Supporting Our Healthcare Professionals

March 30, 2020 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

We see you, healthcare professionals! And we support you. So, we want to create for you and help you build awareness while you out there working for us. And no, it's not just because today is coincidentally National Doctors' Day.

These are certainly unprecedented times, eh. We recently posted about homemade face masks. These are by no means a substitute for PPE, but as healthcare providers exhaust their supplies, it is incredible to see the maker community pitching in and aiding the efforts. I see you, Sweet Red Poppy, Jennifer Maker, Cori George, Lorrie Nunemaker, Clarks Condensed. And for those I missed: sorry, I wear strong prescription glasses. Please shout at me in the comments if I missed you - I want to see your mask makes!

Emotional Support, Too

Though, it doesn't stop there. We all need a little emotional support too. I know that little extra support to keep my sanity in check is a staple ingredient running through all the pages of my recipe book these days.

It’s been over two weeks of WFH loneliness, and my mildly extroverted self is screaming for social interaction, but I refuse to give in! I want to do my part! I’m digging deep to find my inner introvert and ways to subside my extrovert needs. I surf social media. I message friends on Facebook. I text en masse, and I text one-on-one. Then, I resorted to bringing back the dying art of phone calls…

One particular call was to my friend, Katie, who still actively went into work. What's it like in the outside world? What's it like bathing in the sun? What was it like being a soul in the unknown during what seems like a zombie apocalypse? Well, my chat with her was enlightening. Allow me to share it with you...

Doctors, Nurses, First Responders, Healthcare Workers

Katie is a nurse and just one of the many healthcare professionals working full force while many of us keep safe from the confines of our homes. So, in our chat... There were emotions. Everywhere. From everyone. Katie spoke with individuals that just needed someone to talk to on the phone. Katie listened to patients who were scared about the unknown. She calmed those that were breaking. She helped those that were aching. But then, she told me a story that brought on tears of her own.

Individuals around her workplace were collaboratively wearing white ribbons in support of healthcare professionals. As we kept talking on the phone, she continued elaborating on this incredibly touching gesture, but as her voice cracked a little and her vulnerability peered through even more… the Cricut in me interrupted her to blurb out, I want to make white ribbons too! I want to show my support too!

White Awareness Ribbons

So, I crafted a few white ribbons with Maker for the staff at the University of Utah hospitals and clinics, one of the local healthcare systems in Cricut's (physical) community. Then, I made a bunch of vinyl white ribbon stickers with Joy for the staff to freely hand out as they explain the necessity for the precautions that have been set into place. Don’t worry, I didn’t go to the hospital but rather tossed them to Lauren, who's husband is a doctor, from a safe distance – actively practicing social distancing, y'all. Don’t they look rather good on the crew and their things?

Here's How I Made Them

Maker “ribbons” were made with scraps and materials around the house.

  • paper clips
  • glue gun + glue sticks
  • rigid mailing envelope (or any thicker card stock will work too)
Supplies for White Ribbons

Use the deep knife blade for Maker to cut the ribbon design so it cuts through the rigid material. Then, hot glue the paper clip to the back of the “ribbon” so that you can hook it to your clothing. You can also use safety pins in place of paper clips, but I didn't have any on hand. And you know, it's scary outside. So, feel free to find substitutions with what's available at home! Don't have a deep knife blade? No worries - use a thinner material suitable for the blade you do have at home!

Well, that's it! That's all I did.

White Ribbon Pin Craft

More Appreciation Projects

Still looking for ways to scratch that creative itch? Scroll through for a few more projects to show appreciate for our healthcare workforce.

Boxes and Baskets of Thank You Treats for fuel throughout the day; Thank You Notes because sometimes it's just nice to hear it; Personalized Compression Socks to help those achy legs; Custom Bentos for the busy worker; or perhaps, a Kindness Note you can color with the kids to give together.

Got Other Ideas to Share?

Post them in the comments! We can't wait to see more ideas and projects that have come to life. So, please, show us! After all, we haven't reached the end of March yet, and it's still National Craft Month, eh.

9 thoughts on “Supporting Our Healthcare Professionals

  1. Hello, I so very thankful for all the health care, and other essential workers.

  2. As an ER nurse I cannot say thank you enough for the outpouring of community support and concern. The homemade masks have been an excellent platform for providers/nurses to promote and educate patients and their families on the importance antance of PPE and infection control. Continued prayers for safety and well-being.

  3. As an ER nurse I cannot say thank you enough for the outpouring of community support and concern. The homemade masks have been an excellent platform for providers/nurses to promote and educate patients and their families on the importance of PPE and infection control. Continued prayers for safety and well-being.

    • I so want to so this for my hospital coworkers!! What ribbon designs did you use on Design Space?

  4. A friend of mine, Brittany Ballard, and a friend of hers, has created a whole movement! The Blue Heart Movement! #HealthcareHeroes. Check out the FB group. They’ve been picked up for interviews on news stations across the country and were actually featured on GMA on Monday I think it was. Lots of people have joined making little blue hearts to wear on our badges at work. Over 16,000 hearts have been sent out across the country.

  5. Thank you so much for all the hard work and keeping us safe and healthy. God Bless you always.

  6. I’m too still in work, as a doctor’s receptionist, but, I am awe of all those selflessly putting themselves at risk to save the lives of others.

    To try and stay sane, I started looking in my craft box to give myself some normality, whilst producing something worthwhile. I produced a face mask. And I tell you something, within less than a minute of wearing it, I got a brief glimpse of what it’s like to wear PPE. I felt like I was suffocating….so hats off to all you healthcare workers who are donning these outfits for hours at a time. KEEP SAFE, YOU ARE DOING A FANTASTIC JOB THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.

    A UK admirer.

  7. This is great!! Makes my heart happy! I am a nurse on the front lines of COVID 19. I have been making masks and shipping them all over the place! I even made some for a local college health clinic. I have sent them to Oregon, Washington and California. Would love to see a pattern for the head covers and little hooks to attach masks to, I know my ears are hurting from constant mask wearing.

  8. I have been making flatten the curve t-shirts to help raise money for our local food bank, I’ve already raised $1200!!!!

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