Some of the new fonts in Cricut Access

Meet Some of the New Fonts in Cricut Access!

September 27th, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Fonts can make or break a project, so it's important to find just the right one. We've recently added SO many new fonts to our Cricut Access subscription plan to help you do just that! I'll be introducing 15 of them in this post, but the full list includes:

  • DiN 1451 Com EngSchrift
  • Diskus Std Bold
  • Dom Casual Std Regular
  • Drescher Grotesk BT Std Roman
  • Eagle Bold
  • Edwardian Com Medium
  • Enviro Com
  • Equinox Com
  • Farfel Pencil
  • Fling Std
  • Floridian Script Std Regular
  • Fraktur Std Regular
  • Frances Uncial Com
  • Galaxy Std Regular
  • Geometric 231 Std Roman
  • Ginko Regular
  • Grace
  • Grafiko Com Regular
  • Gravura Com
  • Hand Drawn Std
  • HighScript 40 Regular
  • Highlight Std
  • Huxley Vertical Std Regular
  • ITC fonts
  • Italia Std Book
  • Jacoby Extra Light
  • Kidprint Pro Regular
  • Koala Com Light
  • Lemonade Bold
  • Letter Gothic Std Regular
  • Liberty Regular
  • Liberty Script Std Regular
  • Libra Std Regular
  • Linotype fonts (all of them)
  • Mahogany Script Std Regular
  • Malibu Std
  • Masqualero Pro DemiBold
  • Mercurius Script Std Bold
  • Ophelia Std Italic
  • Pablo Std
  • Paddington Regular
  • Parisian Std Regular
  • Peignot Std Light
  • Pendry Script Std
  • Pepita Std Regular
  • Posterama Pro 1913 Light
  • Prague Std
  • Pritchard Com Regular
  • Quill Std Regular Quitador Sans Pro Regular
  • Reaper BT Std Roman
  • Rebekah Pro Italic
  • Reporter #2 Std Regular
  • Republik Serif 3 Alt
  • Rialto Regular
  • Richie Regular
  • Rockwell Std Roman
  • Rusticana Roman
  • Sackers Gothic Std Medium
  • Santa Fe Std
  • Saussa Pro Regular
  • Scotch Roman Std Roman
  • Seagull Std Light
  • Shamrock Regular
  • Sho Std Roman
  • Sinah Com Bold
  • Stilla Regular
  • Tango Regular
  • Teebrush Paint Std Regular
  • Terry Junior Basic
  • Typewriter Std Regular
  • Utah WGL Condensed
  • Vivaldi Com
  • Wade Sans Light Com
Eagle Bold is a new Cricut Access font

This bold font will certainly stand out for you! Use it when you want a crisp clear statement.

Fling Std Font

Fling Std is a beautiful script font that will work well for weddings, home decor and more! In the bottom version, I decreased the letter spacing and ungrouped to letters so I could attach it together.

Galaxy Std Regular Font

This futuristic font would look great on space birthday party invitations and other projects in a galaxy far away.

Ginko Regular Font

If you want a font with a bit of an Asian flair, try Ginko Regular for your next project.

Hand Drawn Std Font

Give your art a handmade look with the Hand Drawn Std font.

Kidprint Pro Regular Font

Kidprint Pro Regular would be perfect for a classroom, wouldn't it? You could also use this for projects like a baby book, growth chart, and anything else for kids.

Koala Com Light Font

Koala Com Light is a straightforward font with a modern touch.

Liberty Script Std Regular

Remember to use letter spacing and the Ungroup to Letters functions to make Liberty Script Std Regular look just the way you need for your project.

Ophelia Std Italic Font

Use Ophelia Std Italic to make it look like you hand-lettered your project using calligraphy without having to know how! Ungroup to letters and fix the spacing as you see fit.

Paddington Regular Font

This font does remind me of the cover of a book about a certain well-loved bear. Use it to add just a bit of curve to your design.

Pepita Std Regular Font

With fonts like Pepita Std Regular, you don't need to worry if your handwriting is up to par. Use this to add an elegant touch.

Rusticana Roman Font

If you want a font that is all upper case, try Rusticana Roman for your next crafting adventure.

Seagull Std Light Font

Seagull Std Light is a great font for many of your projects as the lettering is easy to read.

Shamrock Regular Font

Shamrock Standard is another way to add a calligraphy flair without the knowledge or effort. Try this one when you're addressing wedding invitations, for example.

Tango Regular Font

I love the rounded look of the letters in Tango Regular.

Vivaldi Com Font

Vivaldi Com will take your project to the next level with its artistic swishes. Do ungroup to letters and change spacing as needed.

Which font would be perfect for your next project? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. That Kids Print is definitely calling my name, but I’d never be able to limit my creativity to only one ?
    And I’ve already used the Eagle Bold ?

  2. My son is doing a social studies project on one of the USS battleships. Any recommendation which font I should order for him?

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