Put a Ring on It

So what side of the plate does the napkin go on again? With these adorable DIY napkin rings, there’s only one answer: front and center. There are many ways to do a napkin ring using natural materials, like branches and twine, and ribbon or string to adorn with paper leaves and fern shapes.    

From left to right: Nutcracker Napkin Ring and Fall Napkin Ring  

Golden Napkin Ring

From left to right: Vine Napkin Decor and Frozen Wonderland Brunch from Lia Griffith

Put ‘Em in Their Place

At any dinner party, having a place card on the table for a guest is a classy move. It not only makes them feel important but it gives you seating control. There’s always that one side of the table that gets rowdy. These DIY place cards can work with any theme you brew up and will make a big impression. You can never–ever–go wrong with monogramming.

From left to right: Outdoor Dining Name Tag and Fall Leaf Place Card 

From left to right: Gift Bag Tag and Holiday Gift Tags (a place card and a gift in one!)

From left to right: Holiday Place Cards and Christmas Reindeer Place Cards


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