Put a Pin on It: National Craft Month

There’s never been a better reason to try something new with your Cricut… National Craft Month is here! It’s thirty-one days dedicated to the creativity in all of us. Inspiration awaits above and below, but don’t be afraid to use your imagination for something totally unexpected. Whether you’re using cardstock, vinyl, leather, or cloth, it’s time to revel in your inherent craftiness. Let those craft flags fly!

What a fox. This charmer from Lia Griffith had us from “load green cardstock.”

Everything’s coming up crafty! Check out these fun flowered boot warmers.

Me-oh-macrame! These potted plants are sitting pretty.

Seriously, everyone will do a double-take with this paper gorgeousness from Lia Griffith.

Make all these projects and more in Design Space:
























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