Cricut Maker for quilting

Meet Your Quilting Best Friend: Cricut Maker TM

Cricut Maker is the ultimate smart cutting machine that is a match made in heaven for quilters. Quilters can cut any shape from hundreds of fabrics using a variety of tools designed to make the cutting process easy.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Cutting appliqué made fun and easy.

If you love making intricate appliqué quilts but find cutting with scissors tedious (while creating issues with accuracy), Cricut Maker is your new must-have machine. Cricut Maker does all of the fabric cutting for you easily and quickly. All you have to do is cut your design, peel your fabric off the mat and focus on applying your quilt pieces.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Quilting crafts, simplified.

Using Design SpaceⓇ, Cricut’s cloud-based design software available on any laptop or mobile device, it’s easy to create your perfect quilt project. Choose from hundreds of patterns and images, including favorites from Riley Blake DesignsⓇ, and Cricut Maker cuts and marks all the pieces in just a few clicks.


Choose your design or make it from scratch.

Quilting Cricut Maker


Place your material on a mat, load it in the machine, and press Go.

The machine handles the rest.

Quilting Cricut Maker


Assemble the finished pieces into your final project.

Share your quilt magic with your friends!

Quilting Cricut Maker

Design Space available for Windows® and Mac® computers and iOS and Android™devices. Offline Mode currently available with iOS app.

Sew many tools.

Cricut has all the tools you need to master your quilting experience. Cricut Maker’s expandable suite of tools makes cutting fabric and marking your fabric pieces a breeze. Here are all your must-haves for Cricut Maker if you’re a quilter.

Cricut Rotary Blade

Rotary Blade brings infinitely customizable, precision fabric cutting to the home for the very first time. Use it to cut cotton, fleece, denim, and more. With its gliding, rolling action, it cuts virtually any fabric quickly and accurately – without backing material. Rotary Blade comes in the box with Cricut Maker. Shop Cricut Maker now.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Cricut Bonded-Fabric Blade

Cricut's Bonded-Fabric Blade + Housing brings ultimate precision when cutting bonded fabrics such as cotton. This is a drag blade that is designed for bonded fabric so you can achieve amazing bonded fabric quilts. Bonded-Fabric Blade is sold separately. Shop Bonded-Fabric Blade now.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Cricut Washable Fabric Pen

Cricut Maker has the technology to draw on your fabric so it’s easy to mark all of your quilt pieces before they’re cut out on the machine. Cricut Washable Fabric Pen has a water-soluble ink so you can wash your pieces after they’re sewn together. Washable Fabric Pen is sold separately. Shop Washable Fabric Pen now.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Cricut FabricGrip™ Mat, 12" x 12"

The FabricGrip Mat combines increased strength, density, and quality plus a light adhesive to create beautiful cuts with a wide variety of fabrics. Use with Cricut® machines and Rotary Blade or Bonded-Fabric Blade. (1) Cricut FabricGrip Mat, 12" x 12" comes with your Cricut Maker.

You can also purchase a FabricGrip Mat, 12" x 24" for larger-scale projects that is sold separately. Shop the FabricGrip Mat, 12" x 24" now.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Accessorize your quilting experience.

There’s so much more you can create with Cricut Maker if you love other types of crafts, from iron-on to vinyl to leather and woodworking. If you’re interested in other crafts outside of quilting, learn more about all of Cricut Maker’s possibilities here.

Cricut also makes beautifully designed hand-tools to accessorize your quilting experience. From a hand-held Rotary Cutter to Self-Healing Mats and Acrylic Rulers in beautiful colors, these tools will give you the best possible performance and add pops of color to your craft room.

Quilting Cricut Maker

Ready. Set. Make quilting magic.

Make amazing quilt projects in Design Space. To access these projects sign up for a Design Space account. It’s easy and super fast, sign-up now.

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Getting started.

Check out this helpful video on working with patterns and fabric in Design Space. For more amazing video tutorials, visit Cricut's YouTube channel.



"I'm so enthusiastic about all the possibilities with the Cricut Maker. Quiltmakers are going to love it. It cuts so precisely. It's changing how I think when I'm designing quilts." - Lori Baker, Editor at QuiltMaker Magazine

28 thoughts on “Meet Your Quilting Best Friend: Cricut Maker TM

  1. I am new to the Cricut world , can I do this type of project on the cricut air 2. Will these blades work n the air 2 as well.
    Thank yoi.

    • Hi. You can cut bonded fabric on the Air 2 and we have a bonded fabric blade. This machine cannot use the rotary blade, though, or any other blades/tools with a gold gear on top.

    • Yes, you can cut different shapes. If we don’t have it in Design Space, you could upload an image of a shape, too.

  2. Hey my name is Beverly Carraway and I am respecting this machine it only cut fabric or could I use it for all of my Cricut needs and Designs I am really trying to start up my own business and I am trying to get the best Cricket for me so will this be what I need or will I need two different cricket because I do both and I also want to do teach t-shirts so could you let me know what I really need will this be my dream come true Cricut or what I have to have this Cricket in there another one thanks

    • Hi. If you are interested in fabric, the Maker is great since you don’t have to bond the material. You do need to bond on the Explore. The Maker can also cut all of your other Cricut needs and designs. Good luck with your business.

  3. I am looking to purchase a cricut. I do alot of quilting and wanting to know which is the best machine to purchase.

    • Hi. For quilting, you would want the Maker as it can cut fabric right off the bolt. On the Explore machines, you would need to bond it first.

  4. I have a quilt pattern with appliques. Can I copy the applique image from this pattern to the design space and have it cut out my applique pieces?

    • Yes, you could scan your pattern on a scanner or with a phone app, then upload the file into Design Space for use.

  5. I do craft shows and I have 2 ? If I see a pattern I like on pinterest with material can I send it to the machine to print? Also can you cut vinyl or felt on this machine?

    • You could upload patterns or create them, then cut out on materials like balsa wood, basswood or chipboard, for example.

  6. With the “Maker,” does it have the capabilities to use my own drawing to cut out appliques for quilts?

  7. Looking for a holiday gift for my mom, who is an avid quilter. Having trouble finding an answer for my question. Will a cricut cut any shape for her custom quilts (ie. if she needed a pentagon, or some other crazy shape)? Or is this really for more basic shapes.

    • Hi. We have some shapes in Design Space already, but she can also upload image files for pentagons and other shapes and designs, too.

  8. Thought I would get one for Christmas but I didn’t?. Really need to know but the best one for me would be I clearly have no idea what I’m doing. And I see you saying things need bonded. Can you tell me what that means.

    • Hi. If you’re interested in sewing and quilting, the Cricut Maker is the machine for you! With this machine, you can cut fabric right off the bolt. On our other machines, you would need to bond it first. This means that you add something like HeatnBond to the back to make it stiffer for cutting. You can also cut a wide variety of other materials with all of our machines.

  9. I just got my Cricut Maker and I must say how impressed I am as a quilter and sewer. I downloaded the Cardinal applique pattern and cut them out in short order and they came out beautiful. The applique pieces cut nice and clean with not threads uncut. I highly recommend it and am excited to do sew much more.

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