Real Party Animals

April 7, 2016 - Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Ready to add a flash of the wild to your living space? These papercraft wall displays are definite conversation starters with their 3-D faces and whimsical expressions. And better yet, no animals—real or imagined—had to lose their heads for these mounted masterpieces. It’s a win-win for everyone. Watch out: It’s a jungle out there!!

Rhino Papercraft Template

Take a trip back in time with this handsome T-Rex Papercraft Template. 

Giraffe Papercraft Template

Lion Papercraft Template

Dragon Papercraft Template

Unicorn Papercraft Template

Jackalope Papercraft Template

Fox Papercraft Template

The process for making these creature features doesn't have to be beastly at all. Check out our video below. We also have individual videos for each 3D animal head with step-by-step assembly instructions. 

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17 thoughts on “Real Party Animals

  1. Hi there,

    Will you be creating an elephant any time soon please? Love these!!! Will be great for school and the dinosaur will be making an appearance in my son’s room soon.

    Thanks for the fab resources!

  2. I am so wanting to make a Giraffe,but I have just received my Cricut Explore One machine and I am so confused as to how to even get started.I have watched most of the videos on getting started but it makes no sense.I just am itching to get going……
    I agree with…please can we have a Hippo to go with the Giraffe.I am from Africa originally and LOVE wild life.
    Please help….I can.t find the page which shows individual designs to purchase? Help……?

  3. I want more! How about a bear, deer, & moose? I would love a moose head more than anything!

    Pretty please with Cricuts on top? 🙂

  4. I’ve never used a circuit, but if works as well as your website….well, let’s just say I’ll pass. Every search term I’ve put in has returned nothing. These 3d animal heads seems fun but I’ve searched them and got nowhere. As far as I can see your search function is completely useless. I searched the term giraffe and got nothing yet a video featured a 3d giraffe head. Every cost I’ve seen is ridiculously high, your digital subscription seems high, and then it appears you still have to pay for stuff.

    If you haven’t mastered your website I’d have trouble believing you’ve mastered anything else.

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  6. Forest animals would be a great idea, like what was mentioned above. Bear, deer, moose, raccoon. Coyote or wolf. Those would look awesome.

  7. I agree about the hippo. My grand daughter would go nuts! She took her first trip to the zoo yesterday and loved the “hobos” aka hippos.

    I have had my Explore since November of 2014. I have had fun with several projects, but have done nothing for several months because I too am confused by how to make things work correctly. Is this something we can call Cricut support for? I’m crafty, not techy.

    • Hi Miriam,
      If you’re having technical issues with your machine, Cricut support can help walk you through those. If you’re looking for project tutorials or how to use design space and different materials, I’d recommend checking out our channel on YouTube: Let us know if you find what you need!

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