Make Kindness - Creating little joys with Cricut - Thanks a Latte greeting card

How a simple card can encourage kindness and create joy

October 5, 2020 | Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Whether you’re new to Cricut® and just discovering us or you’re already a member of our community, we’d like to welcome you with a little kind note:

YOU ARE LOVED greeting card from Cricut

Sometimes, a simple reminder like this is all it takes to make someone’s day.

While many of you know us for our unique crafting products, so much of our inspiration comes from you—including all the ways you encourage kindness through the projects you make.

Omayra Casanova-Alicea created Cricut greeting cards for her local hospital nurses

Like Omayra Casanova-Alicea who created cards to say thank you to nurses at her hospital.

Alicia Jane sent 21 notes to a student with her Cricut Joy

Or Alicia Jane, a teacher, who sent 21 little notes to brighten her students’ day while they were stuck at home.

Megan made custom cards with her Cricut machine for a senior living facility

And Megan who created custom cards for residents at a senior living facility when they couldn’t see family or friends due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

It’s not just the receiver who feels that warmth. The act of doing something for others can bring you happiness too.  

There are infinite ways to be kind. Why not start with something simple, like giving a card.

The benefits of being kind 

Science backs up the benefits of doing something kind for someone else.

The kinder you act toward others, the better you will feel.

Mayo Clinic staff

Imagine how even the smallest act of kindness can create a domino effect.

We spend so much time texting and tweeting that sometimes we forget what it’s like to tell someone how we feel through a physical act.

Cardmaking is more than a simple craft, it’s a way to show someone you care.

30 free card projects for you

To bring a little joy to you—and help you to bring a little joy to others—Cricut is offering these free cards available in Design Space® through the end of the year. Each of these cards can be made on any Cricut machine, including Cricut Joy™, Cricut Explore™ family and Cricut Maker®.

Make a card to recognize a friend for an achievement. Tell the grandparents you love them. Say thanks to your mailperson. Give a note to a teacher in your life.

If you’re using a Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machine, click here to access the free card images.

For Cricut Joy users, click the card you want to make below to open the project in Design Space.

Best Day Ever Cricut insert card imageBest Friends Forever Cricut insert card imageCricut insert card imageYou are my Sunshine Cricut insert card imageYou are the Best Cricut insert card imageYou Nailed it Cricut insert card imageCongrats Cricut insert card image
You Rule Cricut insert card imageYou're Super Cricut insert card imageThanks Cricut insert card imageThe World Needs More Teachers Like You Cricut insert card imageYou are a Star Cricut insert card imageBirthday Cake Cricut insert card image
Tropy Cricut insert card imageLots of Love Cricut insert card imageLOL Cricut insert card imageFriends Forever Cricut insert card imageDifferent home tools Cricut insert card imageGet Well Cricut insert card image
Thank You Healthcare Cricut insert card imageThanks a Latte Cricut insert card imageHot Air Balloon Cricut insert card imageFeliz Quincenera Cricut insert card imageThanks for Believing in me Cricut insert card imageGnomebody Loves You as Much as I do Cricut insert card image
Congrats Cricut insert card imageElephant Cricut insert card imageConversation hearts Cricut insert card imageGood Luck Cricut insert card imageFeel Better Cricut insert card imageCoffee cup love Cricut insert card image

Cards are also easy to make with materials you have around the house. Whether it’s copy paper, recycled paper, or cardstock, you can reuse and recycle to make a card out of many different materials.

Zooey’s favorite Cricut cards to make

I love making cards—it’s paper that packs a thoughtful punch, which in my humble opinion is the best kind of paper. Check out some of my cardmaking tips below!

Find Zooey’s adorable new cards in Design Space.

Make a card and Cricut will give a card

Photo taken by

Our community is the heart of Cricut. We’ve made millions of masks to support communities worldwide. So, we know it’s amazing what can happen when we make together.

For every card shared on Instagram using the hashtag #makekindness, Cricut will give a homemade card*, postage included. Share any card, whether it is created with a Cricut machine or not, to help us pass on kindness.

If there’s a person or organization you know that would benefit from receiving cards, please email

Share the cards you plan to make in the comments. We can’t wait to see all the cards we make together.

Learn more about Cricut machines on

*Cricut will donate up to 15,000 cards until the end of the year.

Happy Birthday Card using Cricut Foil Transfer Tool

Add foil accents with the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool

September 24, 2020 | Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

We have a shiny surprise to share with you!

The Cricut Foil Transfer Tool is now available, and it’s the easiest way to make your projects shine using foil. The foil tool works with the Cricut Explore® family of machines and Cricut Maker®. It is not compatible with Cricut Joy™

The detailed foil lines make the process look complicated, but it’s actually quite easy to add foil embellishments to a wide variety of crafts using the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool. Just drop the tool into your compatible machine and watch it work.

There are hundreds of ways you can use the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool. Here are just a few examples to help fuel your creativity.

I'm a sucker for you card with foil accents created with a Cricut and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool
Wedding invitation with foil effects created with a Cricut and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool
Christmas tree gift tag and wrapping paper with foil effects created with a Cricut and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool
Faux leather feather earrings with foil accents created with a Cricut and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool
Vellum box with foil accents created with a Cricut and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool.
Thanks gift tag with foil effects created with a Cricut and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool
Happy Birthday Card with Foil accents created with a Cricut and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool
Favor box with foil effects created with a Cricut and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool
Thank you gift tag with foil effects created with a Cricut and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool
Merry and Bright Tag with foil accents created with a Cricut and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool

Three tools in one

The Cricut Foil Transfer Tool comes with three different sized tips: fine, medium, and bold

The Cricut Foil Transfer Tool is actually three tools in one. It comes with 3 tips (fine, medium, and bold) so you can transfer foil onto your crafts in different line thicknesses – even within the same project!

Even better, because the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool is fully integrated into Design Space®, you can create using all the various linetype options. Add a combination of foil, cut, score, write, or other linetype option all within the same project on your canvas.

Changing tool tips

It’s easy to change between tool tips, too. Simply press the plunger down, remove the tip, insert the new tip, and release the plunger. It’s just like our other tools!

Easily switch between different tip sizes with the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool.
Easily switch between different tip sizes with the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool.

Using the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool

The Cricut Foil Transfer Tool works as a companion to your cutting blade and you’ll need both tools to create intricate designs. The housing units on these tools are not interchangeable despite how similar they look to each other. So, be sure to keep both on hand!

However, the cutting blade and foil tool both utilize the B clamp on your Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore machines.

Insert the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool into clamp B on your cutting machine
Insert the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool into clamp B on your cutting machine.

Drop the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool into the B clamp and your Cricut machine will implement the exact amount of pressure to transfer the foil from the sheet onto your paper, kraftboard, or other base material. See a complete list of materials compatible with the tool here

Throughout the cut process, Design Space will intuitively prompt you to switch out the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool when needed. It will also eject your mat just enough so that you can remove your used foil and tape in-between steps. No guesswork needed!

Still a little confused? Watch a detailed process of how to prep your mat with foil and tape.

What’s included with the tool

What do you think? Are you ready to elevate your creations with stunning foil effects? The Cricut Foil Transfer Kit includes everything you need to get started:

  • Cricut Foil Transfer Tool with three different tips
  • 12 sheets of foil (6 silver and 6 gold)
  • 48 pieces of pre-cut tape
A 3D paper box with gold foil floral pattern created with a Cricut cutting machine and the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool.

Endless (shiny) possibilities

There are so many different possibilities – cards, invitations, gift boxes, and more! We can’t wait to see what you create. If you use the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool in a project, share it with us! Tag @officialcricut and use #CricutFoilTransfer.

For more information about the Cricut Foil Transfer System, visit our help section. We also have a playlist of helpful videos on YouTube to guide you through the process.

Find the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool at or your favorite craft retailers.

Why we appreciate teachers

April 30, 2020 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Teachers are educators, mentors, helpers and creators. They inspire us every day. Whether you grew up with a teacher that made a lasting impact or hear your kid's talk about how much they love their classes, teachers are an important part of our lives.

We also see their limitless creativity. From homemade classroom decor to custom crafts for students that drive positivity and learning, we remain humbled by the capacity of their imagination. There are so many teachers in the Cricut community making amazing things.

So we've dedicated this to you and creative teachers everywhere.

We want to celebrate your stories, inspire other teachers with your unique ideas and spotlight how students, and parents, can stay connected during this time by making together.

Celebrating Teacher Stories

We're always looking for ways to connect with teachers from our community. This group of teachers helped us understand the projects that mean the most when their students craft for them.

Here are other stories from the community that demonstrate how one idea can make a big difference.

A unique take on giving flowers

This unique take on giving flowers made us smile. Kaitlyn, a Kindergarten special education teacher, personalized these flowers with vinyl to stick in her students' yards to help them stay more connected. These are sure to bring smiles to their faces.

teacher flowers

Making face masks for students

Linh Hang used her Cricut to cut out face masks for her students using an alphabet pattern. We love how Linh created these not only to fulfill an important need but to be kind to her students. We love the fabric choice she chose as well. You can view the free pattern Linh used in Design Space.

student masks

A T-shirt to remember

Jean Haan wanted something to remember her Kindergarten class of 2019-2020. She had parents send student signatures so she could upload them, cut on her Cricut, and iron-on to a T-shirt. She gave us a tip that to get the best transfer on to a T-shirt, make sure kids use markers to write their names.

teacher shirt

"I love you a llama"

Amy Clark's theme for her first grade classroom this year was llamas. With everyone out of the classroom she wanted to find a way to bring the fun of her classroom theme to her students virtually. She created this "I love you a llama" sign to stay close to her kids and bring them joy.

llama sign

Mrs. Lopez as a cartoon cutout

Charina Russo-Lopez was searching for ways to stay close to her students during this time. She came up with the idea to create herself into a flat cartoon cutout. She told us she used the Print Then Cut feature on her Cricut. Her students received a cutout of Mrs. Lopez in the mail so she can be with them when they're learning at home.

cartoon teacher

Projects for teachers and for the classroom

There are thousands of projects in Design Space that you can make if you're a teacher or for your teacher. You can also make projects from scratch with inspiration you find in the world.

Quick Cards

Personalized Ideas for Teachers

T-shirts and Accessories

Great products for teachers

From paper to vinyl to cutting machines and even, scissors, there are all kinds Cricut products that are great for teachers and the classroom. Click through to see a few favorites.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Cricut Community Favorites: Valentine’s Day Cards

January 26th, 2019 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Looking for the perfect card to tell someone you love them? Valentines for your child's class? Our Cricut Community members are here to help with these fun designs.

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

How delightful are these hedgehog Valentines that Jennifer created? Perfect for handing out at school.

Click to Make: Hedgehog Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Kathleen made this adorable card featuring two fluffy poodles in love. Glitter cardstock makes it pop.

Click to Make: Poodle Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

If you're looking to create a detailed box card for Valentine's Day, check out this version by Paul. Hearts galore!

Click to Make: Valentine Box Card

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Caroline made this delightful collection of Valentines that will help you celebrate your love story. I think I need to make them all for my husband throughout the next year.

Click to Make: Love Story Valentines

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Caroline also made this fun pop up box that serves well as a Valentine's Day card.

Click to Make: Valentine's Day Pop-Up Box

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

I love the surprise that comes with opening explosion boxes, and Kathryn made a lovely version that you could fill with hearts, jewelry, candy or more.

Click to Make: Valentine Explosion Box

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

We are huge Star Wars fans in my little family; we even named one child after a character in that franchise. I absolutely love this card that Mary made using the Star Wars Valentine's Digital Mystery Box.

Click to Make: Solo Star Wars Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Renae also used the Star Wars Valentine's Digital Mystery Box when crafting up these fun lollipop Valentines.

Click to Make: Star Wars Valentine Lollipops

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Sia cleverly incorporated slots to place a rainbox spiral lollipop in her unicorn Valentines. I think this would likely be my daughter's favorite.

Click to Make: Unicorn Valentines

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Puns are a fun addition to any Valentine's Day Card. Shannon created these fun Smartie Pants Valentines that make it easy to add a piece of the candy by this name.

Click to Make: Smartie Pants Valentines

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Break out your Cuttlebug and add embossed hearts to this card as Elizabeth did. I love all the details in this elephant Valentine.

Click to Make: Elephant Valentine

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards

Buy some microwave popcorn this year for the kids and pop on one of these Valentine tags that Candice designed.

Click to Make: Valentine Popcorn Tags

Cricut Community Favorites: DIY Valentine's Day cards
Cricut Community Favorites: Festive Holiday Cards

Cricut Community Favorites: Festive Cards

November 18th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Confession time: I don't do well at sending out holiday cards. I just get caught up in all of the hustle and bustle of the season. I blink and it's suddenly January already.

Cute cards like these, though, make me feel hopeful. I want to start crafting up these fun festive cards that our Cricut Community members designed and send some out this year!

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

Isn't this Jingle Elf card by Tess adorable? She even wrote the poem herself!

Click to Make: Jingle Elf Card

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

For a cute card with a little splash of dark humor, you could make this Gingers card by Michael.

Click to Make: Gingers Card

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

I love how Renae used a variety of materials for her Noel Christmas card. You could easily cut them all on the Cricut Maker.

Click to Make: Noel Christmas Card

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

My toddler adores penguins and I love spinner cards, so this Santa Penguin Spinner Card by Teri would be a fun little activity to play with together.

Click to Make: Santa Penguin Spinner Card

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

There are so many possibilities for this Folded Christmas Tree Card by Cheryl just with the patterns and colors you put together, and I love how she includes 2 different styles.

Click to Make: Folded Christmas Tree Card

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

Don't you just love projects that combine two needs into one? This one by Teri is both a greeting card and a gift card holder.

Click to Make: Greeting Card and Gift Card Holder

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

Narelle made another delightful spinner card version to consider. I love the little string of stockings on each side.

Click to Make: Christmas Tree Spinner Card

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

Sounds like this Naughty or Nice card by Teri is perfect for procrastinators for me, since it's quick and simple. She included both holly and snowflake borders.

Click to Make: Naughty or Nice Card

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

If you've ever wondered how to wrap up the gift cards that are hanging in stores, you can use this long gift card holder by Jennifer.

Click to Make: Large Gift Card Holder

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

Hint to anyone out there sending me cards...cocoa is my life in winter. I'd love to get this Hot Cocoa card by Teri

Click to Make: Hot Cocoa Card

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards

Shaker cards are always delightful, and Teri created a lovely gold ornament version you can send.

Click to Make: Gold Ornament Shaker Card

Cricut Community Favorite Festive Cards
DIY Gift Card Holders

8 Weeks To DIY Holiday Gift Giving, Week 3 – Gift Card Giving

October 27th, 2018 • Contributor: Jenn Crookston, Team Cricut

Welcome to week 3 of our DIY Holiday Gift Giving series.  This week we’re excited to be talking about dressing up your gift cards.  During the holidays it’s inevitable that someone on your list will be impossible to buy for which makes a gift card the perfect gift.  We’re here to help you dress up that gift card to make it more fun to give!

Before ordering your supplies for this week's projects check your stash from the last couple weeks and make sure you use our discount code 8WEEKDIY to save an additional 10% on your total purchase from (must be a $50 or more purchase and excludes machines and Cricut Access).

To make this week’s projects you’ll need the following Cricut supplies:

Other items needed:

  • Red/White Baker’s Twine
  • Adhesive (We recommend Art Glitter Glue - with fine point tip)
  • Cardstock in Kraft

Let’s get right into these fun projects.  All of these projects can be created with the Maker or the Explore machines.  Scoring Wheels in the Maker make folding a breeze, especially with the thicker materials like Kraftboard.  If you don’t have the Maker you can use the Scoring Stylus just be careful you don’t crack your papers along the fold.

If you’re looking for tips on assembly you’re in luck!  We did a full Facebook Live showing you how to assemble many of them.

Just For You Pillow Box Gift Card Holder

Using kraft colored cardstock, red and white baker’s twine, rich red glitter cardstock, and green sparkle paper you can create the perfect little pillow box to hold your gift card.

Cut File: Just For You Pillow Box

Ho Ho Ho! Gift Card Envelope

We are completely in love with our new Foil Embossed Cardstock.  The holly leaves and berries are our favorite. Adding layers of green and red glitter and white Kraftboard makes a perfect gift card envelope.  The Art Glitter Glue made assembling the front of the envelope and card so simple. Tie shut with red/white baker’s twine.

Cut File: Ho Ho Ho! Gift Card Envelope

Snowflake Gift Card Envelope

Another fun gift card envelope that holds a gift card perfectly.  We’re using another piece of our Foil Embossed cardstock for this card, this time with silver trees and snowflakes.  This design cuts the snowflakes out of the cardstock and we used green sparkle paper behind it for a fun pop of color along tying it closed with red/white baker’s twine.

Cut File: Snowflake Gift Card Envelope

Merry Christmas Gift Card Envelope

Turn your gift cards into a gift tag or even an ornament perfect for hanging on a tree.

Cut Files -
Merry Christmas Trees
Merry Christmas Holly & Berries


If you’re just joining our 8 Week to a DIY Holiday make sure and go back to see our first 5 segments:

8 Weeks to DIY Holiday Decor - Week 1, the Mantle
8 Weeks to DIY Holiday - Gift Giving - Week 1, We’ve got a Box for That
8 Weeks to DIY Holiday Decor - Week 2, the Living Room
8 Weeks to DIY Holiday - Gift Giving - Week 2, Milestone Gifts
8 Weeks to DIY Holiday Decor - Week 3, the Custom Tree

Be sure to tune in next week where I’ll be showing you ways to wrap up those homemade gifts!

8 Weeks To DIY Holiday Gift Giving, Week 3 - Gift Card Giving
DIY Holiday-Exploding-Box

How to create a DIY exploding holiday snow globe box

October 26th, 2018 | Contributor: Dezi, Cricut Design Team
updated October 5, 2020

The holidays are coming up quick! What are you making this season?

As a professional crafter, people are always expecting something totally unique from me. So, this year I decided to play with the classic exploding box card and adding a little more magic with my version of a snow globe.

Using my Cricut Maker™ and the Scoring Wheel™ tool made this project so easy. I was able to cut each piece with precision and score crisp lines on cardstock using the machine. Follow along below to make your own!

Fill in the blank Father's Day card

Fill In The Blank Father’s Day Card + 10 More Cute Card Ideas for Dad

June 12th, 2018 • Contributor: Ginger Bowie from Ginger Snap Crafts

Hello there! It’s Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts. I am so excited to be back here on the Cricut blog. Last month I was here sharing a cute last day of school t-shirt, and now I’m back sharing a cute Father’s Day card to make with your kiddos! Time flies!

Cricut Design Space has so many cute Father’s Day cards. Many of them are perfect to make with help from your kiddos. I know my kiddos love to make cards for their dad. I love the fill in the blank cards where you let your kiddos express some of their cute thoughts. They really become keepsakes, not just a card. Let me show you how easy this cute card is to put together.

For This Father’s Day Project You Will Need a Few Supplies:

Father's Day card supplies list

You can find the design I used for this card in Cricut Design Space. If you own a Cricut machine, I would strongly recommend signing up for Cricut Access. When you do, you will have access to literally thousands of designs that you can use for free.

This card is part of their Father’s Day collection. They have tons of cute ideas for Dad! I’ll link to several other card ideas in just a bit.

1: Draw

Let your Cricut draw your Father's Day card

I love watching my Cricut Maker draw! It’s pretty amazing. You simply slip in the pen and then load your machine & press go. Your machine does all the work!

2: Cut and Score

Cut and score your Father's Day card

Next, your machine will cut out & score all the pieces of your card.

3: Grab Your Kiddos!

Have your kids fill out the Father's Day card

Have them fill in the blanks on the card using Cricut pens. I love all the colors!

Don’t forget to pin this post!

4: Assemble the Card Envelope

Make the envelope for your card

While your kiddos are busy filling in their cards, assemble the envelope & liner using some adhesive.

5: Slip the Card Inside the Envelope

Slip the card inside the envelope.

6: Tie Some Twine (or Ribbon!) Around the Top of Your Card

Tie some twine (or ribbon!) around the top of your card

Now the only thing left to do is to give Dad his card for Father’s Day! I think he’s going to love them!

DIY Fill in the Blank Father's Day Card + Father's Day Cards Ideas

Check out these other fun Father’s Day cards made with Cricut. Most of these are available for free with your Cricut Access subscription! I marked all those with a *. Enjoy!

Fun Father's Day cards you can make with a Cricut

Dad We Love You to Bits Card @ Crafting in the Rain

Father's Day Footprint Card @ Love, Create, Celebrate

Do you like to make handmade cards for special occasions? Which card is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments below. (You can see how to add texture to cards here.)

Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Make Your Christmas Cards This Year!

November 24th, 2017 • Contributor: Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts

Hey everybody – it’s Beth Kingston from Kingston Crafts ( and CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!! Gaaaaaaaaaahhh!! Ok – deep breath. Deeeeeeeep breath – and maybe a little more coffee.

If you – like me – are planning to spend this long post-Thanksgiving weekend working on your Christmas cards then you’ve come to the right place, because today I’ve got ten Cricut-made Christmas cards to share! Cricut is a lifesaver this time of year because no matter what project you are creating, with just the push of a button your Cricut can do most of the work for you. Many of these projects can be made on both the Explore machines and the new Maker machine so let’s do this!

Sequin Shaker

Becoming Martha had me at the words sequin shaker card! I love how she turns this simple card into something special with glitter and sequins, and she shares a matching gift tag as well.

Black and White

I love the look of these stunning black and white cards from Lemon Thistle – and the best thing about Cricut is I could make them in a rainbow of colors if I wanted to. The possibilities are endless!

Christmas Birds

These Christmas bird cards from Hey Let’s Make Stuff are so beautiful I may or may not use them all year long. Don’t judge me. 😉

Photo Cards

We all love photo cards but don’t love the price – thanks to 100 Directions you can create your own and it will be so much cooler!

Gold and Black

Cricut can turn the most intricate design into a quick and easy card – and Printable Crush shows us how. Did I mention she also shares a FREE printable address label?

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Your friends and family will think you spent hours on this ugly sweater card from Laura’s Crafty Life – but she created a series of layers that make it easy and fun to put together! She also shares the matching envelope liner and it adds the perfect touch.

Red and Gold Truck

Red and gold are my favorite Christmas color combo and Liz On Call is speaking my language with this cool gift tag. I could also see this as a cut out for a card – with Cricut you can customize your projects in just a few minutes.

Gift Card Holders


Finally, gift cards are easy to give but can sometimes feel impersonal. Our friend Lia Griffith solves that problem with not one but two fun gift card holders – a felt bag and an ornament

Make Your Christmas Cards This Year!

and Happiness is Homemade brings back COLOR with these bright and bold gift card holder tags!

Wishing you a fun and festive holiday season – here’s to creating memories to treasure for years to come!

Let’s stay connected!

Which card is your favorite? Tell us below!