Removable Vinyl vs. Permanent Vinyl

Removable Vinyl vs. Permanent Vinyl for Your Projects

July 3rd, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Now that we have unveiled our new Cricut® Premium Vinyl™ – Permanent and Removable products, you may be wondering which kind you should use for your projects. Let's start exploring some of the possibilities with each!

Removable Vinyl

If you're new to crafting with vinyl, you may be wondering why you would even want to have the ability to remove it. After all, don't you want your results to be long-lasting?

In reality, there are quite a few situations where you don't want to use something permanent. Removable vinyl will adhere to your surface but easily peel away without leaving any residue.

One prime example is for decorating walls. Removable vinyl allows you to brighten up living spaces without having to repaint after you take it down. (Do note that it may not work as well on some oil-based paints as these can possibly break down adhesives.)

You can easily dress up a nursery or playroom with this adorable set of Alphabet Decals.

My toddler is head-over-heels in love with "mangos" so she would be ecstatic if I added some Flamingo Wall Art to her room.

As for myself, I have a fondness for vinyl sayings to go on my walls. This Whimsical Wedding Wall Decal definitely encapsulates how I feel about my husband.

Another possible use for removable vinyl is to make nail decals. If you're hopeless at painting (like me!) or just want to add some fun designs, try this!

Glitter hearts are an easy yet stylish way to get ready for Valentine's Day.

You can use this Support Ribbon Nail Art in October to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Combine gold vinyl with printable vinyl to create this Plaid Christmas Nail Art.

It's so fun to put removable vinyl pretty much anywhere that you want to dress up, but want to be able to easily remove it at any time or it doesn't need it to last a long time.

You can easily transform a plain bowl to match any party theme, like this Fiesta Chip & Salsa Bowl Set.

Decorate pumpkins for Halloween without all the mess and stress of carving them.

Removable vinyl is sturdy enough to use on foam board for your child's Science Fair Project.

Permanent Vinyl

On the other hand, there are definitely times where you want to make your design more long-lasting. Enter our new Premium Vinyl™ – Permanent to save the day!

Want to save your furniture from water damage? Coasters are a must!

My geeky heart has fallen in love with these Steampunk Coasters.

You can also go retro with these incredibly fun Floppy Disk Coasters.

Keep things simple and classy with these Metal Monogram Coasters.

After making some coasters, you'll have an excuse to create some new drinkware to pair with them. Whether you're using cups, mugs or water bottles, permanent vinyl will help your designs last longer and resist water and wear.

If you love all things ocean related, these Sea Kelp Glasses are perfect for you!

I am SO not a morning person, so I can definitely relate to this Stay Up Late Mug.

Think positive by creating this "The Gym is Calling" Water Bottle to take on your exercise sessions.

Cars can really take a beating from the elements outdoors, so make sure your vinyl is permanent to help your car decals be sturdier to account for this.

Show off your love for camping and the outdoors with this Car Camping Decal.

Cricut is located in Utah, so you can share our state pride with this I Heart Utah Decal.

You could easily put one of these I Don't Give a Flock decals on your car instead of a cup.


The options for both types are endless! When do you use removable vinyl, and when do you use permanent vinyl? Tell us in a comment below and show us online with #CricutMade.

59 thoughts on “Removable Vinyl vs. Permanent Vinyl for Your Projects

  1. How does the permanent and removable vinyl compare to what was previously available? Wasn’t that considered permanent, or is the new permanent vinyl even more resilient?

  2. My daughter wants a decal on her laptop. I was thinking of using removable vinyl in case she wants to change it at some point. Is the removable vinyl sturdy enough to hold up to everyday handling?

  3. how does the permanent vinyl hold up to hot drinks? ie for using it for coasters, does the coffee mug stick? Testing, testing! 😉

  4. How permanent is the removable vinyl? If it gets hand washed will it stay? Im mostly doing mugs and wine glasses now.
    Does it stay untill you pull it off? I just dont want to make something I want to be there permanently and have it fall off later. Would you just suggest using permit if I want it to last forever?

    • If you want it to stay on something like mugs and wine glasses, you would definitely want to use permanent. We still recommend handwashing them for best results.

  5. Can you print using an inkjet printer on the removable vinyl? I am new to Cricut and want to make some wall decals for my grandson but need them to be removable but want to use print/cut feature.

  6. I have vinyl with the old packaging. It doesn’t specify if it’s removable or permanent, it just says vinyl and another says adhesive foil. Are they permanent? Or removable?

  7. I have a project that requires permanent vinyl A4 size. Do you have this size and if so, what is the price. And if you have a distributor in Quezon City.

    • Hi Alexander,

      Our permanent vinyl comes in a 12″ width for the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines. The length varies depending on the specific product. We do have a distributor in the Philippines, but they may not be based in Quezon City. Hope that helps.

  8. I decorate with a new Life App each month at my church. I need letters that can be REUSED and won’t damage the wall or paint. Do you have any experience with Reusing vinyl letters? If so, how many times do you think they would re-stick? Is this totally nuts?! (I currently staple card stock letters to the walls—very effective and cost efficient-except for the damage that occurs) Thank you so much! Jen Francis

    • Hi Jen, perhaps you could try chipboard letters with museum putty? Chipboard is a more durable material. Although removable vinyl could work, it’s difficult to predict how many times it would adhere onto a surface due to the various factors involved. The letters may also fray as you peel them off continuously. Hope this helps! Good luck.

  9. Hi. I’m wondering about the permanent vinyl. Is it removable if you want it off? This is what I want to use it for. I want to put vinyl on student’s desk. But because they tend to pick at it, I thought permanent might be a better option. However, I will need to be able to remove it at the end of the year. Would it work for this application?


    • Hi Teresa, sounds like a great application for permanent vinyl! Permanent vinyl can definitely be removed with a little more elbow grease.

    • If you have issues removing with elbow grease you could also try using goo gone. Let the vinyl soak for a few and then use a decal scraper (razor) to remove the vinyl. It’s how we remove decals from vehicles which are usually made with permanent vinyl.

  10. Hi there. My friend wants me to do a plain white sigh for her salon glass door. I am planning on printing it in mirror image and applying it inside the door but she dissent want it to be permanent. Will it works if I use removable vinyl?

    • Hi Lynda,

      Yes, you may also do this in removable vinyl. The process would be the same as permanent vinyl.

  11. I want to decorate my cricut maker, can I use permanent vinyl, do you recommend it or should I go with removable?

    • Hi Laura,

      Either will work! If you don’t think you will remove the vinyl, I recommend permanent for a more secure adhesion. If you think you might try various designs and want something a bit easier to take off, I recommend removable.

    • Hi Deborah,

      We don’t recommend printing on vinyl that is not specific for printing as you may get varied results. Please see printable materials here.

    • Hi Stacy,

      You could use permanent vinyl for plaster ornaments, but due to the chalky nature of plaster, you may need to add a protective coating for better adhesion.

  12. Will putting permanent vinyl on a wall or door remove the paint when you decide to remove it?

    And would you be able to remove it with a hairdryer by heating it up?

    • Hi Darlene,

      As there are many factors that go into this scenario, we recommend testing a small section first. There are a wide variety of paints and finishes that could affect the adhesion and sometimes heating up the adhesive may help, too. Unfortunately, we are unable to give an exact answer due to the many variables of the surface, temperature etc. If the vinyl isn’t sitting in the elements, removable is also a great alternative. It’ll stick well to flat, smooth surfaces such as walls and doors and have a less permanent bond.

  13. I am going to use permanent vinyl to add names to some drinking tumblers. How does the permanent vinyl do in the dishwasher?

    • Hi Marian,

      Generally speak, we recommend that all items with vinyl embellishments be hand-washed for longevity. However, we have heard of many instances where permanent vinyl mugs do well in the dishwasher. In these cases, the vinyl is generally “cured” for a few days and placed away from heating elements and water jets.

  14. I am wanting to purchase vinyl to make wooden home decor signs but cannot decide between permanent or removable. What is your recommendation?

    • Hi Madison,

      Depending on the smoothness and finish of your wood piece, I actually enjoy using heat transfer vinyl or iron-on for wood. Here’s a little more about using our popular Everyday Iron-On material.

      If you prefer to stick to vinyl, I recommend permanent for wood as it is likely to adhere a bit better IMO. Hope that helps.

  15. Hi!

    I would love to try the I Heart Utah decal, but the link only takes you to cricut design space to download the software, not load any decal. May I ask for a link, please?

    We’re in Utah and want to spread the love! <3

    • Hi Erin,

      So glad you are looking to spread the Utah love! The link takes you to the image within Design Space to have you making right away. If you may not have it already installed, that may be why it keeps asking you to download the software. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Pat,

      As there are many factors that may go into the longevity of vinyl, it is difficult for us to provide a concrete answer. Note that colors, particularly on specialty finishes, may fade with exposure to sunlight and rain/snow. Other external factors may also impact life, but typically permanent vinyl is rated for 3 years.

  16. Does anyone know how to seal a plaster disc ornament when it has a permanent vinyl on it? I tried Mod Podge spray and the vinyl started curling up and eventually pealed off. PLEASE HELP 🙁

    • Hi Cassandra,

      No, you do not necessarily need to add “protection” to the glass/mug after putting permanent vinyl on it. However, it can add additional sense of security. We do recommend that you allow the vinyl to “cure’ before washing so that it will set onto the base properly though.

  17. I was just gifted my first Cricut for Christmas this year, I am very excited to get on some projects. I noticed removable vinyl doesn’t cost as much as permanent, so if I use removable vinyl on my projects what would be suggested to use to help my vinyl to be more permanent? I am hoping that might save me some money for now, possibly in the long run, or for the future when I might not have permanent on hand.

    • Hi Rachel,

      Hmmm. Depending on your application for the vinyl, removable vinyl may suffice in place of permanent vinyl. The type of vinyl you need will depend on the intended use of the project. For example, if you will be creating car decals, you may want to use permanent vinyl to stand up to the elements. Projects that may be handled/used a lot, such as tumblers/mugs/water bottles, will also benefit from the stronger adhesive. Permanent vinyl provides a stronger bond to the base material, and removable is designed for easier removal from the base material. You may be able to find methods where another product can be applied over the vinyl to provide a more secure hold though. One example of this may be epoxy tumblers… Hope this helps!

  18. I was wondering if u can use the removable vinyl on a motorcycle will it stay on and not get mest up when u have to wash it

    • Hi Terry,

      You could use removable vinyl on a motorcycle but weather, wear, and tear will affect its ability to adhere to the surface.

  19. No question … I just want to comment on how helpful this Q & A forum is, even for those who’ve been doing it a while. Your answers are concise, informative and really supportive. Thank you!

  20. Hello, can I use premium vinyl removable on clothing? If so how long does it last? on the website when I bought the premium vinyl removable,I didn’t realize there was other options (permanent).

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Crystyna,

      You could use removable vinyl on clothing, but it would not last long as vinyl, in general, does not stick well to fabrics. It’s similar to sticking a decal or sticker on your clothing. For a more permanent adhesion to clothing, we recommend iron-on vinyl, or also referred to as HTV or heat-transfer vinyl.

  21. I just received my first Cricut for Christmas and I am super excited at all the projects I have planned! I would like to apply a frosted vinyl to some of my windows for privacy. I do want a long lasting adhesion (3+years) but also want to ability to remove the vinyl down the road. I’ve been reading many blogs with mixed comments on removable vs. permanent. For example one blog mentioned that removable over time with exposure to heat (such as a window) can in fact make the adhesion more permanent. I am thinking the way to go is permanent for this particular project, but I am wondering how easily it could be removed in the future without scratching up my windows

    • Hi Dee,

      Due to the variances in environmental conditions, it’s difficult for us to answer exactly how vinyl will react. However, with personal experience, you should be able to remove permanent vinyl from your windows without scratching it up using a little persistence and grit. I found the metal scraper tool fairly handy for this. Assuming that your windows are also smooth glass, I didn’t have any scratches even after scraping away at each little vinyl design. Hope this helps.

  22. Hi! Will the permanent vinyl last if I make sensory walk decals for my classroom. They kids will be walking on them!

    • Hi Kimberly,

      There have been many uses of vinyl for sensory paths in schools (and other places, I imagine), so we can certainly attest it works! However, as there are many variables to consider, it’s difficult to predict how long permanent vinyl may last. Sign of wear and tear with use will show in time, especially as the pattern typically has an edge to it. If the surface is suitable (i.e. non-textured), it will stick for a longer amount of time, too. Hope this helps!

  23. Hi,
    I want to put vinyl on my kids hard plastic iPad covers for school, so they will need to withstand being put in and out of bags daily for a year. Would removable vinyl withstand this use or should I use permanent?

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