Jump right into making with the all-new Cricut Joy iOS app

June 24, 2020 | Contributor: Cricut Blog Team
updated September 29, 2020

Designed especially for the Cricut Joy™ machine, this new iOS companion app makes popular DIY projects quicker and easier than ever. Think simple, single-material projects like cards, labels, stickers, and iron-on transfers – fun, functional projects that take 15 minutes or less.  

Who will love Cricut Joy app?

Cricut Joy and iOS owners who want a radically simplified making experience for some of the most popular DIY projects will love Cricut Joy app. With a guided design experience and simple controls, you can make cards, custom labels, stickers, and much more in just a few taps. Design Space® is still your go-to for advanced design features or to create with multiple materials and layers. 

Is Cricut Joy app free?

Yes, the app is free to download, and for a limited time, all fonts and images in the Cricut Joy app are free to use.

What can you make?

Cricut Joy app Insert Card feature

Insert Cards

Create the perfect card at a moment’s notice. Choose a design, and play with contrasting colors to make it special. Then tell Cricut Joy to make it!

Watch this video to learn how to make Insert Cards.

Cricut Joy app Quick Label feature

Quick Labels

Make labels for spice jars, a kitchen pantry, playroom, office, and more. Just select one of the professionally-designed label styles, size it, add text, choose a font and color, then prompt your Cricut Joy to cut or draw.

Watch this video to learn how to make Quick Labels.

Cricut Joy app vinyl stickers and decals feature

Vinyl Stickers & Decals

Decorate water bottles, notebooks, electronics, windows, walls…you name it. Choose from a library of ready-to-use images, prompt your Cricut Joy to cut your design, then peel and stick! It’s that easy.

Watch this video to learn how to make Vinyl Stickers & Decals.

Cricut Joy app iron-on and infusible ink heat transfers feature

Iron-On & Infusible Ink Heat Transfers

Design team jerseys, reunion t-shirts, bachelorette tote bags, or whatever you dream up. Find an image, type out text, or create a design that uses both. Prompt Cricut Joy to cut or draw, then follow the instructions to complete the heat transfer.

Watch this video to learn how to make a Cricut Iron-On project.

Cricut Joy app paper craft feature

Paper Craft

Make simple but spectacular gift tags, cupcake toppers, party place cards, and more. Design, cut, and assemble in just a few steps.

Watch this video to learn how to make a paper craft project.

Cricut Joy app top FAQs

Will Cricut Joy still work with Design Space? 

Yes! Design Space is still your go-to for more complex projects that use multiple layers, colors, and/or materials. 

Can I use Cricut Joy app to make Cricut Insert Cards? 

Yes! Download the app and try it now.

Is Cricut Joy app available in multiple languages?   

At this time, Cricut Joy app is available in English only.   

Will Cricut Joy app be available for Android?  

At this time, Cricut Joy app is only available for iOS. The team is working hard to deliver an Android experience. While we cannot commit to a specific timeline, we’ll keep you posted.  

Can I upload my own images or fonts?  

Currently you cannot upload your own images and fonts to Cricut Joy app. To upload and create with your own images, use Design Space. 

What kinds of content will I find in Cricut Joy app?   

All single layer Cricut Access content is available in Cricut Joy app. Single layer content is cut from a single sheet of material. You’ll also have access to a large library of fonts, including a selection of compatible iOS fonts from your iPhone. 

Can I use images from Disney® or other licensed brands? 

At this time, content from licensed partners like Disney®, Star Wars™, and Marvel® is not available in Cricut Joy app. Licensed content is available in Design Space.  

Can I save projects in Cricut Joy app?  

Cricut Joy app will auto-save projects as you design them. Whenever you exit a project, you will get a prompt to save the project to My Stuff. Access your saved projects from Home > My Stuff. 

Can I access my Design Space projects in Cricut Joy app and vice versa?   

No. Design Space and Cricut Joy app are separate and distinct experiences. You cannot save a project in one and access it from the other.  

Can I make projects with multiple layers in the Cricut Joy app?  

Cricut Joy app is for single-layer/single-material designs. For more complex projects that require multiple layers, colors, and/or materials, use Design Space.  

Can I share my projects with other members of the Cricut community?  

Currently, you cannot share projects in Cricut Joy app.    

New to Cricut?   

Welcome! To use this companion Cricut Joy app, first activate your new machine at cricut.com/setup. Then, head over to the Apple App Store and download Cricut Joy app.  

Where do I download Cricut Joy app? 

You can download the app onto your iOS device HERE.

More questions? 

We’ve included answers to some of your top questions in this post, but everything you need to know is also included on help.cricut.com. For more support, Member Care also has your back.  

Do you have suggestions on how to improve Cricut Joy app? In the app, under settings, use the Share Feedback link to add comments. We read it all. Expect more feature enhancements to come!  

12 thoughts on “Jump right into making with the all-new Cricut Joy iOS app

  1. So disappointed that this is not available for Android. Not all of us have apple phones, hoping you will have the Android available soon.! I love my JOY.

  2. I am new to Cricut. I downloaded the app to see if the functions were easy to use before purchasing the Joy. I am unable to use the app. Is there a way to use it without having the machine first?

    • Hi Brenda, yes, you can use transfer tape with materials cut on the Cricut Joy. There is transfer tape sized for the Cricut Joy, but you may also use any you may have on hand too.

  3. I ordered the cricut Joy from Jan, waiting for it to arrive. Do disappointed to learn my Android won’t work with it. Am a stuck at a computer?

    • Hi Margaret, you can definitely still use the Cricut Design Space app for Android. It works with Cricut Joy. The Cricut Joy app for Android will be coming soon.

  4. Will I be required to purchase a separate subscription to the Joy app at some point or will it be linked to the design space subscription I’ve already purchased?

    • Hi Mandy,

      Your Cricut Access subscription is interchangeable across both the Cricut Joy App and Cricut Design Space.

  5. What a wonderful option for folks who find Design Space intimidating, or for those of us who don’t but just want to whip something out really quickly! I tried this out and found it really simple and glitch free! I’ve always found the Access subscription to be well worth the money, so this will be a great addition to my tools! Thanks!

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