Make your own paper flowers with this easy tutorial

Brighten Your World With These Pretty Paper Flowers

July 17, 2017 • Contributor: Kristen Johnson of A Girl and Her Glitter

We ADORE paper flowers! There is something magical about a flower that never stops blooming. We found the perfect flower shape (for what we needed) in the Cricut Design Space and I wanted to show you how to customize it and make it your own.

Most paper flowers are flat and more of a one note, while this one is full of texture and can take on so many sizes! These paper flowers can be used for anything (and I mean anything!), for an event such as a wedding or a nursery over a crib - the possibilities are endless. Let’s take time to smell the roses… in this case, some paper flowers!

Tools + Materials You’ll Need to Get Started:

1: Type "Flower" Into the Search Bar in Design Space

Choose your flower design in Cricut's Design Space

There are many flower options; as long as it has a solid center, most will work. The choice is really up to you!

2: Insert Your Flower Choice Into the Project

Choose a flower image

We selected a flower with 5 points to it and that solid center we need.

3: Copy and Paste Flower 5 Times

You will need multiple versions of your flower in several sizes

As you paste each flower, be sure to make each one smaller than the one before. This will create varying sizes for depth and texture for your end product.

4: Line Paper According to Layout/Mat

Put your cardstock on the mat

We used the LightGrip (blue mat) and 65lb cardstock paper.

5: Send Project to Be Cut

Have your Cricut cut out the flowers

Once you have copied and pasted 5 of the flower designs, be sure to have your Cricut machine set to cardstock.

6: Remove Freshly Cut Flowers from the Mat

Take off the flowers

Take your time and gently lift them off and away from the LightGrip mat.

7: Line Up Cut Flowers in Order From Largest to Smallest

Put your flowers in order by size

Put your flowers in order so they will be ready for stacking.

8: Bend Petals Up From Center

Bend the petals

Start with your largest paper flower and repeat with the other 4, bending a little more each time.

9: Glue Flowers Together

Glue your flowers together

Take your adhesive and, starting with your base flower (the biggest one), layer the flowers on top of each other to the smallest.

Your project is complete! These flowers will brighten up any space or even event. Choose to use them in a grouping of multiples or enjoy the simplicity of a singular bloom.

Finished paper flower

Leave a comment with ways that you would use these paper flowers!

11 thoughts on “Brighten Your World With These Pretty Paper Flowers

  1. Oh yes! I just made my first dimensional flower. I have had my new Cricut Explore Air 2 for six months. I have owned three eariler versions of the Cricut, since the 6 x 12 mat. I quit using the Cricut after I could only go forward in making things with my Expression, if I had the internet. (living near Death Valley, internet was nearly impossible). This year I got internet service, and my husband, Dennis, bought me the Explore Air 2!
    I have been learning first Design Space 2, then 3, and the internet itself. I’ve seen the flowers that you cut then roll, but, I thought it would be something I would learn later, I receivedmy Mystery Box, receiving a Pearl Paper sampler, among other nifty items! what a great paper to make flowers! Today I read your blog, and there was the easy way to make dimentional flowers! I used the Pearl Paper and the flower came out BEAUTIFULLY! So very Happy! I hope to make more using other papers such as vellum.
    Thanks so much for posting the flowers!

  2. Hola mi comentario es que no se Inglés y todas las lntrucciones que dan para usar la máquina es en ese ldioma. Mi hijo me regalo la cricut explorer one y no se usarla por favor me pueden ayudar a ver vídeos en español . Gracias anticipadas Dlb.

  3. I’m living in Guyana and I have one of the Circut machines. I’m trying to subscribe with my visa debit card but it is not going through. I could’ve gotten the free stuff but I moved had to wait on internet service. Now when I try to access design space I was I can’t get in. Please help because I need to use the machine.

    • You can do this project with other Cricuts. It would be easiest with any of the Explore series that work with Design Space. For older ones, you would need to see if there are flowers in Cricut Craft Room and do the steps of making different sizes, etc.

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