut website. Hope this helps.

      A beta version of the new Cricut Design Space is available, and for a short time you can switch back and forth between the current version and the beta version of Design Space. To do this you will need to access the unique URL for the one you would like to use:

      Current version:

      Beta version:

      When you download the beta version, a new icon with a “beta” flag on it will be placed on your Windows computer desktop, or in the Applications folder of your Mac computer (which you can then drag to your dock station).

  40. I already subscribe to Design Space. How do I get the new Design Space and will I have to subscribe again for the new version.

  41. I couldn’t find tiny stickers I needed for my granddaughters competitive cheer team so I recently bought the new Explore Air 2. I don’t think I have the beta version. I’m hoping we will be able to import photos or graphics on the iPad from the camera roll.

  42. I literally just received my new explore air 2 two days aferre the newest design space launched but I have only the old design space. How do I upgrade to the newest one?

  43. I’m anxious to try Design Space 3. One feature I would like to see is the ability to separate elements of svg files that I upload. It would be nice to be able to eliminate the need to cut the entire file on one sheet of paper if I decide that I want to customize a piece I’m working on. It can be done in software for other machines but I do love my Cricut and I really don’t want to purchase another machine just for that feature. Also, a mentioned in someone’s earlier post, an offline option would be wonderful. I live in a rural area with unreliable internet service and I utilize my Cricut a lot. Being able to use it when my internet is out would make this so much easier!

  44. I love DS3!! So much so that after teaching my first Cricut that started last month I using the regular DS, I introduced the new Explore users to it…..and they love it too!! Great job Cricut!!

  45. First off, no more flash is probably the best news I’ve heard all day, and it’s my birthday!!! I’m so excited to get my cricut out and check out the update. One thing I hope it has that I didn’t see listed was the ability to scroll over a font and test it on the words without having to select it (similar to Adobe and Office) because clicking on the font then having to open the font list and click on a different one tends to take really long, especially if there is any delay with the internet. But, honestly, I’m so excited about this:)

    • Yes, we are looking at the comments. We may not answer every single one if an answer has been provided elsewhere in the comments.

    • After you read the blog up top there is a clickable words that say design space and it will prompt you to download I just did it.

    • To all those struggling with the “new” Design Space; it is not you. It’s a mess. I am very much hoping I receive a useful response, but I doubt my highly critical comments (I am a tech professional) will be approved.

      I doubt I am the only person stuck with an expensive brick.

  46. I really want to try the new Design Space since the current one just crashes and won’t print my designs. But In Chrome and Safari it says I have to download the plug in but then this error message shows up when I try to install:
    “CricutDesignSpace-4.1704.1409.3315” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.
    I hope it’s fixed soon. My Cricut is the most expensive paper weight I’ve ever had. Hope to be able to actually use it soon.

  47. I love the new features and the new layout so fresh! I have just one suggestion and one question maybe its there and i just haven’t found it yet lol
    Where can i find the canvas you had on the old design space where i could choose a t-shirt canvas and size my design to suit i cant seem to find it and i think that was a very useful feature.
    is there a feature to trim an image after I’ve uploaded it into the canvas?
    Thanks and great job!

  48. I am have so much love for the new update! Thank You for making positive changes. Keep up the fabulous work. Happy Crafting ? One question is will these or other features be added to the iOS app?

  49. I’ve been trying to update to the new Design Space but everytime I download the link, I receive a message that says “CricutDesignSpace-4.1704.1409.3315” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.
    What am I doing wrong? Is anyone else experiencing this trouble? Suggestions?

    Thank you all so much!!!

  50. About the only thing I hate is when you get ready to cut the mats are the same color as the item to be cut which makes it very hard to see what you are cutting.

  51. What a mess! I have been a tech profesisonal for over thirty years, am fluent in countless applications, work on cross-platform hardware and software environments, and I deeply regretting purchasing my Air.
    I am working on a high end Windows box, and I don’t even know where to begin:
    1. Design Space still REQUIRES Flash. I will NOT run without installing the plug-in.
    2. I cannot pull multi-part designs into the production space, which I was able to do in the prior iteration. What is the point if the group and/or attach functions do not carry over? Attach results in ALL the elements (using YOUR images) turning to one color. Idiocy.
    3. I tried Design Space in both Chrome and Firefox (I HATE Firefox). The lag in FF is so bad (on a new, well-tuned Win 10 gaming laptop with 8 G of RAM with a super fast network) that moving and re-positioning is literally impossible.

    I had better results with your last release, which I ran on an aging Win7 box with 4G of RAM. Most of your client base is far from technically savvy. This release is an abomination and an insult to your users; it isn’t even a functional beta.
    Your development team should be ashamed of itself; this tool is garbage. I bought the Cricut to use my own designs to start a business (I was laid off in November and agonized over the purchase), but as it stands I am out a significant chunk of money while a useless brick of a machine sits on my kitchen table.
    Finally, your “documentation” is a total joke. I am beyond livid.

  52. Addendum: I use 8.5 x 11 paper, and when I lay out my design I take economy into account. The new, BROKEN, Design Space is forcing me to use more paper, as it will NOT allow me to place all the images on an 8.5 x 11 mat. Call me a skeptic, but this stinks of trying to force users to use your paper.

  53. Whenever you go to cut a project, you must select which device you want to use from a drop down menu. This is a good feature for those who have multiple machines, but is a unnecessary step when only one machine is being used. When only one machine is detected, the system should default to that system and override this step.

  54. The new version is not working anymore on my windows 10 do I uninstalled it until all if the testing is complete. Constantly getting locked up and graphics were incomplete

    • Make sure that you uninstall the old drivers and perhaps reinstall if still having problems. It is now out of Beta and should work for you.

  55. I have tried to get the beta version. I can download it, but after that it won’t do anything. I’m thinking maybe because I have Vista? Have tried it on both Firefox and chrome. Nothing worked.

  56. I’m most excited about being able to change the font without undo, undo, undo! but really… ALL OF IT EXCITES ME!! From site speed to the drag & drop Cricut Design Space was seriously due for some upgrades. Personally I was looking at leaving Cricut for a competitor so I’m very glad at the chance to stay and try these improvements! Now, if Provo Craft would just allow the retail shops to use their coupons to purchase Cricut products!! #cricutmade

  57. So–why doesn’t the new Design Space come up when I open on my computers? I am anxious to use it. I have Windows 10 so thought I didn’t need to do anything to get it.
    Thanks for the help

  58. Thank you cricut team for listening to your customers. One of the many reasons why I love cricut. DS3 is awesome. I love the speed, large fonts, new toolbar, just everything about it. Thanks for giving us the best cutting machine on the market.

  59. I like the tweets… I would like to see an option added to create categories or folders for My Projects to better organize custom made designs for quick retrieval

  60. Cortney, Huge PLUS for the new drawing precision!
    I can now create, re-size and place Shapes to 1/1000 of an inch, and they stay put.(Previously, the best I could do was 1/100 of an inch and the last digit would change mysteriously. This isn’t ‘splitting hairs’ when designing precision models in materials only 1/100″ thick.) Looking forward to testing the actual Cut precision.

    Huge MINUS for Still Cloud-Only!
    Sure, there are big advantages to Drawing process online – who needs a full-blown software package on their cellphone? – but it’s a real problem trying to CUT online. Not everyone has 24/7 broadband, and internet drop-outs are a pain in the proverbial. Besides, the day you guys move beyond Design Space, all our Explore Airs will become paperweights.

    Suggest you add the ability to Export form DS into a commonplace Vector format that can be saved offline and cut offline. SVG? DXF? PDF even? you choose. Alternatively, add vector-file input to the bare machine, cutting DS out of the loop for all those people who routinely create in other software. Trust me, you’ll sell more machines, for example to industry for creating etch masks and for checking out laser-cuts on card before committing to metal. At the moment, because of DS, those are still jobs for a S********e.

  61. I am so happy you are excited…. but I am still lost. I can’t even figure out how to find an individual image, and I’m about to lose my mind. All the tutorials seem to talk about using the images from your UPLOADED IMAGE LIBRARY or something. I can’t figure out how to upload images . I’m sad. Can anyone help?

  62. Everything sounds very good, so far. I have uploaded the new design space but am unable to use it. Nothing will appear on the canvas. I am able to work in the ‘old’ design space and save my work. But when I go to the new design space I can see what I saved but when I open it nothing shows on the canvas. I hope it won’t be much longer before I can dive in ’cause it sounds exciting.

  63. Coming soon is NOT a good thing. Next time say EFFECTIVE ON XXXXX, YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE A SMART PHONE WITH UNLIMITED ACCESS, MORE THAN 32G MEMORY (MORE LIKE 128G IF YOU DOWNLOADED CARTS AND DON’T STORE MUSIC OR PHOTOS). Just got 1st “smart” phone last week and vendor went on line to see what I needed and NOTHING was mentioned about storing images on devices. Now I have a stupid phone that I can’t use with DS. Good thing I have my expression and CCR.

  64. When looking through cartridges and you click on one. If you don’t see the image you want, I wish you could continue looking where you stopped, rather than having to start at the beginning of the cartridges. Thank you

  65. I got the new update yesterday and I can’t seem to find the canvas templates. I was particularly dependent on the t-shirt templates as I was making shirts for my family (sized toddler to men’s XL). I was incredibly excited about this feature when we bought the machine. If I’m missing it please let me know where I can find it!

    • The Canvas feature is not included in the new Design Space. However, if we do add this feature back into the program, we will certainly make sure to announce it!

      • Oh no… I really hope you guys add this feature back as this is so crucial for me when making shirts. Overall I think it is a great tool which works well when sizing. Please let us know how can we find out if it is added?

      • This was my favorite feature and made creating tshirts and other projects a breeze! Helps to visualize the project, measure correctly and not waste materials. It was one of the things I was so excited about with the Cricut and the online design space, like mentioned above.

        Removing this feature seems silly and I really hope it returns sooner than later!

  66. I am just so disappointed with this program. I had the beta version up and it was working great, then there was some kind of update on Monday (I think) and my version crashed. My husband spent several hours on line with customer service trying to get the problem resolved to no avail. Now I am back to the original D’S and I HATE it. I may as well just cancel my subscription and sell the machine. I am so unhappy with how this was resolved. I honestly expected more from this company. All i got was a bandaid.

  67. Have been using for 3 days now. Old habits die hard I keep wanting to right click the mouse but am getting used to it and so far so good, liking most of the changes. Would love to see a free hand drawing tool like in Word, the ability to import Word text files and like a previous user posted the ability to “curve” text so that we can using them in banners etc. without doing it 1 letter at a time to place them onto the banner image. Keep up the good work though. Thank goodness Adobe flash is gone.

  68. I love the new Design Space. The User Experience is leaps and bounds past what the current space was, and I can tell without going through everything yet! Great work, keep iterating!

  69. WHAT HAVE I TO DO THAT I CAN HAVE THE NEW DESIGN SPACE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  70. Can you come up with a way for some of my cartridges that was previous LINKED to transferred to my Design Space? When purchasing some of these cartridges, especially, the rare ones ~ You do not carry ~ forces me to use my older machines. I would love the benefit of being able to use them under DESIGN SPACE. I use my MACHINES for Business Purposes, and Craft Class purposes.

    The BIGGEST Problem with my Explore Air 2 ~~ is that I HAVE to have an INTERNET CONNECTION, and If I go on the ROAD for Craft Shows, or other Events ~ then I am forced to use my Expression 2, and Gypsy. That mean to I will have to work within the CRAFT ROOM More.

    I LOVE the Cricut Machines, and LOVE all of the New CHANGES that will keep me, but I would also ~ like to see beyond the box.

  71. How do I get the new updated material on my iPad?
    Is there something I need to download to get it?
    I’m rather new to using my Cricut.
    Thank you!

  72. When I tried to set my Air 2 up I had to call customer care (I’d been usingva 1st gen expressiin) and in irder ti set ir uo we had to go into the old design space & it required a driver and Flash to be downloaded. Then, it went strsight yto the new beta version…yoy all do realize since its beta we are doing all the testing for them……
    Looking forward to figurung out how to use it.
    Thank you for getting Android up and running.

    • Make sure you have removed the old drivers and installed the setup for the new Design Space. It’s is out of beta now, so it’s hopefully working better for you now!

  73. I’ve been trying for a couple of months to get the new beta version to work, but have to keep going back to the old one to work on projects. Is anyone else having trouble getting graphics or text to show up on the design mat?

    I have windows 10 and have tried both on Chrome and Firefox. I’ve tried all the tech things… uninstalling/ reinstalling, updating Adobe flash, removing cookies, and every time I contact tech support, they ignore everything I tell them I’ve already tried and start suggesting things from square one. I’m getting frustrated.

  74. I’ve been trying to start a new project for a few days now but I keep getting at message to “Update Design Space Plugin” but when I click on the “download” button, nothing happens. I would really like to start my new project. How do I get around this issue?

  75. I’m a new user but can already say I like the new home screen and the easier navigation. One thing I miss is the differently shaped canvas templates, especially the T-shirt ones. I liked being able to place my design on the canvas to see how it fit and looked before cutting. Are there any plans to bring back that feature?

    • Before purchasing I saw The T-shirt template and was excited only to finally realize there is not templates in new design space….. such a let down!
      Also why is fonts in light grey and not black… I can Barely see them.

  76. I cannot move anything or edit anything from the left hand corner?
    How is this helpful? I see a lot of GREAT things however, if I cannot move anything around at all, what is the use?

  77. Help I cannot group together in the new design space please give me some idea how this is done because group dose not light up when I want put a phrase together I love my Cricut Air 2

    • Did you hold down shift while clicking on the items that you wanted to group together? This should make the Group light up.

  78. So far I am NOT loving this new design. Where are the canvas layouts?? I make t-shirts and loved the fact that I could place my design on the template to make sure of sizing. Am I just not seeing this feature or is it gone. :/

  79. I like the speed and ease of use of the new design space, but what happened to being able to set a custom canvas so you can see how your t-shirt design looks on a t-shirt or mug or whatever?

  80. PLEASE bring back the canvas layouts!!!!!! Making shirts designs and other projects is so much easier with them. I was very shocked not to see this feature on the new design space 3. I was sure that was something that would be carried over and actually added to with more even more canvas options. Very disappointed. It makes my job of making shirts for customers even harder.

  81. Hi, Why do you delete the option of print via my own printer?? I mean you can detect the printer but I can’t choose to print in “Best” option anymore! It only prints as “Normal” 🙁 This really sucks.

  82. PLEASE bring back the Canvas feature!!! It’s the only thing I used to create my projects!! Especially as a beginner. I’m very disappointed to see it gone.

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  84. I’m not sure what everyone is so excited about, the program has a few changes to the way the screen looks big deal. There are no features added to write home about and features that were taken away (canvas view) really uncalled for. You still can’t bend lines or insert cut lines . Cricut wants you to conform to their projects, buy buy buy. If your a designer or have any background in designing, silloette is the way to go here folks for a good design program

  85. I am new to using the Cricut. I was very disappointed when I went to use the canvas view to make a t-shirt and the view was not longer there to use. I do hope they bring it back soon. I have already wasted trying to fit a project on a shirt. :/

  86. I know that am not computer savy. But I just wish that I could do some Birthday cards for friends and family. Please help!

  87. I have a explore air 2 I have had it for one year and half I was mad that it did not come with a book,and all of it is done on a computer, and I get upset when I do not understand, and so now I have the machine and tools paper, and have never been able to figure it out. What a waste of money got it from Joann Fabric Shop, they were not any help I just wish I was not out all of this money. Really mad

  88. I am trying to go into one of my saved projects and then change a word and I am unable to do this function. Any ideas why or can you walk me through the process? Be advised that I am not super computer saavy

    • Hi. It depends on what tools you used during the initial design. If something is welded, then saved, it cannot be undone and you would need to recreate that design. You could also check to see if you attached or grouped parts. Good luck!

  89. hi i have a cricut explore and i live in australia and i would like subsription for my explore that i have not been able to use for two year i know spotlight is sell the cricut explore air 2 here in oz so am i able to use mine or not plese let me know

    • Hi. We are continually working on expanding our international reach. At this time, Cricut Access is available in the US, Canada, and the UK. You may want to subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get notifications of company news.

  90. will the new design space stop having all the glitches and connection problems?? I hope so! I have a very successful Online business and Design Space has made my life a living hell this new year! I even bought a brand new computer in hopes it was maybe my hardware…NOPE! same issues! Fix it ASAP Cricut! I have invested over $1000 on new machines and acessories, not OK for people who support your company as well as promote your machine via social media.

  91. It would be even MORE awesome if Cricut would allow Design Space to work with ALL of their machines, including the older machines. Since you no longer let us use SCAL, my machine is basically useless to me, and I’m not willing to spend another few hundred to be able to make my own designs. Booo!

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  93. Love my cricut and with design center totally awesome.
    To cricut development staff – can we make our cricut scan and cut soon please!

  94. I think it would be much easier if there was a way to categorize our projects in designs space. for example on the home page where we keep our projects have a place where we can keep all of our “birthday shirts” that we design. is that possible?

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