Come to the 2018 Cricut Mountain Make-a-Thon

Get to Know the Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon Teachers

June 7th, 2018 • Cricut Events

We are so excited to announce our amazing Mountain Make-A-Thon teachers! The following will provide you just a snapshot of all the amazing DIY categories and creativity these teachers will bring to the classes at Mountain Make-A-Thon this year. You'll have the opportunity to learn from experts across numerous craft categories, from sewing to paper to iron-on, and so much more.

Make sure you get signed up for your classes by following this link. We're so excited to see you in the coming weeks. If you have any issues with the scheduling tool, here is a link for technical support.

We can't wait for you to meet everyone in July!

Mountain Make-a-Thon teachers

By day, he’s a Digital Marketing Manager. But by night, he’s the creative force behind the multi-award-nominated blog, The Crafty Gentleman. Mike Aspinall started blogging in 2013, after becoming frustrated with the lack of craft content for men. Since then, he’s collaborated with everyone from Etsy and Mollie Makes, to Channel 4 and the BBC. Most recently, he was appointed as the UK Brand Ambassador for Singer Sewing Company. A typical weekend sees him buys in his craft studio probably designing something new on his Cricut Maker or sketching ideas for his next craft project.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

When Sydney Andersen isn’t busy running around with her 3 kids, she’s making tees and crafts for them, family and friends. She has been using Cricut products for over 3 years and there is hardly a day that goes by that she doesn’t use her Maker. She also spends her time sharing lots of Cricut crafts over on her blog, Tastefully Frugal.  She is also the Shopowner at Mahle’s Market.

Mountain Make-a-Thon teachers

Jessica Bailey and Sarah Skaggs are BFF’s who share their favorite crafts, tips and recipes on their blog, Their favorite thing to make with the Cricut is custom t-shirts! Whether you're interested in making gifts for those you love, funny personalized shirts to wear yourself, or matching t-shirts for a family vacation, they've done it all and they want to pass their know-how on to you!

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

Brooke Berry is a Design Blogger with three boys. For the most part, she is self-taught Cricut user, and have mostly picked things up with experimenting and trial and error.   However, when the Cricut Maker was released she got to attend the launch event and learn tricks and tips from the designers and top crafters who are the pros.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

When she isn’t doting on her 12-year-old son MO or her beloved corgi Ted E. Bear, Rita Cavicchio is busy saving the world on her blog “Miss Rita to the Rescue”. A devoted Cricut user for many years, she is also the founder of the Facebook groups “Cricut Newbies & Pros”, with membership of over 250 thousand Cricut users. Crafting has been a part of Rita’s life forever and she enjoys sewing, knitting, scrapbooking and even soap making! However her “medium of choice” has always been paper and she especially loves to make 3D projects with her substantial paper collection. She particularly enjoys making floral home decor such as wreaths and centerpieces, but has a soft spot for dimensional cards.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

Amy Chappell is a designer, teacher, and creator. She thrives on bringing creativity into her life and into the lives of others. She has created video instruction content for Riley Blake Designs, Adornit Fabric and My Craft Channel in addition to teaching live classes in stores and in her home. She teaches everything from embroidery to sewing and felt flowers. When she isn’t teaching or designing projects and patterns for her blog or others, she can be found in her garden or with her 6 children- hiking and having fun.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

Kimberly Coffin is a mother to a 2,3 and 4-year-old by day, seamstress and blogger by night. Kimberly has a passion for fashion and loves teaching others how to develop their own unique designs with the help of a needle and thread!

Her life motto, “I can make that,” used to keep her busy into the wee hours of the morning, but with her Cricut Maker Kimberly is a quick-stitching force to be reckoned with.

With three toddlers and little time to spare, Kimberly is the queen of efficiency! Learn her best-kept, time-saving secrets while you fearlessly stitch up and adorable Pot Holder & Oven Mitt set that will put a smile on your face every time you cook!

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

Pam Dana - a wife and mom that loves sharing her families’ adventures through all phases of life! On Over the Big Moon she shares gift ideas, organization tips, recipes, products she loves, printables, DIY and crafting with her cute kids! She’s been crafting with with a Cricut since the Explore and use it multiple times a week.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

You could say Sarah Desjardins was born an educator. When she isn’t teaching Kindergarten, she writes educational and how-to posts on her DIY blog, The Simple Crafted Life.  Somewhere between her two teaching gigs, she finds a way to be a great (okay decent) army wife and mother to two girls that need constant Chauffeuring. Since the great unicorn trend of 2017, she is usually found at her Cricut machines, where she has been enlisted to “unicorn all. the. things.”

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

Erica Dietz lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband and 6 children. A crafter since childhood and a Cricut user for about 3 years, Erica loves that Cricut allows her to design and create unique projects in no time at all. When she is not crafting with her Cricut Erica enjoys crocheting, sewing, and spending time with her family. You can find lots of fun craft ideas, including many Cricut projects on her blog, 5 Little Monsters.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

When she’s not chasing after her four children, Lindsay Fekitoa is making anything and everything with her Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore and Cricut EasyPress. Her favorite things to make are custom gifts for others. The new Knife Blade has elevated her crafting from being a hobby into professional blogging full-time.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

In between loads of laundry, Audrey Fixation blogs at and runs Project Run & Play. She suffered 27 interruptions while writing this bio from her angelic 8 children (ages 1 to 19) with emergencies like “he stuck his tongue out at me!” She proudly wears a handmade wardrobe (which is more than the 4-year-old in the front yard waving to passing cars wearing only a pirate hat she made using her Cricut Maker.) In her “spare” time she designs sewing patterns and DIY projects.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

Cori George is the creative mind behind the website and digital shop Hey, Let's Make Stuff. Based in Northern California, she loves inspiring more than 300,000 women every month to make their lives more fun with Cricut crafts, SVG downloads, and simple DIY tutorials. You’ll find her debut paper-crafting book, Paper Party, in craft stores this fall. When she's not creating, she loves traveling, sarcasm, strong coffee, and spending quality time with her husband, adorable twin boys, and enormous dog.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

For Julia Groves, life is an adventure: a craftaholic homeschooling mom of 3 crazy awesome kids, graphic designer & full time blogger. Even though she is busy with work, family and traveling, Julia loves to take the time to celebrate life by making custom decorations, gifts and more using her Cricut, Cuttlebug, and Easy Press.

She has been in love with Cricut since she got her first Cricut machine over 9 years ago. Which love has only grown over the years with all the new amazing Cricut products that have been released.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

Jordan Hanson is the blogger behind Jordan's Easy Entertaining, a blog devoted to helping busy moms with easy to follow party plans. She has been a huge Cricut fan since purchasing her first machine in 2014. Every party since then has utilized either her Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker to create a variety of fun projects.

When she isn’t drowning in a pile of never-ending laundry or picking up Legos, Jesica Helgren is busy building her brand and helping others to do the same.

Jesica owns the successful blog, The Mommy Bunch, where she talks about all things parenting, food and DIY. Her Cricut tutorials are the most popular articles on her blog and are what sparked her passion for helping others build a business of their own.

In her Facebook group, Rock Your Craft Biz, Jesica teaches other entrepreneurs how to take their craft business to the next level by building their brand, targeting the right customers and utilizing smart social media strategies.

Angie Holden is a successful author and blogger at The Country Chic Cottage where she creates fun crafts daily! You might find her experimenting with the knife blade for the Cricut Maker or cutting vinyl with the Explore. She also creates educational YouTube videos for everyone from the Cricut newbie to the most seasoned crafter. Angie lives in rural Tennessee on a farm with her husband and three kids.

Tisa Jackson has lots of fun and is always laughing, creating stationery and blogging in her small studio in Texas. She blogs about life at Just My Little Mess. She loves color and to create DIY projects. She loves anything and everything paper and also finding ways to make someone’s day brighter. When she’s not making a huge mess crafting, she loves to hang out in cute local shops and travel. Tisa loves coffee and is 100% sure it loves her back. Tisa is married to her best friend and is the mother of two.

Kristen Johnson always says that the bigger, the better, is the name of this crafter’s game. Kristen is a designer who is known for her over the top creations and uses her Cricut to achieve those goals. Always one for thinking outside the box, her goal is to inspire others through events and everyday life using a larger lens. With a background in Event Design and Production, Kristen brings you the skills you need to create like a professional. Most days you
can find her at home with her adoring husband and three kids, loving that Mom life and everything that comes with it.

Stephanie Kendron started really seriously sewing when she had my first child in 2007. She was a stay at home mom and wanted to learn to sew. She grew up watching my mom and grandma sew. They were always making clothes and quilts, some of which she still has and cherishes today. She wanted her daughter to have these things as well. She purchased her first sewing machine and went to work. She started out making clothes, quilts, and bags and really just had fun with it. She didn’t know any rules so she just did the best that she could. Sometimes things turned out great, and other times some were a flop. She was learning a new skill and quickly falling in love.

As a Craft Expert on HSN Beth Kingston has been an on-air influencer since 2009, selling over $20 million in products to customers across the US. Beth has the unique perspective of being part of the craft industry as a customer, manufacturer, entrepreneur and influencer and knows she is the luckiest girl in the world!

Beth is a proud Army wife, owned by two Great Danes, thinks “Makeup-Free Monday” should be a thing, uses her Maker every dang day, loves a good glass of wine, and would eat cheese at every meal if her husband would let her.

Heidi Kundin of Happiness is Homemade and Cheryl Spangenberg of That’s What Che Said have 15 years of creative blogging experience between them, and together, they reach a combined audience of over 1.5 million unique readers each month. Cheryl and Heidi are both #boymoms (three energetic boys each!), and when they’re not busy chasing their kids around or driving to countless sports practices, they love spending time in their rainbow-organized craft rooms with a glass of wine and a Cricut project! They love that Cricut has made it super easy to get crafty even when you have limited time!

Melody Lane has taught Design Space classes in person and through YouTube since Design Space was released in 2014. She spends the majority of her days in her Facebook group, Cricut Design Space with Melody Lane, inspiring and teaching others to use their Cricut machines. When she is not helping people learn Design Space, you can find her driving around in her golf cart in The Villages, Fl.

Considered an enthusiastic entrepreneur and creator in the wedding industry since 2009, Chelsea LaVere is a retired wedding photographer of 8 years and is the founder/editor-in-chief of Virginia’s #1 wedding online publication and media brand, Tidewater and Tulle. Before her photographer days, Chelsea was a classroom art teacher and adheres to the mantra of “making life more beautiful” in all she does, especially with wedding-related Cricut projects. When she’s away from the office, she loves to travel and quietly relax at home with her husband Rusty and their three cats: Pickles Barrington, Marmalade O’Hoolihan, and Anchovy Evans.

Anna McNamara started her DIY blog, Practical and Pretty, October 2016 but has enjoyed the creative process all her life! Her Etsy store began because she wanted to keep dyeing fabric over and over again, not just once for a blog post. She opened her store and has really enjoyed having a product to sell and learning the ins and outs of Etsy as she shares a product she loves creating and talking about. She’s done a few things right and even more things wrong. She is excited to share what she has learned.

After being introduced to the Cricut Maker at the Cricut Mountain Make-a-thon in 2017, Carolina Moore designed the Cricut Maker Block of the Week. A 12-week, 14 video series that shows new quilters how to create 9 different quilt blocks with the Cricut Maker, then shows how to stitch them together to make a small sampler quilt. Carolina is an experienced teacher, quilt book author and award-winning quilter. With over 25 years of quilting experience, including at Quilt Shops, Quilt Guilds, and at Quilt Market, Carolina loves sharing her quilting experience.

Lorrie Nunemaker has been a part of the Cricut Product Expert Team since 2014. She enjoys using the Cricut to create everything from cards, scrapbooks and printables to wallets, t-shirts and home décor. She has her own YouTube educational channel featuring over 400 crafting tutorials and over 80,000 subscribers. When she is not on her YouTube channel you can find her in one of the Cricut Facebook Groups and on her Facebook page.

Debbie O’Neal was lucky enough to turn her part-time passion, into a full-time dream job over at Scrap Me Quick Designs. Debbie now spends her days creating DIY projects and teaching others how to bring their creative vision to life using Cricut through online education and her Diva Days Online Crop Events. Fun loving, crown wearing, die-hard DIYer, she believes anyone can “Learn to Create like a Diva”. They just need a little nudge in the right direction. When she is not in her craft studio, you will likely find her traveling with her hubby, spoiling her grandkids, entertaining friends and definitely at the craft store buying more supplies to create the next new thing.

Charynn Olsheshki is the creative blogger behind Pineapple Paper Co., where she designs party and social stationery and plans awesome parties full of DIY crafts with her Cricut. She loves finding ways for the modern crafter to design parties that are gorgeous and detail-oriented. When not crafting with her Cricut or writing blog posts, she spends time driving her 4 kids to their activities (or making crafts with them!) and planning her next trip to Disney.

Heather Paulsen is a Wife, Mother, and Seamstress. She sews, blogs, thrifts, upcycles, design fabrics, and teaches sewing classes. She’s also a self-proclaimed fabric fondler. She lives in Utah with her husband and three children. She studied clothing construction in college while working at a tailor shop. She loves sewing for herself, her kids, and occasionally her husband. Sewing gives her something different every day that can’t be undone. She’s currently working on a minimalist and handmade wardrobe.

Emily Pettiford and Jessica Turley are founders of Bespoke Bride, a wedding website dedicated to inspiring brides to DIY their way to the big day. Originally starting their business as a blog, Bespoke Bride now offers a range of handmade products for parties and events, using the Cricut. Emily and Jessica are brand ambassadors for Cricut and have traveled to a number of events with the Cricut team to help launch new products and teach users how to use the machine. And they want to share their expertise with you!

Stephanie Paxman’s craft table is often spilling over with vinyl, paper, iron-on, faux leather, and thanks to her new Cricut Maker, felt and fabric. Cricut has helped her discover new hobbies and rekindle old ones for everything from home decor, apparel, school projects, and gifts.

Stephanie lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their three kids. Her love for creating and designing inspired her to go back to school and she recently graduated with a degree in Web Design.

Carole Prevost is a Canadian living in Montreal, Quebec. Mother, Grandmother and fortunate to have taken an early retirement from a successful career as a Business Development Leader. Carole’s Cricut Crafts – blog, Facebook Group & YouTube channel is an exciting way for her to express her love of making things. Crafting is her passion, and she wants to inspire others to enjoy it as well. She also loves to travel and spend time with her grandchildren.

Natalie Shaw is a Craft/DIY blogger at Natalie has been crafting and creating her whole life and blogging it for the last 7 years.

She loves sci-fi, fantasy and video game geekery and that comes out in many of her projects. She posts budget-conscious DIY’s, crafts, jewelry, kid-friendly projects, upcycled treasures and other fun 5 days a week at

Alicia Steele is the owner of Sew What Alicia where she teaches all things sewing for beginners. She frequently uses her Cricut to cut fabric to create amazing sewing tutorials. She has been sewing for over 15 years and loves to spread her knowledge and love for sewing with the Cricut Maker to the current and next generation of sewists. When she isn’t sewing she is fielding one of many requests from her two young sons to cut ninjas, baseball logos, and stuffed animals.

Paulette Trent. A life-long crafter of different media, Paulette has been a Cricut crafter and teacher since 2007. She lives north of Atlanta Georgia and has taught classes privately, at local craft stores and at the Cricut Mania weekend events she hosts. She was active on the old Cricut Message Board and was chosen to be a moderator {Bug Guide}. She has also been a Cricut Brand Advocate and is currently a Cricut Product Expert. She leads an active Facebook group, Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Space and was recognized by FB as a Power Admin.

Sarah Unthank. Sarah is an avid sewist, blogger, and crafter. She spends her spare time sewing for herself and her 2 daughters and crafting projects for her home. Sarah started sewing while working at a fabric store during college and has sewn everything from curtains to her sister’s wedding dress.

Starting with the original Cricut, Sarah has made sure that no party is complete without personalized crafts for years! But, with her first love being sewing, her Cricut Maker is getting all the attention these days. When she isn’t sewing, blogging or embarrassing her kids, she spends time with her Great Dane.

Mountain Make-a-Thon Teachers

Karley Hall moved to Utah from California to become a full-time crafter! She landed a job at Cricut a year later and has created over 200 projects for us. She works as one of Cricut’s in-house Project Designers crafting for Design Space, the Cricut Blog, and other marketing initiatives. Karley has traveled the U.S. teaching tips on tricks on how to craft, even if you think you’re not creative. When she isn’t at Cricut, Karley is busy building in her woodshop. She is currently enrolled in carpentry school and one day hopes to be a master builder. She loves combining her crafting background and can-do, built-it attitude to create one of a kind pieces. You can see what she is up to over at Apartment 413.

Martha Stewart will be making Cricut projects on QVC

Cricut And Martha Stewart Make Celebrations Together on QVC

May 14th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Marketing Team

Cricut is coming to QVC! Last month, we announced our exciting partnership with Martha Stewart by offering a beautiful Vanilla Pearl Cricut Explore Air 2™ Martha Stewart special edition machine and matching Basic Tool Kit, sold exclusively at Michaels. With Cricut tools and Martha Stewart inspired projects and images in Design Space, now you can make any celebration like Martha.

Martha Stewart Special Edition Cricut Air 2

What’s better than seeing projects made by Martha? Martha making the projects live! On Thursday, May 17 at 8:00pm E.T. Martha will be on QVC making a variety of celebrations projects using her Cricut and Design Space. Be sure to tune-in for special pricing on her Cricut bundle.

Not only will you get to see Martha’s beautiful Cricut Explore Air 2 machine in action, but you’ll also get to see a variety of projects from a pineapple party, perfect for summer, to home decor and embellished fashion. Martha and her team will be using different materials from cardstock to iron-on and vinyl so you can see how to cut intricate designs with Cricut assemble them into amazing projects.

Here is a sneak peek of some of some of the projects and inspiration you’ll see from Martha on QVC.

Pineapples are all the craze right now in DIY, which is why you will love this Martha Stewart pineapple-inspired party.

Pineapple Party Garland

Martha Stewart Pineapple Party Garland

All you need is cardstock and Martha’s ready-to-make Pineapple Party Garland project to get the perfect decor for your summer party.

Pineapple Party Invitation

Martha Stewart Pineapple Party Invitation

Grab some vinyl and cardstock in your favorite colors to create this adorable Martha Stewart Pineapple Party invitation. Your guests will love it.

Colorful Wall Rosettes

Martha Stewart Colorful Wall Rosettes

Outfit your pineapple party with some matching Martha Stewart Wall Rosettes to add texture and color to your decor. All you need is cardstock in your party colors to achieve this project with Cricut.

If you’re loving these Martha Stewart party projects as much as we are, again, make sure you tune in on Thursday, May 17 at 8:00pm E.T. to see Martha making on QVC. You can also visit the QVC website to check out the Cricut Explore Air 2 Martha Stewart bundle at a special price.

We can’t wait for you to join!

Come to the 2018 Cricut Mountain Make-a-Thon

Announcing Mountain Make-A-Thon 2018!

Updated May 3rd, 2018 • Cricut Events

Update 6/22: This video will give you everything you’d ever want to know about Cricut’s Mountain Make-A-Thon!

Update (June 7, 2018): Classes now open! Click here to sign-up for your classes (class sizes are limited!). More class information is below. If you have any issues with the scheduling tool, here is a link for technical support.

Update (May 3, 2018): Registration is now open! Come join us by visiting the event page to purchase your ticket and read more about the event!

Cricut is excited to announce its 2018 Cricut® Mountain Make-A-Thon. Join us for 2½ days of fun, education, hands-on projects, and Experiential Zones. We’ll have keynote speakers and panelists from the DIY industry all while offering five educational tracks: Maker (focusing on paper), Iron-On, Sewing, Design Space from newbies to advanced, and tips for project sharing, entrepreneurs, and small-biz wannabees! Please plan to join us:

Cricut® Mountain Make-A-Thon 2018

This year’s theme … “Be Amazing!” to celebrate all of our amazing makers.

Monday, July 30th (8 AM) to Wednesday, August 1st (noon) Salt Lake City, Utah at the Little America hotel

What’s new and fun for this year?

* Inspiration from a celebrity DIY Keynote speaker & panelists with tips you can use!

* The Experiential Zone – Professional tips and tricks for decorating and “setting the scene” in your own home. View the scenes on Monday and Tuesday, and on Wednesday, you’ll meet the designers where you can ask your “how to” questions

* Join some fun optional evening events

* Full class “tracks” with hands-on learning

* Cricut’s first pop-up store

Classes range from Card Making, Mats and Blades, and Design Space 101 (to 401!) to … “So you want to start an Etsy business?” … You name it, we’ve got it! Come and meet your favorite Cricut ambassadors who will be teaching and helping lead sessions. Classes will range in format from make-it to lectures to “tips ‘n tricks (hacks!),” and from beginner to advanced.

This will be a jam-packed 2½ days of making, learning and having fun! Tickets are now on sale and are $499* per person. Check back on the blog or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and we'll let you know where you’ll find the location, a preliminary agenda, and more details. For any questions in the meantime, email our Events Team at We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

What do you get for the event cost?

 * Learning new skills from DIY experts and educators. We have over 35 classes on the schedule with over 100 sessions! Feel free to schedule up to 12 classes. See the full list of teachers here!

 * Keynotes and classes from industry leaders

 * 3 days of hands-on making classes with all of your project materials supplied (value up to $200)

 * Fun swag bags (value up to $200)

 * Spending time with your favorite Cricut teammates 

 * Meeting all new faces from the Cricut community 

See you in July!

*Ticket price covers event attendance and meals offered during the day at the conference.


Event FAQs

Hotel Information

What information do I need for staying in Salt Lake City?

  • The hotel where Mountain Make-A-Thon will take place is called The Little America (Salt Lake City). The address is 500 Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101.
  • To book a reservation at The Little America for a discounted rate, please call (801) 596-5700 for reservations.  Reference "Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon" for a discounted hotel rate.

What if I want to stay at another hotel?

  • The Little America is located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, and we highly recommend booking a room here to make it easier for quick access to our event. We have a large room block at the hotel and have negotiated discounted rates.
  • If you choose another hotel/venue, it is your responsibility to travel to The Little America. There is parking at the hotel. Other options are Uber, Lyft, and Taxi. The Tram also runs in front of the hotel.

General Event Information

Where can I register for Cricut Mountain Make-A-Thon?

What should I pack for the event?

  • Cricut machines and craft supplies for all classes will be provided on site so no need to bring your own. You will, however, need to bring your preferred device for operating Design Space (laptop, tablet, or smartphone).
  • Pack comfortable shoes! You’ll be walking from class to class, so we want you to be comfortable, but it is a consolidated event.
  • The temperature in Salt Lake City is going to be very hot and dry so bring summer clothes for when you’re outside. It does get cool with air conditioning in the hotel so you’ll also want to bring a light sweater as you go from class to class.

How many classes can I take?

  • General sessions are open to all attendees where you’ll be able to here all of our speakers including Anna Griffin, Lia Griffith and Erica Domesek from P.S.- I Made This.  As it relates to individual classes, you can sign up for 12 classes across paper, iron on, fabric arts and business tracks. General sessions, meals, and select other activities will not apply towards your class count.

Is there any way to see what classes are still open?

  • Sign-up for classes is currently available for registered event attendees. There are still plenty of spaces available in almost every single class. They are first come, first serve, however, so we recommend purchasing a ticket soon! There is a wait list on SCHED that you can sign-up for in case a class you want is full.

I can’t make this event. Is it happening again?

  • There are no other events currently on the calendar at this time, but stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates!

Other Things To Do in Salt Lake City

  • Salt Lake City is nestled in a canyon between the Wasatch and the Oquirrh mountain ranges. There are a number of great restaurants and historical sites to see in downtown. For more information on Salt Lake City go to
We are pleased to announce the launch of the Knife Blade for the Cricut Maker

Ready. Set. Cut. … With Cricut Knife Blade!

May 1st, 2018 • Susan Stillings, Cricut EVP Marketing

Yes, you read that right. You’ve waited. It’s here. And, we can’t wait to get it into your hands!

Cricut is excited to announce that Knife Blade + Drive Housing for Cricut Maker™ is now available! We know that many of you bought your Cricut Maker in anticipation of Knife Blade, and you have been patiently – and eagerly – waiting.

We have been just as eager to bring it to you. Our top priority is always to give you, our customers, the best experience possible when you craft with Cricut. We take this very seriously in everything we do. From designing in Design Space® to cutting on a Cricut machine to making projects with our vinyl, iron-on and paper materials, and even interacting with Member Care, we always have your experience top-of-mind.

And, that is why Knife Blade took a little longer to come to market. We strive to make beautiful products that let you make beautiful things. Knife Blade, like Rotary Blade that comes with Cricut Maker, is truly innovative. We wanted to be proud of it, and importantly, your experience with it when you craft. Thank you, again, for waiting while we worked to bring you a first-class product.

You can cut leather with the Knife Blade

More Tools. More Materials. More Possibilities.

By the way, some of you might be thinking “What is Knife Blade?” Let’s talk about it! Designed to work with the Adaptive Tool System, Knife Blade features a steeply angled edge, so you can safely and easily slice through thicker, denser materials. And with 10X more cutting power than our best-selling Cricut Explore® line of smart cutting machines, you’ll be astounded and inspired by all the new projects it makes possible.

What Would I Make With Knife Blade?

That’s like asking how many dreams you can have. Look for one-click projects or inspiration by searching Chipboard or Knife Blade in Design Space.

You’ll be able to cut more materials and make more projects than you ever thought possible: puzzles, wooden dinosaurs, airplane models, foam toys, wooden signs, 3D dioramas, 3D home decor, leather accessories – necklaces, earrings, wallets and so much more! Add texture and dimension to any project to realize your most ambitious creative ideas.

Assembling 3D animals that were made with the Knife Blade

What Materials Can I Cut With Knife Blade?

Materials such as balsawood, leather, craftfoam, and Cricut Chipboard are just a few examples. Check out the entire list here.

Where Can I Buy It?

Knife Blade + Drive Housing is for sale at and on other major craft and fabric retailer websites.

What Comes With It and What Does It Cost?

Knife Blade + Drive Housing is priced at $39.99 MSRP. It comes with Knife Blade Drive Housing, Knife Blade, and a blade changing instruction sheet.

We also have a replacement Knife Blade Kit priced at $16.99 MSRP, that includes a replacement Knife Blade, a blade changing instruction sheet, and a Safety Changing Cap for extra protection when changing blades.

Where Can I Learn More About Projects and How to Use Knife Blade?

Please visit for more info on blade calibration, cutting times, cutting materials, and more. You can view all of the amazing Knife Blade projects in Design Space here!

We can’t wait to see what you make!

Important News for Cricut Craft Room Users

Important News for Cricut Craft Room Users

April 22nd, 2018 • Cricut Team

Update (7/16/18): As of 9am MT today, Cricut Craft Room has been officially shutdown and is no longer available for legacy machine owners to access. If you have any questions about this news, please read our original announcement below or contact our Member Care team.

Cricut has long paved the way in the creative space by offering innovative products that expand the possibilities of what anyone can make. Over the last five years, we’ve made incredible strides with the launch of our Cricut Design Space® software, compatible with the Cricut Explore family and the Cricut Maker, that allows our members to access a wide variety of content instantly from any mobile device.

With the evolution of Cricut Design Space, we’ve had to review other software platforms in our portfolio and make some tough decisions. We have unfortunate news for members who still use Cricut Craft Room: We will be closing Cricut Craft Room as of July 15, 2018. Cricut Craft Room was built on Adobe Flash technology, a now outdated plug-in. Adobe Flash is no longer supported by Adobe, and that has created numerous vulnerabilities in the software—including speed and performance. This means you will no longer be able to access Cricut Craft Room on your desktop if you still use a legacy machine, including Cricut Personal, Create, Expression, Expression 2, Mini, Cake, Cake Mini, and Imagine. Moving forward, please do not sign-up for a Cricut Craft Room subscription as it will no longer work with your legacy machine after July 15, 2018.

We understand this is going to cause frustration for a number of our active Cricut Craft Room members. We are fully committed to helping you understand what this means and, importantly, we want to make sure you have as smooth a transition as possible during this time. To help with this transition, we have a special offer for legacy machine owners who have not yet upgraded to our latest machines: You’ll get $75 off any Explore machine or bundle on This applies to all of our U.S., Canada, U.K., EU and other international members. Please refer to the eligibility section in the FAQs below to see if you’re eligible for this offer.

All Cricut Craft Room members who have opted-in to Cricut’s emails will receive their code by April 28 to redeem on, and the code will be good through July 15, 2018. After July 15, 2018, the code will expire. If you do not receive your code by email by Saturday, April 28, please contact Cricut Member Care.

Our members are incredibly important to us and we know this transition won’t be easy for everyone, but we want to make it as seamless as possible. We have such a passionate community of makers and we want to inspire you to stay part of it. Please check out our Q&A below for more information, or feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Cricut family.

Cricut Craft Room FAQs

Cricut Content

What qualifies as a legacy machine?

  • Any machine that was created before the Explore family of machines qualifies as a legacy machine as it is not compatible with our current design software, Design Space. The first Explore machine launched in 2014.
  • Cricut no longer produces these machines. Legacy machines include Cricut Personal, Create, Expression, Expression 2, Mini, Cake, Cake Mini, and Imagine.

What is Design Space?

  • Cricut Design Space® is a robust web-based platform that you can access on your computer, phone or tablet. The Design Space mobile app will be coming to international users soon.
  • You can access Design Space for free by visiting and signing in with the same email and password you use for Cricut Craft Room. You’ll have access to thousands of projects and designs, as well as tools to help you make any project your heart desires.

Can I still use my legacy machine without Cricut Craft Room?

  • All of our legacy machines, except for the Cricut Mini, can run independently of Cricut Craft Room software using physical cartridges. Digital content from Cricut Craft Room will no longer be available for use with your legacy machine.
  • Cricut Design Space is not compatible with legacy machines.
  • Once Cricut Craft Room is unavailable, the Cricut Mini will be unusable as it is not a standalone machine. If you are a Cricut Mini owner and would like to review our warranty statement, please click here.
  • We have created a special offer for legacy machine owners who have not had the opportunity to upgrade. They will receive a promotion code for $75.00 off the purchase of any Explore machine or bundle on
  • This offer will also apply for our international members and the currency will be translated accordingly.

If I purchased content in Cricut Craft Room, what happens to my content if I upgrade machines?

  • Purchased content from Cricut Craft Room will automatically transfer over to Design Space. You may access this content by going to and signing in with your Cricut Craft Room email and password.
  • Your purchased content will be available in Design Space under “Images” and then filter by “Purchased.”

Will I be able to see all my saved projects from Cricut Craft Room in Design Space?

  • Due to compatibility issues, any projects saved in Cricut Craft Room will not be accessible in Design Space. You may upload your artwork or re-create saved projects. An exclusive webinar training regarding this process will be available at

If I upgrade, will I be able to use the content from my physical cartridges?

  • With our Explore machines, you will have the ability to link your physical cartridges to Design Space. The cartridge port on an Explore machine is for linking cartridges only, not for standalone use. If you have already linked your cartridges in Craft Room, they will automatically be available in Design Space under the same login information.
  • Cartridges can only be linked to one Cricut ID. If you have purchased any used cartridges that were linked by the previous owner, they will not link to your Design Space account.

I also use Cricut DesignStudio on my legacy machine. Will Cricut continue to support that software?

  • Cricut DesignStudio, an older software once available on CD, will no longer be supported. If you currently have the software activated on your computer, it will still be available for use with various legacy machines; however, it will no longer be supported from a Member Care or activation standpoint.

Upgrade Eligibility

What are the benefits of Design Space?

  • Design Space is cloud-based, so your files are accessible from any phone, tablet, or PC, any time. You can start on your phone, continue on your laptop, and even work offline on your Apple device – keeping your creativity going.
  • Design Space has over 60,000 digital images and thousands of ready-to-make projects ranging from vinyl to paper to leather and so much more. You can easily upload your own artwork on your desktop or on your iOS device.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the $75 off Explore family offer related to the Cricut Craft Room shutdown?

  • Any Cricut Craft Room legacy machine owner who has not previously upgraded to an Explore family or Maker machine will be eligible for the offer.
  • The offer will be redeemable from Sunday, April 22 to Friday, July 15, 2018.
  • This offer is only redeemable for one machine per owner. Owners that have multiple legacy machines will not receive multiple offers to upgrade.
  • If you have already upgraded to an Explore, but also own a legacy machine, your content from Cricut Craft Room will continue to be accessible in Design Space.
  • Customers who are eligible and have opted-in to Cricut emails will receive a code within 7 days of this announcement. If you do not receive your code by Saturday, April 28, please contact Cricut Member Care.
  • Cricut will honor upgrading any Cricut Craft Room legacy machine owner who has not already upgraded, no matter where you purchased the device. Anyone that has signed up for Cricut Craft Room after April 28, 2018 will not be eligible for the $75 off Explore family offer. All we will need when you call in, if you did not receive the code, is the serial number on your legacy machine.

What is the coupon offer and do I get anything else when I upgrade?

How do I redeem the $75 off Explore family offer?

  • Go to
  • Click on machines and choose the Explore machine you would like to purchase.
  • Add the machine to your cart and click “Checkout.”
  • When you get to the checkout page, enter the discount code under “Payment Method.”
  • The code is only valid for a one-time purchase.
  • International customers outside of the US and Canada must call Member Care to redeem their coupon code if eligible.

Why can’t I redeem the $75 off code for Cricut Maker?

  • The Cricut Maker is the latest in our family of machines and, unfortunately, we are unable to offer any discounts on the machine at this time.

I’m an international user that doesn’t have access to Design Space. When can I download the iOS or Android app and make in-app purchases in Design Space?

  • We understand it is frustrating for our international members who want to access and make purchases with other currencies in Design Space through iOS and Android apps. We are working diligently to make this accessible to all members.
  • We plan to roll out these features soon and will notify international members as soon as they launch.

Resources & Training

If you upgrade, we highly encourage you to take advantage of our exclusive webinar training we’ve created for legacy machine members. The dates for training and sign-up information is below:

If I don’t take the Design Space webinar training, are there other places for training resources?

  • There are a number of places you can access Cricut training resources. The following are helpful links:
  • Access videos, tutorials, and manuals on everything from Design Space to our suite of machines, accessories and other tools.
  • Cricut YouTube: View numerous training videos and more.
  • Cricut Blog: Read hundreds of tutorials from our community and get inspired by the latest and greatest projects.
  • Member Care: Get in touch with our amazing Member Care team 24/7 via phone, chat or email.

What are the system requirements for Design Space?

  • You can use Cricut Design Space on Desktop (PC or Mac) and mobile (iOS and Android) devices. Please find the system requirements for Design Space here.

Is an internet connection needed to use Design Space?

  • Design Space for desktop or laptop computer does require a high-speed broadband internet connection. However, there is an offline feature for the iOS mobile Design Space app. Learn more here on how to use offline mode in iOS.

How will Cricut support my legacy machine after Cricut Craft Room shuts down?

  • At this time, we will continue providing Member Care support for your legacy machine related to questions on how to use the machine with cartridges and general machine questions.
  • We will no longer support firmware updates or any questions related to Cricut Craft Room.
FIT Students with Cricut Maker

See How These Student Designers Made Magic with Cricut Maker

March 7th, 2018 • Contributor: Lauren Duletzke, Cricut PR Manager

In October 2017, Cricut launched a scholarship contest called Project Maker with students in Home Products and Accessories Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Challenged to create cohesive collections using diverse materials with Cricut Maker, over 50 students participated and submitted innovative concepts in the home and fashion accessories categories. A key focus for the students was to make sure their designs could translate for the everyday craft hobbyist, making it easy for anyone to recreate their collections.

After months of sketching, creating in Design Space and prototyping, 10 student finalists were chosen to physically produce their collections and present to a panel of Cricut judges in New York City. Here is an amazing look at their journey through the contest.

Meet the Scholarship Winners

While all of the students created impressive collections, 3 students were chosen as the scholarship prize winners. Their unique use of materials combined with the ease of project creation and premium collection aesthetic blew the judges away.  

Not only did these students receive a scholarship prize for the collections but their collections are now available in Design Space for our community to create. Let’s meet them:

Saumya Sharma, Accessories Design

Saumya Sharma, Accessories Design

Her collection Essentials and Not is an 8-piece accessories collection ranging from projects like a headphones-keeper, wallet, keychain and a small backpack. The leading material used is leather for the base products and Cricut Foil Iron-On for the leaf pattern.

Saumya’s inspiration for her collection comes from her favorite palm plants, which her dad grew at their home in India.

“When I was in school, I loved making things with my own hands, but I didn’t always have the resources or skill to do it the best way. The Cricut maker helps people like me bring to life our ideas.”

Saumya Sharma, Accessories Design

Make the collection in Design Space: Essentials and Not

Catherine Clock, Home Products

Catherine Clock, Home Products

Her collection Jungle Chic is a collection of tropical chic nursery projects, for either a boy or girl’s room, including wall art, room decor and furniture design. She used a variety of materials including Cricut Cardstock, Felt, and Iron-on. Cat’s inspiration comes from the mixing and matching of prints, one of the leading trends in home design for 2018.

“Cricut gave me a chance to take everything I've learned and put it into action.”

Catherine Clock, Home Products

Make the collection in Design Space: Jungle Chic

Chloe Sooyeon Kang, Accessories Design

Chloe Sooyeon Kang, Accessories Design

Her collection Blooming You is a fresh and bright inspiration to the contrast of New York City’s hectic industrial vibe. Chloe sees her collection as a way to brighten up any woman's wardrobe with a focus on personalization, given the vinyl elements used across the bag.

She also used one of this year’s most popular accessory materials, PVC plastic, to create her collection and embellished with Cricut felt floral pieces on snaps.

Chloe Sooyeon Kang, Accessories Design

Make the collection in Design Space: Blooming You

Tell us what you think about these student collections in the comments below. You’ll see tutorials on some of the winners' favorite projects coming to the blog soon. We will also be adding some of the other student finalist projects into Design Space in the near future, so you can make more of their beautiful collections.

Learn how to use Design Space with our webinar

New to Design Space? Watch Our Webinars!

January 23rd, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Perhaps you are completely new to the world of Cricut and don't know where to go to get started. You might be one of our long-time customers who is upgrading from a previous model and now needs to learn how to use Cricut Design Space. Maybe you just want to review from the beginning to make sure you know every nuance of our software.
We've got you covered!

Attend Our Webinar

Come learn the basics of Design Space in a webinar! In this on-demand webinar by Kestin, our Director of Education and Experience, you will learn the basic functionality and tools of Cricut's Design Space home page and canvas plus lots of resources for help and learning. Have a pen and paper handy for taking notes as you watch.
With this new knowledge, you can get started on that project you've been excited to try or find one to craft in our Ready-to-Make section.

Click here to watch Part A today!

You can also now sign up for Part B which will be held on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018 from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM MST. If you can't make it then, we will have a link soon for you to watch it on-demand. Register here.

Learn on YouTube

You can also subscribe to our Official YouTube channel to use as another great resource to learn Design Space. You can watch Cricut Design Space tutorials for beginners and get started on some simple projects like an iron-on T-shirt, pop-up card, fabric banner, vinyl label and more.
There are also tutorials on crafting materials like washi tape and vinyl, changing out blades and using pens, fun projects like a 3-D dinosaur head and so much more!
What level are you at in Design Space - Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced? Let us know in the comments below!
Learn more about the new image upload feature in our Design Space iOS App

Uploading Images on iOS is Here!

November 21st, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

I know I am not the only one out there that is excited about the latest iOS app update. We know you have been wanting the ability to upload images from your iPhone or iPad and now that capability has arrived which makes us all feel like this:

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

So now that it is here, let’s look at how it works.

Image upload works directly with your camera or camera roll, so you can use any type of file that would be found in your Photo Library. This means you can take a picture and send it straight into Design Space. 

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

Once you take your picture or choose your image from your camera roll, you will be taken to the clean portion of the process. I just took a picture of some hand-lettering I have been working on.

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

From here I have access to all the tools that the computer software has (remove, erase, and crop), plus a few more!

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

If you move the circle toward the plus or minus it will remove more or less of the background. This is a really useful tool when you are working with more complex images such as pictures. The little box in the upper right corner is your cut preview. No need to toggle back and forth here!

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

After you take out what you don’t want, click next and you will be taken to my new favorite feature! The despeckle and smooth page! Because I just took a picture from my phone, there are bound to be a few pixels here and there. Despeckle erase the smallest pieces first getting rid of the small flecks that were hard to see. Next comes smooth. Now if I am being honest with myself (and you,) I don’t have the steadiest of hands yet as I am hand lettering. This is why smooth is so great, it takes away the rough edges.

Excited about the new iOS image uploading capability!

From here you save it to the cloud as a Cut image or a Print Then Cut image.

That’s it, folks. It is that easy to upload images from your iOS device!

Let us know in the comments below just how excited you are about image upload and what type of things you will be uploading to make projects.

Use the EasyPress for your Iron-on Crafts

Enjoy Even Heating With the Cricut EasyPress

October 12th, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Have you been eyeing our new Cricut EasyPres, wondering if you should add it to your crafting collection?

Traditionally, there have been two options that crafters could use for applying iron-on vinyl: an iron or a heat press.

  • The home iron has the convenience of portability and can be fairly inexpensive. However, it may take several passes to make sure you cover the entire design. You also often need to apply a LOT of pressure to make sure the vinyl actually sticks since the heating surface temperatures can vary wildly.
  • Many small business crafters upgrade to a heat press. These machines usually have a clamshell type of design that allows you to apply heat and pressure evenly across your entire project. However, they can be bulky, expensive, and hot to use.

What Makes the EasyPress Unique?

The EasyPress combines the best of both worlds, offering even heating in a portable package. We made sure to create heating elements that spread throughout the machine to keep the temperatures within a close range across the entire surface. This means you will enjoy improved results from your efforts.

We have included a handy temperature and time chart in the box to help you get just the right settings for your materials. Set the timer so you know how long you need to keep pressing. That's another great feature; you don't have to press down extra hard like you would with an iron. Just apply firm pressure and wait for the vinyl to cool down before you remove it. 

It's also a safer option to have around the house if you compare it to a heat press (especially if you have kids around!). Those machines have you placing your materials between two hot plates. With the EasyPress, you have a big flat surface with a handle on top. It also has a safety shut-off after 10 minutes so you don't need to wonder if you forgot and left it plugged in.

But Will The Transfer Last Through Washes?

Another advantage of the heat press over an iron is that the results usually do better at staying intact through multiple washes. Can the EasyPress stand up to this test? The answer is Yes! Of course, results are dependent on what products you use, how you apply it and how you do your laundry, but in our tests, the vinyl stayed on through over 40 washes and counting. The even heating means a better chance that all of the vinyl will adhere and not come loose down the road.

Take it to your next baby shower and create a onesie customization station.  If you have a craft business, imagine having an EasyPress at your next craft show, allowing you to create for your customers right then and there. Make shirts for your sports team. There are so many possibilities!


Have you tried the Easy Press yet? How are your wash results? Tell us in the comments below!