“Meet the Maker”: Lia Griffith – A Blooming Masterpiece

September 7, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

There’s an undeniable spark of imagination in the air whenever Lia Griffith is around. Witty, dynamic and terrifically inspirational, she knows how to envision the projects that take our breath away. Back in April, we had so much fun talking with her about Derby fashion in her Meet the Maker article. Now, we’re delighted that this busy lady took some time out of her schedule to tell us what she’s been doing since then. From DIY paper bridal bouquets to the re-release of her classic Cricut cartridge and chatting with Kathie Lee and Hoda, this amazing maker has us captivated by her incredible amount of creativity!

Lia, before we talk about all the things you’ve been doing lately, we have to know more about these stunning bouquets you’ve designed. Where did you get the inspiration for them?
They’re beautiful. I particularly love the winter one. The colors are so gorgeous… I mean you almost can’t tell that it’s paper! When I started thinking about creating bouquets, my team and I went back to the flowers we designed for the wreaths and garlands from the Four Seasons cartridge. We took one flower from each of them and made that a focus flower. Brides-to-be can even add a real flower or a signature thing that they love to the bouquet.

What do you want brides-to-be to know about approaching these bouquet projects?
It’s not as hard as you think, because you have your Cricut, and it will cut all the pieces! All of the flowers that I made for the cartridge are quite simple and there are directions on how to make each one. Give yourself time, so it’s not a last minute item. Also, remember that you can have this bouquet forever and repurpose it. Take it apart and make it into a wreath! It’s a simple way to keep the life of this project.  And having that handmade element in your wedding… there’s just nothing better.


A spring wedding symbolizes new beginnings, hope and romance. Celebrate the blossoming of true love with spring flowers that will last forever….

Daisies are instant mood-lifters. Who can help but be cheered at first sight by this darling bouquet?

And then… voila! The bouquet can easily be repurposed into a wreath that will greet the newly married couple at their home.


A summer wedding is all about happiness, excitement and optimism. It’s the perfect time for an outdoor event, and these DIY floral creations by Lia Griffith fit into a natural setting perfectly.

Fresh and fanciful, this bouquet mesmerizes with gorgeous white and purple flowers.

The bouquet can be easily transformed into a DIY paper garland to deck the fireplace mantle for seasons to come.


Autumn weddings are dramatic, dreamy and filled with romance. Vibrant, saturated colors warm up the cool evenings and bring a special kind of glamour to couples who choose to get married during these months.

Stunning in any setting, this autumn wedding bouquet adds a touch of drama to the proceedings. 

After the wedding, the bouquet can be transformed into a gorgeous jewel-tone wreath that’s the perfect conversation piece for any room.


Classic, sophisticated and creative… that’s a winter wedding through and through. Showcase the evergreen nature of your love with a DIY wedding bouquet that’s never out of season.

Lia’s favorite bouquet is the epitome of elegance and grace.

It can be easily transformed from a singular sensation to a seasonal treasure.

Wow. It’s amazing what you can do with your Four Seasons cartridge.
I’m so happy Cricut is bringing it out again. That is one hefty, high-charged cartridge! There’s home décor in there and wall decals, vinyls for cookie jars and mugs, and quick ways to make your kitchen seasonal without buying new dishes. We have the wreaths and garlands you can make to decorate your home. There’s so much to it. There’s even a font in it. It’s really a steal!

The Four Seasons cartridge remains one of our most popular cartridges ever. It’s a true treasure trove of DIY possibilities!

What parts of your Four Seasons cartridge do you find yourself using again and again?
We tried to do all the elements like the mushrooms and the flowers and the little things as their own files – so you can use those elsewhere on their own. Each one is original and hand-drawn. You can make them into gift toppers or decorate for a party. You can use them as an iron-on for pillows and create seasonal artwork. I use them all the time for all sorts of projects. Go with your imagination!

This sign from the Four Seasons cartridge is an easy way to bring some fall flavor to your walls.

This vinyl decal makes getting a treat that much sweeter.

A perennial fan favorite, this endearing fox art can be cut in multi-colored layers or one solid layer. Its image even adorns Lia’s studio!

The DIY possibilities are endless with the wide variety of images available in Lia Griffith’s Four Seasons cartridge.

One single image from the Four Seasons cartridge is all you need to bring some seasonal elegance to your place settings.

Try bringing a touch of whimsy to simple white mugs.


You’ve been so busy lately and we’ve been thrilled to see your projects on TV. Tell us about some of the exciting things you’ve been working on.
I was on “Home & Family” where I did a really lovely crepe paper project. That was the first national appearance, and then the second one was with Kathie Lee and Hoda for “TODAY”! That was like jumping into the deep end of a pool, but those two women are hilarious and made me feel completely at ease. Kathie Lee is a hoot! But I feel really proud because everything we put on that table was done to perfection. And apparently we did OK, because I’ve been asked back. It’s very exciting.

The other thing that is really taking off is my crepe paper. It sold out almost as soon as it was posted! Unfortunately, we can’t cut it with a Cricut because it’s so delicate, but it’s a lovely add-on to Cricut projects and makes exquisite flowers. My whole career started off with paper flowers, so things are really coming full circle and expanding. We’ve barely tapped the surface, and it’s going to be amazing to see where we are a year from now.

Thanks so much, Lia! You are an inspiration to us all.

Check out more of Lia’s incredible projects at her blog and Cricut page!

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  1. I love Lia’s endearing fox art and hope to make one similar. Can she share what size frame she used so I can get the sizing right? Thanks in advance…
    Melinda Strange
    Huntsville, TX

  2. I need help PLEASE, I have had head injury and can not figure out how to get started on the Cricut Explore Air Gold. I have a hard time understanding directions unless they are, as an example told me like number 1, 2, 3. I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you! My name is Dee

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