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May 9, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Founded in 2002, the Rob & Bob Studio is the unique collaboration of artists and makers Rob Blackard and Bob Beidleman. With a mission of creating art designed to inspire, this duo is renowned for their exuberant pieces that seamlessly fuse modern and vintage styles with a playful sophistication. Their projects always bring a smile to our faces, so we were excited to find out more about their latest wedding stationary creations (O Happy Day!) and how the Cricut has influenced the way they design.

The creative talents behind Rob & Bob Studios

What wedding trends do you find inspiring right now?
We love that celebrating individuality is really important right now. People can use their own style and taste and make their wedding a reflection of them. You see a lot of the couple’s personality coming out in all the elements. We try to keep our designs more free and open so people can add their own colors, elements, fabric choices and that sort of thing.
Make your wedding stationary a statement
of who you are as a couple. This bold 
O Happy Day Black and White Suite 
from Rob & Bob gives a sophisticated 
edge to your nuptials.
What inspires you to create?
This is just something we have to do. Sure, there are deadlines and challenges, but we love coming up with ideas to share! And it’s really cool for us when our customers get ahold of a project and put their own spin on it. It’s so much fun to see their results.

Give your special day the gold 
treatment with these truly unique 
Mod Wedding Floral Menu Cards.

Add a cut-out message dear
to your heart on these incredible
O Happy Day Floral Edge Envelopes
from Rob & Bob.
Do you prefer to collaborate on projects or follow your own individual inspiration?
Almost everything is a collaborative effort. Sometimes we’ll take different elements
and incorporate them, but we like to work on them together. That’s part of the fun! Since there are two of us, we really are able to push and inspire each other. And sometimes it’s just nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. One of us will think, "Is that totally crazy or even possible?" and the other one will know how to make the idea work.
What is your favorite aspect of using the Cricut?
That’s a tough question, but we’re loving the pen right now. We showcase its abilities a lot in our wedding stationary collection, especially with all the filigree elements. We love how it gives a nice hand-drawn aspect to projects as well as that extra layer of interest. We try to incorporate it in as many projects as we can. It’s so cool, and yet so accurate that it’s really mind-blowing!
Discover why Rob & Bob love their
Cricut pens so much with these flirty
Fold-Over Name Cards!
Has using the Cricut influenced the way you design?
It’s absolutely changed the way we do things. We now think in layers when we’re planning a piece and what we can add that will bring a project depth and interest. It’s challenged the way we think about our work and how we can make something both interesting and easily successful. That ease of success is important, and Cricut makes it possible.
No one will miss their seat
with these elegant
Pink Floral Table Numbers.
Any advice for the newbie or aspiring crafter?
When we came to Cricut, we weren’t necessarily creative in a crafty way. And it took a lot of experimenting to figure out the tools and how we wanted to use them. So try not to get overwhelmed with all the features that are possible. The Make It Now™ projects are absolutely perfect to start with because they introduce you to the different elements of the machine and you get a really beautiful result. As you get more confident and do more projects, you can explore more of the Cricut’s tools, but the Make It Now™ projects are still just a fantastic way to get to that point.
Make your message mean so much
more with these dazzling Thank You Cards
from Rob & Bob.
Thank you, Rob & Bob! We’re so excited to see what you design next.

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  1. I just love the great projects you have made. I especially like the menu cards on the dinner plate idea. I can’t wait to use that.

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