Design Space 3 for Cricut is now out of beta!

Out with the Old and In with the New!

July 12, 2017 • Contributor: Product Marketing Manager Cortney Haymond

The time has come to say goodbye to the old software and embrace the new Design Space! We are so excited to announce that the new Design Space is officially leaving the beta stage behind.

As we make this switch there are a few things you should know in order to have the best Design Space experience possible.

For those of you who have not yet switched, it’s a straightforward process:

To answer a few of the questions that have come up:

Why are we changing Design Space?

As many of you have probably experienced, Flash has increasingly been a source of problems in Design Space, causing crashes, requiring constant updates, and leading to slow performance overall. These problems were actually connected to a much bigger issue: Flash itself had become obsolete as a web technology. Due to this problem, we decided to rebuild Design Space from the ground up WITHOUT Flash. The result is an experience that is much faster, more responsive, and more reliable.

While we were at it, we took the opportunity to make improvements to the Design Space interface as well, including a new setup process, a new Home screen, an intuitive new Canvas screen (where you design your project), a big new font menu, and convenient project search.

Even more importantly, we built the new Design Space so that we can improve it more readily in the future, without having to rebuild it again.

What is the status of right-click functionality and Canvases from the old Design Space?

We are currently working on both of these features and you will be the first to know when they are ready!

What is the best way to let Cricut know about any problems?

If you notice something not working right, go to the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the Design Space home screen, click on the Feedback link at the bottom, and tell us about it! Your feedback only helps us create a better experience for you.

What operating system does the new Design Space require?

  • Windows® 8 or later. Visit the Microsoft support center <> for more information.
  • Mac® OS X 10.11 or later. Visit the Apple support center <> for details.

What if I need help?

Glad you asked. We have chat support available 24 hours a day during the week, as well as during day hours on the weekends. We also have extended phone support hours during the week. We’ll do everything we can to make this transition as pain-free as possible.

Now that your pre-design space experience checklist is complete, you are ready to spread those creative wings and fly. Remember the sky is the limit.

48 thoughts on “Out with the Old and In with the New!

  1. I was able to download file into win zip and put them into drop box as a svg file then upload the file on my IPAD using the But can;t now. Will or is there a web sight i can log onto so i can upload file to use on my IPAD?

  2. I have just spent many minutes trying to put text on card. Was able to do it before. I get text ready and used to be able to drag it to where I wanted it and size now nothing works and unable to get the text to go on the card in the right place. Help what do I have to do. I am able to line it up, get proper font and size but as soon as I go to drag it to position the box disappears. I had it all figured out on the other program and had several cards I wanted to do tonight instead ended up with frustration. Please tell me what to do. I have a yearly subscription to Cricut Access still active which I would hate to waste.

  3. Yey, I am loving the new Design Space! I had been having issues with the flash not working in the old design space but haven’t had any problems with this new version!

    • You can upload SVGs to Design Space. You would click on Upload on the left of the screen, then Upload Image.

  4. I love the new design space, however it will not let me select any canvas. I can click the canvas button but it just brings me back to my original page. Please help i love the canvas feature!

    • I have been looking for that for like an hour already. I am so upset if they removed that option. I loved that option and it was very helpful. If you find it please let me know where it is.
      Thank You

      • On their page where they talk about the change to the new design center I do see where it says “what is the status of the right click functionality and the Canveses?” And the answer is, “they are working on both of these.” So, if I am reading that correctly, it is possible that they are working on it. … hopefully.

  5. Is design space replacing craftroom? What if I still have an original expression? This is confusing to me. Can I use design space with my expression? Are you going to stop supporting craftroom?

  6. I too am interested in the question regarding craftroom, I still have the expression that I use at work (school). And hope that you will continue craftroom.

  7. I am making Door Decks for my daughters Dorm floor and I am so frustrated with the new design space. I was using the Gumball machine in the Subscription and its very difficult to slice, and to remove some of the layers. What is going on? Why does it seem so slow and antiquated? I feel like we took 5 steps backwards

    • I asked about this through chat support and all they said was they are working to resolve the problem. When I asked for a specific time frame, I got the same answer. “We are aware and working to resolve the problem.” So basically, the chat was of no help.

  8. Maybe because I haven’t used the Design Space 2 for very long, before installing Design Space 3 Beta, I have experienced no real hard problems, that I couldn’t fix myself without a little investigation.
    I enjoy using Design Space 3, and think that it’ll get better when your team addresses a few issues, such as the canvas, and on my work screen I have some of the top bar on my work area.
    keep up the good job!

  9. I’m really looking for some clarification from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about please (I am quite new to cricut, though I’ve owed it for a few years)… I have been trying to use my iPad Design Space. What I’m attempting to do is download SVGs with what I thought was the “updated link” :
    But every single time I do this, It brings me to the same cricut standard page with a brown bear/cabin-ish box that I can’t do anything with. (Unless there’s something I’m missing)
    This is exactly what was happening with the old design space link.
    PLEASE??? If there’s someone out there that knows how to get SVGs to upload to design space, (using Image Converter and Google Drive of course) PLEASE send me or email me the directions. I am desperate!!

    • I was told by Cricut support that this option is not available at this time. Link has been shut down. Go to and select “Feedback” to let them know that we really need this option back in order to upload our own images.

  10. I love the new cricket design space. This is 100% better. I wasn’t using my cricket anymore it was just to much of a hassle. What a joy when it had me download the new program. I love it. Thanks.

    • You can create a rectangle by choosing the square, then unlocking it in the bottom right corner and using the bottom right green button to stretch it to the shape that you want.

  11. I have the Cricut Expression and windows 10 and I can’t get either the Design Space or Craft Room to work on a fairly new laptop. I’d rather be able to use the Design Space if possible. How do I get these to work together?

    • I also have a Cricut Expression machine and was just told over the phone that the digital cartridges that I have ordered and paid for and used for a variety of projects are no longer able to be accessed through my account since it is no longer compatible with the current Design Space. Everything worked fine in Craft Room. My machine works fine. I feel very taken advantage of as they are not willing to cooperate with me at all to rectify the situation unless I spend more money on a new machine. They did however say that if I choose to buy a new machine I could continue to use the cartridges I have already purchased…. How generous!

  12. Not cool. I use glossy papers for my projects, and have setup very specific template for them. Now everything has shift and I have to re-do all the templates
    why can’t i have the option with staying with the old interface!?

  13. Another problem. I was told by the design space that an image uploaded by me is a cricut access member only image (which was uploaded in the old interface and used repeatedly before)
    took me so long to figure out it was my own self-uploaded image causing the problem and tried restarting chrome, restarting the laptop, and delete and reinsert the image to the canvas. In the end, I had to del and reupload that image to make it work.
    THEN, i found out that the printing layout has changed, and since my project has to print on both sides, i really couldn’t be bothered…

  14. I love the new Design Space, however, it crashed on me yesterday and I lost my entire project. I was in the process of saving my project and it went into a loop and then crashed. I had to restart Design Space. I had actually been working with it for several hours so maybe it was tired.

  15. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but when I cut the image is the same colour as the mat which is hard to see. Is that just the way it is? The design page iimages are different colours but I dont like the presentation of the cut mats. At least make the mat the colour of the object to be cut but make the image a neutral colour so it’s easy to see.

  16. I love the new Design Space. Uploading my own images is substantially faster and the overall performance is way better. However, I frequently (almost always) use the Print then Cut feature. In the new design space there is no print dialog box. So when I go to print my Print then Cut project I am able to choose my printer but no specific printer options (color, quality, paper type, etc.). So when I choose my printer the project automatically prints at the default settings of that printer. My printer has default settings of normal color printing and it’s not the right quality for my jobs. I need photo quality on photo paper. I have tried everything. I even consulted with my printer manufacturer to see if I could overwrite the default print settings on my printer and there is no way to do that. After a frustrating and useless online chat with Cricut and then a conversation with a much more helpful Design Space professional, I learned that the print dialog box is no longer an option and may not be incorporated in the future. I’m frustrated and heartbroken. If they don’t add the print dialog box back in I will not be able to create the projects I rely on the Cricut for. Has anyone else experienced this issue and/or found a workaround? I’ve exhausted all possibilities…

  17. I will say I like the new design space…
    HOWEVER, I have lost countless hours of work. I had so many projects saved that will not load now. It basically disappears when I try to load it on the first attempt. I have the pages bookmarked on my computer. There’s no way to select it afterwards because it’s gone.
    I use this for my extremely busy business and can’t imagine redesigning all my lost projects!!! This is why I’m considering looking for something else. I own 4 Cricut Explore Air Machines and expect someone to fix this issue ASAP!!!!!

  18. I recently updated my Design Space, and since I did I am unable to click and drag anything on the canvas, nor adjust sizes using my mouse. Please help!!

  19. Where did the canvas option go? I really need to help me preview how it will look on t-shirts, etc. Please bring it back, otherwise it will add so much more time and frustration to projects.

  20. I really like the new version of Design Space. With that said, I have all of the Cricut Machines. I decided to ween out my machines and give to someone who wants them. If the other machines OTHER then all the Eplore Air versions, cannot use the Design Studio, what can they use and will that ever go away. I have Criut Craft Room and have not us that in years. Can you purchase individual designs like you can in Design Studio? Can you download images into the Criut Craft room? if the machines I have prior to the Explaore machines what will they be able to use. If not then I guess I these older machine are obsolete? I really hate to give someone something and they are not able to use it. I know I asked a lot but like I mentioned I decided I do not need all these machine now and wanted o tie them way. Please advise. Thanks, Leslie

    • They can still use physical and digital cartridges in older machines and Cricut Craft Room. They would need to find a version of the software as the web based version cannot cut. If they are subscribers to Access, they can use a lot of the content there.

  21. I loved my new cricut made many shirts for my different size grandkids and now I can’t make anything the right size because the canvas option is gone of all the things to change why would you take away the one tool it seems from what I’m reading EVERYONE loved and needed most…please bring it back so I can enjoy my cricut again! Otherwise not sure about others but for me purchasing a cricut was the worst decision I made 🙁

  22. I want to know why do u have the cricut APP and not have the option to upload ur own images on it?.. why NOT add that option? An i was able to do it on my android laptop and NOW as of today that option is gone from there also. What are you guys doing!>?

  23. So it’s December 2017 and Cricut has has NOT fixed the iPad problem using the explore machine.
    Please fix is ASAP, the Cricut machine is useless now if you have an iPad where the version is not the same, because you kicked out the old, and left your dedicated users in the dust…..we bought your machine, now what?

    Shame on you…..we spend our hard earned money and now that you have our money, we have your useless product. It’s time to go to the top with this….and be fixed, yesterday.

  24. This sucks! I love Cricut Craft Room, but I can’t seem to get it back. I’m 65 and was downsized in my job 4 years ago. I was using CCR to make things as extra money to make ends meet. As much as I’d like to get CDS, it won’t be soon. I guess I better go to Let Go and get cartridges. That’s where I got my Cricut Explore 2. Cricut Design Space is probably really nice from what it looks like and for the lucky ones that can afford it or got it for Christmas. New and improved is only new.

    • Hi. So you have an Explore 2? Design Space itself is free. We do have a subscription called Cricut Access to gain additional fonts and images beyond what is free in there. You can also upload your own images and use fonts that you have downloaded and set up on your computer. I hope that can help keep you going in your craft business endeavors.

  25. So for those of us with an Expression, is there no design software available anymore? Is this to get us to buy a new Cricut?

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