Organize your craft room this fall

Organize Your Craft Room This Fall!

September 29th, 2017 • Contributor: Lilly Jiminez from The Creative Heart Studio

Hey, everyone! Lilly, from The Creative Heart Studio here to share a few tips on organizing your craft room for fall.

Today, I’m going to show you a few ways I organize my craft room to be as efficient as possible and clutter free.

Cricut Machine and Mats:

I purchased mix and match table tops, legs, and a multiple drawer unit to set up my desk in my craft room. Using an L shape, it made it easier to give my Cricut its own area to allow for space while the mat is being pulled through the machine. Behind it, I used a Command hook to hang my mats! It works great because it holds the weight and keeps them readily available for when I’m ready to cut.

Tip: Make sure you buy a command hook that will hold the weight, otherwise you may find it coming off the wall.

Organizing your Cricut machine and pads
Use a Command hook to hang your mats


I’ve found the best way to store supplies like rolls of vinyl, punchers, and other small craft supplies is in drawers. With the multiple drawer unit as part of my desk, it allows easy access to everything I need to craft. Shallow drawers work best as it doesn’t allow much room for multiple layers, and in turn, LESS CLUTTER!!! It’s easy to see all your supplies and that definitely saves time rummaging through baskets or boxes.

Organizing rolls of vinyl
Organizing craft vinyl

For my cardstock paper, I keep a paper sorter on my desk that has 5 sections. This has worked PERFECTLY! I use the bottom section to put all my scraps in that can still be used and the rest of the slots are used for the rest of the paper. This allows me to see the papers I have available easily and know if I’m missing any colors.

Organizing cardstock
Organizing cardstock


For my Cricut tools, markers, scissors, and other small handheld items like that, I have the PERFECT organization and storage solution. I have a bar that I purchased at IKEA with hanging containers. Installed it right in front of my desk on the wall. Having it this low allows for easy access to all the tools I need as I’m sitting and working. It also keeps them sorted and easily visible. I also use it to store markers, glue sticks, my glue gun, and other small supplies!

Organizing pens

For my small glitter tubes that I love to look at, I installed a picture ledge and have it above my desk. It looks colorful, fun and is very practical for use while crafting.

Organizing glitter tubes

Craft rooms should be practical! That way, you make the most of your time so you can keep on making beautiful crafts!!!

I would say the 2 key rules to go by when organizing a craft room are:

  • Easy access to supplies
  • Clear visibility to supplies

I love the way this small space has everything I need and allows me to still stay organized and efficient when crafting. Happy Crafting!

Organized craft room

How do you keep your craft room organized?

7 thoughts on “Organize Your Craft Room This Fall!

    • Monica – I’m desperate for space in my craft room. I’m in the process of rerolling my vinyl, etc. WITHOUT the cardboard roll to allow me to put more rolls in my storage and have the second
      benefit of being able to see and select the right color more easily. I just rolled the vinyl back up (tighter) and used tiny rubber bands (one on each end). I’m using some of the now empty tubes to store remnant pieces in a tidy way (I’ve marked them blue, yellow, glitter silver, etc.). I’m now stuck
      with two kitchen trash bags of empty tubes and it pains me to throw them out. I tried to cut them
      with first a razor, then a hacksaw ( these babies are TOUGH!) without much luck. Maybe a bandsaw
      would do a clean cut. What the heck to do with these thing? Can’t find a craft that looks interesting
      enough to go find a bandsaw and don’t need any tube furniture. Maybe cricut should start a tube
      recycling return system like HP does with ink cartridges! If anyone wants these let me know – they need a home and craigslist couldn’t find them one…..

  1. I bought four Alex drawer units from Ikea and placed an L shaped counter top on them. I have the drawers full but not organized. I have a large peg board with an assortment of peg hooks. I have a small 4″ x 8′ shelf 18 inches above my counter for my pens, glue, chalks, sticky dot dispensers. I have two mini shelf brackets that hold my paper cutter at arms reach. I have a hook on the wall to store my cutting mats vertically. It is a start.

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