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Important Changes to Design Space!

January 8th, 2019 • Contributor: Stephanie Gramann, Cricut Software Product Manager

Thanks to great feedback from members like you, we’ve made a few exciting updates to Design Space®. In short, we moved Linetype (Cut, Draw, Score), Print Then Cut, and color selection from the layers panel to the edit toolbar. Here’s a quick overview of the changes so you can jump in and try ‘em out!

We included a video to a webinar at the bottom of this blog which will walk you through in great detail all you need to know about this exciting change in Design Space.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space


Use the Linetype dropdown to change your object to a Cut, Draw or Score object. Print is now found under the Fill dropdown, but we’ll share more about that in a moment.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

The swatch box next to Linetype opens the Linetype attributes panel. When you have a cut Linetype, use this to select your material color.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

… Or to select your pen type and color, if you’re working with a Draw Linetype.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space


To change your cut to a Print Then Cut object, use Fill. By default, cut objects have no fill. To add a print fill, from the Fill dropdown, select Print.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Now that you have a Print Then Cut object, you can change its color. Just click the Fill attributes swatch and select a new color. Your object will automatically update on the canvas.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

If you want to add a pattern, select Pattern from the Print type dropdown, then choose your pattern. Voila! Your object now has a pattern fill!

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Design Space has LOTS of print fill options. To search by color or ownership type, just use the Filter link to open a flyout window.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Once you find the perfect pattern, you can use the Edit Pattern link to refine it to your liking.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Want to undo the changes you made to a Print Then Cut image? No problem. Use the Restore button found on the Original Artwork Print type and it will revert back to its original design.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Multi-layer updates

Wait. Hold the phone. Did I just say multi-layer updates? Yes, I did! This new layout lets you manipulate more than one layer at a time. Simply select all of the objects you’d like to change and use the dropdowns and swatches as necessary.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Note: Not all functions can be changed at the same time. Available options will vary based on the Linetype and various attributes of your selected objects.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

Image Information

To find image information, right click on the specific layer. You’ll find the image, font, or cartridge information at the bottom.

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space
How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

That’s it. Enjoy the updates and be sure to let us know what you think!

If you want to learn more, watch this comprehensive webinar:

If you have even more questions, please visit:

How to Use the Contour Tool in Design Space

285 thoughts on “Important Changes to Design Space!

  1. Can’t wait to try the new updates.
    Would like to request the ability to select different materials for each layer while cutting without having to cancel my cut to back out and change to next material for the next layer. (I hope that makes sense)

    Thank you!


    • If I’m understanding what your saying correctly, you can. For example, if one layer is glitter iron on and the other is standard iron-on, you don’t have to cancel the cut to switch. Cut your first mat on whichever setting it needs (glitter iron on for example), then when it moves to the next mat, before you click the green C button to begin the cut, look at your screen. Next to where it would say “Material set to: Glitter Iron-On”, over all the way to the right is a small carrot or arrow/v…click on that and it brings the materials selection window back up so you can switch it before loading each mat if you need.

  2. Mines is still as the old layout…do I need to close out my computer and start all over?

  3. I, as well as many many more people I know, would LOVE an offset option like the silhouette has. To make fonts or other cut files thicker. Please please please and thank you!!

    • I would not want auto save for all of my projects. I would like a recovery file created when I loose DS for reasons not in my control. For example when the internet goes down. Sometimes I slice and image to cut to correct my original cut that I messed up. I would not want that sliced image saved and my original file deleted.

    • Autosave of ongoing work is a pretty basic feature to have in any creative software, especially for cloud based systems! I’m amazed it’s not in there. Kathy said she would not want her project file updated automatically with experimental changes and that’s quite reasonable – but if the Autosave is to a file named, say, “myproject.bkup” then the problem would not arise; the backup file could be recalled if necessary. It would also be nice if it were possible to save work on the local device (hint, hint).

  4. Excited for the changes. But disappointed the cricut design space still runs from the internet not everyone has a good connection.

    • Yes! For example, I don’t have internet at home. So, I have been designing during my break time or staying late at work to get things done and going home to print/cut from the app on my phone. Another frustrating part though is if you use a font that was purchased from a third party on your computer, the design app on the phone doesn’t recognize it and defaults it to a plain font when trying to print/cut. That’s probably the most frustrating! I’ve literally hauled my machine and supplies to work to do a custom job so I could keep the fonts I wanted!

        • I have been using anyfont for over a yr and it’s all I’ve used for adding fonts with DS. This morning I loaded some new fonts and went back into DS and ALL of my fonts are gone ! I still see them in anyfont and can pull them up with other apps. Any ideas or suggestions here? Please and Thank you

  5. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a way to search / sort in “My Projects”!! With well over 200 projects, it’s very time consuming to find past projects! Nameable folders would be GREAT also!!!

    • I agree! I would like folders for the uploaded files as well as for the projects. I have to scroll a lot to find what I have saved or uploaded years ago. Thank you! 🙂

    • I would love a way to categorize my files!! The projects are really starting to pile up and it would be great to find something I have already made quickly.

    • I second this!! I would also like to add folders so that if you have projects just for t-shirts then you can put them in a folder labelled “Shirts” etc. It is very time consuming when you are trying to find a previous project and the only way you can look is to go through EVERY single project designed.

    • Yes! Totally agree. I have way too many projects that frankly, I delete ones I am not using much so I can find things more easily. Folders please!

    • I agree. With hundreds of word art project and sorting system for My Projects is greatly needed!

    • Instead of changing things around some things need to be perfected. Alphabetized projects is a must!!! I have four machines and over 600 projects. The alphabet is what everyone learns first why haven’t you? It’s crap. I made an active pdf of all my cricut links and alphabetized them myself but need to keep making changes when I add new projects. Please please please get this fogured out. Switching to cameo is really not something I want to do.

    • YES! I spend a lot of time scrolling through my projects to find something i created a year ago, would be very useful to be able to search my projects.

    • Amen to that! I hate having to search through countless projects! If you’re not going to give us folders to organize, AT LEAST give us the option to search for our project by title. Otherwise, why do we even need to name our projects? That most annoying thing about DS hands down. Please fix!

    • Yes, yes indeed!!!! This is something that is so valuable for us – it’s so time consuming to search through hundreds of projects, especially when design space is lagging, which it does ALOT!!! GREAT SUGGESTION!!! I hope they implement it – my favorites doesn’t even generate so it’s useless at this point. I love my Cricut, but it can get frustrating having to sift through sooooo many projects – it can literally take hours if you have a huge package to build.

  6. Cricut users need an Offset feature for Text. Please……………..Many new crafters are selecting Silloutte machines because of that feature only.

  7. I just got my Cricut for Christmas. I just find that I’m more confused but that’s just me. I’m sure once I get to know what I’m doing this will be great.

    • Know what you mean Michelle. I got my Cricut Maker for Christmas. Watching videos and reading a lot of things is and I’m getting confused. Doing the project that they have you do when you get cricut , is easy and fun, makes you want to do more.. then confusion come in.. good luck with it all., you’re not

    • I’m in the same place you are in. It took me two days to make an “easy” 30 minute project. I wanted to change the wording on the card. What a nightmare. I did finally do it, after calling Cricut for help. I should frame it. Hang in there. You can call Cricut. They are really nice and helpful.

    • Don’t despair! I was horribly overwhelmed with design space when I got my new Cricut, too! They have AWESOME customer service that can talk you through ANYTHING! Don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Also check out the tutorial section… TONS of super helpful, step by step videos on how to use Cricut features and design space!!! Have fun crafting!!

    • I have had my Cricut for over a year, but just really starting to use it more. I am in the same boat. All of this is confusing to me. You are not alone. =)

    • I totally agree with you Michelle Close. I have no idea what others even mean by “off set”, not that it would matter. I thought I had Cricut figured out, But now I feel lost!

    • Try looking up Jennifer Maker…She has a complete Cricut guide called Cricut Coach. And watch Cricut’s videos on YouTube. Hang in there – it’s a heck of a learning curve but once you’ve got it the sky’s the limit!

  8. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
    This was such an informative video.
    I recently upgraded from my OLD Expression to the Maker, but was totally overwhelmed. I didn’t use the Expression enough to feel confident, so hadn’t touched it in over 5 years. I’m also not very tech/computer savvy, so trying to understand what to do, how to do it, what do all the words, symbols, actions mean was frustrating and defeating.
    My favorite part was the end where all of the resources where spelled out. I know that information is on the printed information received with the machines and it’s suggested to use, but the video was easy to follow and understand, so her recommendations to use the various links made so much more sense to me.
    Looking forward to watching the videos, learning more and creating some awesome projects!!

  9. Please, please, please…. Create a version of DS to download and work with offline! I’d be happy to be a beta tester for such a version. It would be so nice to be able to tweek existing projects or have the ability to work with my downloaded svgs and fonts without having to worry about internet connection….ie waiting for kids to finish practice, traveling on a plane, on a road trip, etc. Thanks!

  10. sorry but i really dont like these new features and how things are moved now. it is confusing. before it was way easier. now i am lost and really dont like this at all

    • I bought my Air 2, 2 months ago and am just getting used to one feature of it. Hate it when it changes to a different configuration!!! Always something new……………

    • I agree. The old way was 100% easier to use. I am all for added new features but changing where the cut/print/draw/ score and how to change the colors was much better before. Disappointed by this change 🙁

    • I agree! These updates make it much, much harder to use. It was already confusing enough. The cut/print/write and color options are no longer found together for easy selection.

  11. The new updates SUCK!! And runs so slow now u gave orders that are going to be behind. Not a good update

  12. This webinar was wonderful! I learned a few new things! In October, I upgraded from my Gypsy and Expression to the Maker, so DS was new to me, though easy to learn (I believe) because of similarities with designing on the Gypsy. I appreciate that she let us know where to find more help and inspiration!! My boys are getting older and I’ve had a lot more time to devote to my hobby. So excited to play around!

    I would like to request, though, to have folders to organize our projects. My second request is to be able to “favorite” the images we like/are considering/frequently use on DS. Thank you so much for all that you do! Amy

  13. Buenas Tardes.
    Cricut pone todo en ingles, y somos muchos los que hablamos español, les sugiero que piensen en los que no hablamos ingles y tenemos la maquina y usamos sus productos

  14. This design is more complicated than the last. The last design was easier to maneuver and understand. Please revert back.

  15. I guess I am a little surprised that these changes were the ones you chose to make taking into considerations the many other features Cricut users talk about in all the Facebook craft groups. Do you monitor these sites at all? It would really behoove you to really get to know your customers and our wants. Much more important than the changes made, which really didn’t CHANGE anything, but simply relocated things, would be some easily manipulated wordart functions, a curve function that allows us to curve the top (or bottom) of a word while leaving the opposite edge of the word straight, some better background removal functions, the ability to slice multiple layers at one time, the ability to unweld, etc. I strongly suggest you join some of the Cricut Facebook pages and discover what we really need!

    • I agree. How do you expect us to get all excited about a feature that is already available just because you moved it? Listen to your Cricut users. So many great suggestions and I believe the last two updates were moved items. Woohoo.

  16. For changing the text font, I would like to see the text change as I am going through the drop down menu of different fonts. As you see in Microsoft Office. I hate having to go to the text font menu every time I want to see how a new font will look like on the project I am working on. It is just time consuming.

  17. I use Cricut Design Space at least 5 times daily and I found the new changes to be such a hassle. The old format was much more user friendly and everything was strategically placed. I wish there was a way to return to the old format for users that prefer it much better.

    • I totally agree they should not have made this change things are going to take way too long I decided I’m selling my Cricut air 2. And as my momma would say it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel all over again when it was all ready invented.

  18. new version is terrible, make my cricut so slow, any chance took forever to even responde, used to be faster and efficient the last version! am I need an update or something? cause this is driving me crazy!

  19. I will never ever be satisfied until Design Space does offset/shadowing of images and text. We all need this for home decor and paper crafting



  21. Hello,

    I would just like to make a suggestion to add to DS. I would like the ability to edit an image with the wand or eraser once it is in design space. And then have the ability to save such image as an SVG or just as an image. Instead of having to save it as a project as to not lose anything when exiting the canvas. Often times have to use slice to get the image the way I want it, then I am unable to save it as is, unless I save it as a project.

    Thank you,


  22. I am not liking this new update, I do alot of my own svg designs and now when import to design space I get a message “WOW! That’s a large file this may take awhile.” I have not changed anything in Adobe when I create my files the only thing that has changed is this update.
    Import sizing was NEVER an issue prior to this update.

    How can I revert to the old version?

    • Anna

      Have you been able to find a way around this “WOW! That’s a large file this may take awhile.”? I have tried everything I can think of and can not get me designs to upload. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Not happy with this update at all.

  23. I’ve only had my Maker a few months and love it. However, I agree with others that the changes made are more of a hassle to use. I am quite tech savvy and I don’t find the changes as user friendly as before. I too, would like to see it changed back to the prior format.

  24. No do not like the new set up or features!!
    We need offset/shadowing of images and text.
    Not convenient for users.

  25. I appreciate that Cricut is making changes to DS, but I don’t think this is the best one…it was working fine the way it was before and I for one, find this much more confusing than changing in the layers panel. An important update would be a way to search “My projects” Sometimes I have to recreate a project simply because I can’t find the one I know I made the point that I now have 3 or 4 of the same design saved. I started listing the links in Word, but I that is after hundreds of projects. I would take days to go back, open them all, copy the link and paste it into a document.

  26. New interface is totally broken. Import dxf no longer allows changing size (icons are greyed out). Ungroup is also greyed out.

  27. PLEASE give us back the ability to filter Patterns by “Collections”. Only filtering by color is still cumberson when you’re trying to find a specific pattern you want. It was easier when we could also filter by Holiday, Texture, Animals, Hobbies, etc. ***PLEASE ADD THIS FILTER OPTION BACK***

  28. PLEASE give us back the ability to filter Patterns by “Collections.” Only being able to filter by color is cumbersome when trying to find a specific pattern we want. It was so much better when we could also filter by different Collections like Hobbies, Holidays, Textures, Animals, etc. ***PLEASE BRING BACK FILTERING PATTERNS BY COLLECTIONS***

  29. hate it. have been trying to get to design page for thirty minutes. when it first came up I asked for Thank You cards and it kept giving me something else

  30. I love the new updates! You’re on the right track, but I agree with the others on needing offset/shadowing for images and text. Keep up the awesome work, I absolutely love my Cricut Maker!

  31. I don’t really like the updates, as I was just becoming familiar and comfortable with the original format. The new updates are confusing and a hassle.

  32. Been using cricut for years. design space is light years from their first machines. I appreciate the updates. My comments may not be well received but here goes.
    Design space is a program to cut from your cricut it is not a graphics program. if you want offset etc. buy a program to do that then upload it.
    if you want the functions of a silhouette go buy one.
    cricut clearly states internet connection is required if you have spotty internet its on you
    if design space is loading or running slow for you but not others maybe time to check your computer or wifi
    an updated program which on the user end is basically moving a few buttons is a minor change.
    its a crafting machine for goodness sakes.
    guess i’m done venting. Happy crafting everyone

    • On the flip side…if Cricut listens to what people want they won’t lose customers to Silhouette. That’s how successful companies stay in business. They listen and continually improve. Although, mean complaints are not called for. Just suggesting what one would like is not a bad thing. Who doesn’t “want” it all in one machine?

    • I ask for a Maker because it showed more was coming so believed it would update with new options to stay up with competition. Some as myself may not be as tech savy as others to use graphic programs and upload. I do believe it is good for people to request what add on/changes they would like to see. On the same hand they cannot complain when the company makes a change because I am sure someone else did request it….don’t believe they spend time and money to change for fun. I am a newbie and spend most of my time confused but did believe offset would have been an option when I purchased.

  33. I hate this new update. It’s the worst. Is there a way I can revert back to the old design space before this update?

  34. The new update has made everything run so slowly that it is not even worth using. My business is taking a hit because it is taking me so much longer to do anything! Something as simple as moving an image an inch over is taking a full minute. This needs to get fixed ASAP

  35. I know some people don’t like change but I love the edit menu from the top. I would lose half a screen when the layers panel popped out and it made it difficult to design. I realise there will be more changes to come in the future and I’m sure once they are defined and tested we will get them. If people want a small offset they can use regular font over bold. Which works quite well. All things will come in time but I’d like to thank the team for working as hard as they do.

  36. I haven’t really got the total hang of the Design Space with or without the new update, however I would like to suggest a offset feature plus as trace option for designs as the other companies have with their machines. I see a lot of different things I want to make that has to be paid for as a svg file and if we had a way to trace them then it would be easier I think.

  37. Thank you for the changes, they do look and seem rather confusing to use, but maybe we’ll have to get used to the changes. I would like for you to consider in future updates if you could add a way to curve a line to draw and cut.

  38. I have not had an opportunity to use DS since the update but I am not thrilled with the reviews I am seeing about the update. DS is running slower? Still have to be on the internet to use? Most importantly, NO OFFSET?! I have been a Cricut owner for 10 years and anytime I have had to contact customer service they have been wonderful but I have to wonder why Cricut is not listening to what their customers are asking for? I hate having to use another program to offset anything, especially when you can not export Cricut designs or fonts.

  39. I’d really love to be able to print and cut larger images. 6.75 x 9.25 to just too small.

    When designing, I’d also really love to be able to move images or text by using Ctrl + arrows to just bump the items just a hair at a time.
    It’s going to take a little time to get used to the new changes so I’m not sure if I like them yet or not.

  40. A space saver would be great too the way things get laid out is so wasteful and rearranging a large project is such a hassle. The old lay out was better lot less confusing these updates were just dumb.

  41. I dont understand why this update is sooo confusing. All they did was put the option at the top instead of clicking the little icon on the right next to it. I’ve only had my cricut for about 2 weeks and I think its easier.

    • I agree. I got my Explore Air 2 for Christmas and finding this new feature to be great! I did not like Layers taking over half my screen either!

  42. I do not like this update at all! I’m all for change if it is a productive, useful change. This has slowed design space down drastically! Some of my projects are very large and I have never had a problem loading them. Now it takes up to 5 minutes just to open them and the response of the program is so slow that I have been unable to even use it. This is not good! I have so many projects that I need to get done and am getting very frustrated. I have tried updating, turning on and off every time it freezes, which seems to be every few minutes, nothing helps.

  43. Please change it back!!! or give us the option to use the old or new I hate this!!! I have sold several things that I have no option to use anymore. WTF

  44. I have never used this function and I’m more confused now…..I do simple easy things this looks hard as hell….why mess with perfection

  45. I agree offset would be nice but it would be awesome if there was a “put on path” feature as well. I am not the most proficient with designing and still have plenty to learn but having to snip something in Cricut, load to Inkscape, doing the text (put it on path or whatever we are choosing to work on) and then bringing it back to Cricut can be a very time consuming and when you are trying to turn orders around, time is money.

  46. Offset, offset, offset!!! It is the most important feature that is missing!! Pretty please???

  47. Not a fan of the update. A lot of wasted space in the right panel now, image info and font info on welds is buried. Print is in a really odd location. And what I’d really like to see is a crop function and drawing line and or curve function to be able to connect layers, letters and shapes when needed.

  48. Another update, still no offset/shadow/outline feature. So frustrating. Literally all I want is to be able to put a white outline around words and shapes that I’m cutting or print-then-cutting.

  49. Not too happy with the changes, they do NOT make things easier. But apparently you received so much feedback on these particular changes that you decided to go ahead and implement them. So I guess I should be glad that you responded with changes that the “majority” of DS users wanted.

    I am having a problem with the option of changing the background canvas color. In my Design Space, the eye is closed on the Canvas color option and no amount of right or left clicking on the eye – gets it open so that I can change the background canvas color. I did like that option especially with using white shapes that I was using in Print then Cut projects.

  50. I really wish that ALL fonts when “written” were “written” as you would see them in print rather than the outline of the letters. There are some printed fonts that it writes perfectly, but the script (fancy) fonts are written as outlined letters. I do a lot of fancy writing on cards and they would look so much nicer if I could do them as if they were actually handwritten, not empty outlines. (I hope that makes sense). I really think a lot of people would agree with me.

  51. Wishing team Cricut a very happy 2019! Here’s hoping that the next update will be the ability to easily add the shadow/ offset feature to text!! This would huge since there are other cutting machines out there with this ability! Thank you … Marie

  52. As above the offset feature would be a great improvement. Suggest a favorites option for fonts. It’s very time consuming to find a font that I’ve used and liked before.
    I love my Cricut!

  53. I have the pro version of silhouette software. It allows you to save different file types. You can design offline with silhouette. Then save and open in cricut to cut. You can’t really edit it once you get it to cricut but if you have it in silhouette the way you want it, it’ll work great. I love silhouette software and my silhouette machine. I do love the cricut maker but having to be online stinks. It seems that there are ceratin features that I like about each and therefore will have to just keep both machines. Lol

  54. I only use my iPad but my husband uses the computer. I love the ability to curve text but would like it on my iPad or at least the saved curved projects from the computer to open up on my iPad to use!

  55. I love the new features, but I would like to see the rhinestone feature added. Other than that, I love Cricut Design Space.

  56. I really love the new design. I’m fairly new to Cricut so having just barely learned how to use DS, I think the new way makes way more sense. Thank you for continuing to upgrade your software. I’m loving it!

  57. OMG why did you all change the settings, this is so frustrating then ever. I design and craft and with my t-shirts mostly. I do not see the button to change the colors to the T-shirts. I appreciate your way of trying to make things easily accessible but this one was not successful. If possibly please revert back to the last version as it was much better! Thank you!

  58. OMG why did you all change the settings, this is so frustrating then ever. I design and craft and with my t-shirts mostly. I do not see the button to change the colors to the T-shirts. I appreciate your way of trying to make things easily accessible but this one was not successful. I’m sure many would agree. If possibly please revert back to the last version as it was much better! Thank you!

  59. The changes are fine for me…I am happy with them either way but what is extremely FRUSTRATING is how SLOW my DS is running. I primarily use print and cut for my business and what once took me 10 minutes to create now takes me 3 HOURS. It is not possible to run a business this way.

    DS does not respond in real time any more and every time I load a pre-made project to reprint it tells me that my project is too big where it didn’t before the update. Selecting a single item on same project takes minutes rather than seconds like it did when I originally made the project. Lets not get started on how long it now takes to make a new project. I can click to drag an object, type a word, change a colour or any function on DS and leave for 2 minutes and it still hasn’t responded.

    This was not the case before the update. Irregardless of whether you like the changes or not we have to be able to use DS in REAL TIME. When you click something it should respond. This is not happening any longer.

    This is not an issue with my computer but rather with the new update in DS.

    • +1 Can’t work.

      Too slow on my workstation (192Gb of RAM + 56 Xeon processors). Please, open your source code so we can refactoring it and eventually improve it’s speed.

  60. This new update with the “line type” is horrible so confusing and adds more steps when designing. If it’s not broke don’t fix it!!! So much easier to just click on the gray bar to make changes for color etc….please work on creating a way to search for our projects by name. This new update is not user friendly!

  61. I have the maker which is my 6th cricut upgrade. I do not like the new changes . It is very confusing after years doing it the old way and I find it takes more time to make my projects.

  62. VERY FRUSTRATED OVER THESE CHANGES. I can’t even make cards now like I have been doing. The print function won’t even let me print…says printable area too large. So much for making a quick card this afternoon when I needed one. I have been messing with these changes for an hour now to no avail. ARGH!!!!

  63. Thanks for all of the info on the updates! I think it would be great to have the shapes that I add to my project land wherever I am zoomed into so that i don’t have to zoom out and scroll up and over to the top left hand corner and then back over to wherever I was working. Just a suggestion 🙂

  64. I would love to see a node manipulation option as well as an offset option and snapmat for desktop. It also seems like Cricut made a beta for Androids and then forgot about it- you offer so much more for ios.

  65. I would love it if we could make folders with in our projects to easily locate our projects. Thank you!

  66. I wish this update was optional, I like the old format much better! Why in the world would “print” be under fill?? All the changes do not make it more user friendly…very unnecessary changes.

  67. The old set up was less complicated and the ability to have everything together on the right made it more functional. I new feel like I am missing functions that were there, or I just can’t find them. I agree that we should have an option to revert back.

  68. I absolutely hate these changes, life was so much easier before you made these changes. wish you would do a poll to see or an option to see exactly who wanted what !!

  69. While it’s nice to see some improvements, I’m disappointed that OFFSET is still not available. Users have been requesting this for years and you are not listening. It is the ONE option I would like to see the most.

    Truth be told, I’m thinking of switching to a Silhouette machine simply because you don’t offer this option. I’m tired of always having to come up with work arounds for something that should be included – especially when people keep asking for it. Look at all the comments requesting OFFSET in this post alone.

    Cricut, please listen to your users.

    • I am also thinking of getting a silhouette for the very same reason. So many comments on this yet they still have not addressed this need. Step of your game cricut, we love your machine but require this option!!!!!

  70. I am desperately wishing Cricut would make provisions for 3-D viewing of our projects, especially 3-D projects like frames, gift boxes and pouches, dimensional shapes, object, and envelopes, and any other projects we want to view in various angles, including those we have to sew. This will allow us to see our projects from all angles, which is great for accurate construction.

  71. I hate the new update. I can’t find anything and have been searching for an hour to try to change a color. The other format was so easy to work with, this one is NOT.

  72. I work with all vinyl. The old way was much easier to understand.
    Is there a way for those who want the old version to keep that?

  73. I am not sure if it is a bad connection at times or the amount of people trying to use Design space at the same time, that makes it slow and crash, not be able to save or just freezes. While changes in creative options are good and needed, if we can not access the platform the other options are not going to do us any good. Being able to design and save while not connected to the internet would be awesome. Also being able to save designs made with non cricut articles would be awesome you are forcing people to use other platforms and that leaves cricut lacking. There are some of use that use for example sawgrass printers and cannot use cricut format at all so we use a different software platforms and abandoning the DS completely

  74. I love the new changes. The person explaining the changes is great!. I am glad to see it is recorded and we can go back and listen again as need.

    Great job, thank you so much!

  75. Soooo, thanks for the update. But, I still just bought a silhouette just for the offset feature so EPIC fail for cricut still. All of the new features are great for those who are really into their cricuts but for those of us who really use for svg’s and fonts we needed the offset feature.

  76. Since the update I’m literally not able to slice any two images which is frustrating since I’m attempting to make keychains. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  77. I like the new changes, makes much more sense to me. The video was excellent as well. I do agree with the others…things like offset, and options when uploading would certainly be helpful. I know I have been looking at some of those “other” machines and other programs to use as work arounds.

  78. I have been waiting since the very first explorer came out all those years ago for the offset feature. I don’t like having to go in to escape to do when I’m trying to do and quite frankly I am trying I am tired of buying files from designers that have the skill set to create the offset with titles and other images and cut files. This is the one thing I have been waiting for since the interaction of the explorer.

  79. I agree with a few people that habe said were things are now just not good. I dont understand why the move to begin with. Much better before. I have awesome connection and now so cd e update it is glitching badly. So updated made my awesome connection suck. When not broke. Dont break. Now it is broke. Grrrr. Pls pls go back.

  80. I make a lot of greeting cards which means my cards have messages on the inside. I love being able to print my messages using the Print feature of Cricut but they are inside a border of graphics or next to them. To edit the text, I have to try to double select the text to get the box back up. Couldn’t we have an edit button or anything to easily get the text box back up?

    • Hi Rose, I had this issue last week. I moved my print then cut image down and into the 1 inch mark on the mat so it moved it out of the roller track and the laser started to read the lines ok for me. I hope this helps.

  81. When I saw there were going to be changes and updates I assumed that FINALLY you would have an offset/shadow feature. I can’t believe this is still not available with Cricut software. Can you explain why you do not offer an offset/shadow feature when so many other machines/software have it?

  82. I would LOVE an offset feature, and also the ability to search in My Projects. Being able to set up folders of saved projects would be amazing as well!!

  83. I can’t get my projects to load. the programs pops up with the do you want to leave! This is making me mad because I cant get my projects

  84. I agree with needing the offset feature. I use a Cricut in my business. I have purchased a commercial cutter and am waiting to have time to learn the software! I do need an unweld feature in Cricut. It just makes sense! It also needs to NOT update during daytime hours, even on the weekend. There are many of us that run our own businesses from home and work with the Cricut software, since that is what Cricut uses. It can be very inconvenient and even deadline wrecking when Cricut does multiple updates in a row throughout a day! Especially on a Sunday.

  85. These changes are amazing but I would be more impressed if design space worked. It is unable to retrieve my projects and I am told to contact support. That would be great except I have a full time job and can only craft on weekends when support is not available. How can I get help?

  86. This Update is terrible. It causes design space to move terribly slow. The drag that I am not experiencing makes me not want to use design space or Cricut any more. It is awful. This issue did not begin until the update came about. After speaking to other Cricut users they agree that the update is cause more issues than it is reducing.

  87. Why did the site have to become so complicated? I’m VERY disappointed by the changes. Just because you can change something doesn’t mean you should. The patterns to fill in shapes is cool but all the other changes were unnecessary. I do love my Cricut & DS and spend lots of time here now I’m wasting time trying to figure out things I already knew how to do.

  88. Is anyone having any issues with design space? None of my projects or images will load. My mobile app is not loading either. Hmmm…

  89. my cricut will not load any projects, no text or images & will not cut anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am furious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. My Cricut will not do anything. It won’t load images, it won’t cut anything and keeps telling me it needs to reload. I hate the changes you made!

  91. I am also disappointed. I use the copy and paste option when I am doing several items alike. It seems like there are alot of extra steps that we have to take. I also don’t like the color options of having to go back and forth. Disappointed….still no offset like others have mentioned for the thicker fonts also no a better way to organized saved projects for quick access.

  92. Am I the only soul having such issues with Design Space after the changes? No matter what I have tried it will not work for me. My projects are loading, nothing seems to work, has anyone else had this issue or know of a fix? My design space is updated, all history/cookies are deleted. Also, my design space seems to continue opening in internet explorer window, which is not compatible but I cant get it to open up in any other platform ahhhh. Worked so great days ago

  93. It would be great if design space worked all the time!!! I LOVE my cricut maker! However having to be on-line and go through the website to use it stinks!!!! Been trying to use it all day today and it won’t load! So pretty much have a $400.00 paper weight!

  94. Hello – Is anyone currently having issues loading the design space page? I have tried trouble shooting everything and nothing is working!

  95. I’m unhappy with the update because now when you weld the letters together you can’t see which font you used if you want to go back. Before I would click on info and it would tell me. I went to add to a project and had to go through all the fonts because I couldn’t remember the name. Or am I just not seeing it??

  96. Since I updated DS I can’t get it to work. Am I doing something wrong? I keep getting an error message saying that it can’t upload custom projects and that it can’t cut. Help!

  97. i can’t even get into Design Space without getting an error. Tonight is the first time on since the holidays. I’m working on a Mac. I am not good at troubleshooting. I hope whatever bug is in the new update gets fixed or someone can walk me through what i need to do. Not a happy camper with things to do.

  98. Now that there has been a update I have lost all my designs!! When trying to load my projects it says error and will not load any of my saved designs!!

  99. Since the update I can only pull up design space and all of my images are gone. I uninstalled and reinstalled same problem.

  100. Thanks to the new updates i can’t even get mine to cut now. I was so excited about getting the machine however disappointed everytime the web site is upgraded.

  101. My cricut does not work with design space app anymore since January 2019. Does this have to do with app update? So frustrating.

  102. Is anyone else experiencing issues with Cricut design space? I was working on it earlier and now neither through my phone or macs can I access it. I’m getting project retreival errors every time I log in….

  103. Is anyone else experiencing issues with Cricut design space? I was working on it earlier and now neither through my phone or macs can I access it. I’m getting project retreival errors every time I log in…. any suggestions would be appreciated.

  104. I love this and all but it’s always crashing…I can’t even get my projects to load on anything from iPad to desktop. That’s what needs help!

  105. I’m really frustrated right now of these changes. Needed to jump in here just to cut
    simple hearts for my classroom tomorrow, and cannot get my project to cut.

    The video keeps cutting off saying there is something wrong with my internet
    connection, and there isn’t.

    I liked it just the way it was.

  106. I too want the offset/shadow feature. I feel this is much more needed than this last change. Why are you dragging our feet about this feature? Other cutting machines have had this feature for quite some time. 🙁

  107. Is anyone else having issues with their Cricut machine ever since the update? I can not get my Cricut to connect to design space or my projects to upload.

  108. I am glad for changes however i get confused very easily and it makes it harder to get use to sometime

  109. My updated? design space is not working. Mine keeps saying check internet connections and they are fine! Frustrating!

  110. Design space worked great for me until the update. now it will not load my already made projects I can not cut or save a new project I had created. Daughters 1st bday is in 3 days and cant print the project I made for her birthday girl t-shirt..

  111. I LOVED my Explore Air 2, however, I do NOT like the new changes! So much easier the other way. I tried it a few times and can not figure out how to put color to my drawing/writing. I used the custom for printable vinyl once, it worked fine, and now it wont allow me to change off of custom. Shows error in custom material and no way to change it! My machine will NOT let me get passed that error and it is now a paperweight! Waiting for the ‘help chat’ to answer how to fix this. I had been using it every day for 2 weeks and did not have any issue with my machine until the ‘new’ way of doing things. Not happy.

  112. Offset… really need Offset font feature!!!
    Great videos and tutorials! Really enjoying my Cricut Maker and Design Space!

  113. We need an offset feature for text! And the ability to work offline for the times when internet is spotty or non existent.

  114. I don’t particularly like the new update. I wish there was a way to choose the old format. This one is more difficult to use in my opinion. Also, can we PLEASE get an offset\shadowing feature? I love Cricut, but am considering switching machines because of that feature.

  115. I live in a rural area and don’t always have great internet service. Almost tempted to return my cricut to get something that works offline. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi. Do you have a smartphone and service? We have apps that you can use to design and cut/write/draw.

  116. I am also a Silhouette user and have been trying to use my Cricut Maker more lately. It would be a great modification to the “make it” area to be able to drag items from one mat to another. Also, I’d love to have more functions in this area such as, sizing and ungrouping.

  117. Would be great to see a post/blog about how you prioritize feature requests. I understand that Cricut may not want to give a “roadmap” but knowing where requests “sit” from customers would be helpful.

    The OFFSET request is something all of your competitors offer and is a huge gap in your product offering.

    The ability to use Design Space locally (without internet or when the web version is down) would be really great. Even if the functionality were more limited than the full web-based Design Space, this is a miss. I bought and own the product, I should have full access to my work anywhere and anytime, and that’s prevented by requiring me to be on the internet and using the web-based app.

    Thank you for updating the UI – and more importantly, explaining the updates.

  118. I do not see how these changes are better. They seem like more of a hassle. Why not give users the choice to stay with the older way or the newer?

  119. Would love to see the patterns of your iron on on the swatch. You would be able to get a better idea of how the design would look with your current patterned papers.

  120. Is there a way to use your Cricut on your computer offline ?? I live in a small town where internet is not available. You cant cut out everything through the phone or tablet.

  121. Help! The new updates have totally ruined my machine. The cut settings are not matching the material and have too much pressure, cutting thru my material.

  122. We need an offset/shadow layer. Please, please make this a priority in your next update. Trying to make a shadow layer for images (or text that doesn’t already have a layer) is never very successful in the current version. Love my Maker!

  123. Thank you for continued updates to make the Cricut Design Space user friendly. I am hoping that soon you will incorporate to your updates offset, shadowing and trace functionality.

    Thank you

  124. Having the ability to create folders for my projects would be a great advantage for me. I like organization and efficiency. Thank you.

  125. Thank you for the informative video but I personally think that using Design Space has become more difficult with these changes. As an amateur crafter, these changes make it more difficult to navigate and figure out how to get the results that I am looking for.

  126. I like the old Cricut Design Space much better also! There should be an option for us to use old or new, whichever you prefer! I’m having a super hard time figuring it out, and it sounds like I’m not alone!
    Thank you!

  127. Love to design but wish so much that software to DS would be available for us to download so that we could work offline. So many days I’ve come on to try to make a project and can’t get DS to work. Love the machine but not happy with having to use the internet….I know it’s possible to do because I have downloaded software to use my embroidery machine and that works great. Please please please consider this. Thanks…

    • Completely agree. Would love to be able to have offline capabilities. Others’ requests for folders, offset, searching, etc. would also be great! Also don’t understand why importing a SVG change to size of the file.

  128. Hello Cricut,

    Thank you for the wonderful explanation of the update. I personally didn’t like the way it was set up previously and it didn’t seem at all intuitive before the update. I know that it will be rough for new users who will Google how to use DS, but hopefully, that will remedy quickly.

    I do have some comments and questions, however. Caveat~~~I am still learning my Cricut, so some readers may think I’m silly for my requests and some readers may not be bothered by the issues I’ve had. For me, I think these items would be quite helpful.

    1. Design Space – by definition, shouldn’t a space where you design items be all-inclusive, especially after years of requests? If a customer has to go to another program to design what they need, is that really best for Cricut? What about at least an option to purchase an ‘Upgrade’ if adding a highly requested feature is not cost effective?
    2. Save and close option – It would be nice to actually close the project. I have started new projects and had the DS ask to replace the previous project. If there were a way to close the previous project, which I have not found, it would minimize messing up an existing opened project.
    3. Organization – This would help immensely in projects as well as uploads.
    4. Initial upload/insertion ability to alter – Unless I’m not seeing the picture right, I have noticed that once I’ve saved the project and come back to it later, I do not have the editing capabilities I had when initially inserting an item, such as words. Often I start an idea and later realize that I want to alter it to make it more of what I am looking for. I have had issues doing this with script/words in particular.
    a. Un-weld would be a nice addition to DS. If you can weld it, why can’t you Un-weld it?
    5. Import Projects – It would be helpful to be able to create a brand new project from the combination of multiple existing projects.
    6. Offline option – I agree that this would be extremely helpful. Sometimes you get an idea, but don’t have internet access.
    7. Line thickness – I’d like to cut out words, but so many of the fonts are thin and I haven’t seen a way to thicken them up. This would also be nice to have for objects, to make them frame-like even, particularly for cutting them out.

    • I agree with everything you listed. I am just learning but I hope the higher ups at Cricut pull their heads out of the sand and catch up with the competitors programs. They already have the best machine. I’m starting to feel they are just out for the buck by not providing the programming their users want.

  129. The changes are ok but the pattern screen is too small I have a real hard time seeing the detail in the patters before I select them then it takes too long for them to go over to the shape and it puts a line across which then I have to slice out so it will print correctly.

  130. Is anyone else having problems with the cut settings after the latest update? Everything seems to shred my material. When I select vinyl it rips thru the vinyl and the backing, making it completely useless. Someone had mentioned using the washi tape setting for vinyl but I don’t want to keep ruining material trying to figure out that washi = vinyl, paper= iron on, etc.

  131. I do not find the changes helpful to designing. I also am not pleased with the online program always have issue before and after the change. One of the problems I came into was some of my projects that were already saved seemed to be locked up; could not ungroup, detach, etc. I had to hide individually to cut what I wanted and manually change on my design. Last two days were frustrating with multiple requests to download plugin, not recognizing my cricut attached and continual request to reload site ;(

    Offset option is truely needed and ability to work off line so we can continue to work when the site isn’t working.

  132. I would like a way to copy something from one file and paste it into another file. There are times I will adjust an image by slicing off stuff or whatever for a particular project. Later on, I start another project and would like to use the same image that has already been adjusted, but can’t. So therefore I have to delete either the new project and start over with the old project “Saved As” the new project and add back any new stuff or I have to totally recreate the item from the old project. It seems like there has got to be a better way to do this. Am I the only person who has this problem?

  133. I wished you could select to add a shadow image of your design! Would make shadowing a million times easier than saving as print, uploading, it’s just a pain. Please make it easier.

    • I’m having the same problem as well and it’s only on Monogram font, contour works on everything else.

      • I am having the SAME issue. I am trying to great a monogram to go in the center of a rabbit for easter and I have ungrouped the letters, but the contour button stays grayed out!

  134. The new features are nice but didn’t find them necessary, as for all the offset comments this can be done in layers, then flattened. What would be nice is an ability to lock images or layers and then work on other shapes/images without disturbing the locked images. Please add a lock feature.

  135. I really have no idea who would request these new changes to DS. I have never a problem with the old version of DS. I would love to be able to print and cut and an image larger than 1/2 sheet of paper. I would also love to search through my projects using the search bar.

  136. Ever since the update, my design space will not load properly. It keeps reloading with every click. HELP!!!

  137. I am sure someone has addressed this but I am missing some things I used to do knockouts I am not able to walk thru the steps I was using before Christmas. Took some time off – started back to work – BOOM – nope you cannot do that – HELP. I have projects due to customers – I found print and cut but the functions when I go to make it are not the same. FOR THE LOVE!!!!

  138. Please make a copy and paste feature available or something where you can copy items from one project to another .

  139. Please make a copy and paste option available or something that will let you copy form one project to another

  140. Not thrilled about the changes. Would love to see ERASE, Drop Shadow, and be able to save my creations in alphabetic order or in files. Sadly disappointed.

  141. I wish there was a way to have a bubbled font filled in, not just the outline drawn but actually filled in. Also a way to fatten or thicken a font to have it cut better.

  142. What a waste of your developers time. These updates make no sense. You just moved things to where they are harder to use.
    If you want to improve Design Space, make the text feature more user friendly. Users spend so much time ungrouping and moving letters. Also, in the Billionaire and six Fantastic free fonts, it is almost impossible to line up the individual letters.
    Definitely not a user friendly application.

  143. I agree with Marie, the text feature is horrible. I mainly use my Maker for scrapbooking. Recently I tried to create my opening page for our trip, which I wanted to have the Cricut write my narrative on the paper. After I had painstakingly typed the whole thing, I discovered a typo. In trying to fix the one word, it destroyed the entire thing and I had to start all over, losing over an hour of work. So frustrating. I also recently wanted to “unweld” a word as I had not quite welded it so it would cut right. Couldn’t do it. Again had to start all over. Get that working before making some of these other changes that don’t really need to be changed and don’t really make sense. Echo so many of the previous comments, listen to your users!

  144. These changes don’t really improve anything – just moving the deck chairs around the sinking ship. How about addressing the real problems of software volatility. Give us the software and OUR files to run on OUR computers so that minor glitches on the internet won’t effect our working sessions. Cloud computing is problematic at best. I suffer multiple crashes on every session and I have pretty bullet-proof high speed internet service. If there was another program that I could use to drive my Maker, I’d buy it in a minute. Used to be able to drive through “Sure Cuts A Lot” but you guys killed that. I use “SCAL 5” for everything except the cutting because the design space is so buggy. Based on software alone, my next machine won’t be a Circut. A REALLY UNHAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!

  145. Offset ,copy and paste to another project, and search your up loads and is what the next upgrade need to be. This last one, I cant image who asked for it.

  146. Hi I just want to say that I’m really happy that I learned Design Space after the update. I’ve switched over from a Sillhouette Portrait of 6 years. I recieved the maker for Christmas, I learned the program in 2 days. I’m happy with it, although the BIG difference is that yes it seems like u must have internet connection. But I do love that I can work on the program on my phone and iPad as well. Couldn’t do that with the Silhouette. So in the end I’m happy I didn’t learn the program before the update, a lot of people don’t like change.

  147. Do you think design space might be available offline someday soon? I live in the sticks and have horrible internet. In fact, I couldn’t even watch the video because it kept stopping to buffer. Being able to use my Cricut offline would allow me to use it after 6am and before 10pm. Thanks for your consideration. I love my Cricut, otherwise.

  148. I hate this new updated version. I just figured out how to use the design space and now I am lost again and feel as though I have lost so many options.

  149. So I’m actually pretty happy with Design Space and Cricut’s customer is incredible. Design Space works well for my needs but I would definitely love it more if I could design while online and then be able to cut offline. An option to download a file or files for offline cutting would be awesome.

  150. PLEASE HELP!! Ever since the update, every time I print, there’s now an ugly outline on my cut files where before there wasn’t. To be clear, I’m trying to cut out boxes with words inside and now the boxes are outlined when I print it. How do I take that “shadow” or outline out??

  151. I too find the pattern screen too small to be able to see the pattern, you can no longer filter other than colour and I can’t resize a pattern enough even if I take it to the maximum for small pieces

  152. I have spent spent the entire afternoon trying to figure out where write is located in this new update! How does draw and cut be a “fill” process? With moving the color box is great to give us the whole screen to design on, but seems like I’m constantly moving across the canvas. It would be very convenient to have a way to have folders for our projects, but it would be terrific if out projects were saved in alphabetical order. There are so many little things that would make DS more user friendly. By the way, I still can’t locate where to go to write with my circuit. I have been on several U-tubes, many searches on Google, and still can’t find the write feature. Even watched a couple of your videos, didn’t help! Moving all these features makes it very confusing when looking for answers on the internet – since the buttons have been moved!

  153. I am 80 years old. have had Maker for 6 months. I did the academy first 4 classes. was coping fine. Now all I can say is thank god I have a family of kids and grand-kids who are computer wise or i would be in big trouble. Academy classes has changed and are now only lines of typing. Methods of operation have changed and I am back to leaning all over again. Please return Academy to it past method of lessons that I had no problems of following and if you make any more change make it an improvement not a shifting of one method to another place. Thank you del

  154. 1. Please add a line that we can rotate the angle to use to slice an object or text. Using a square, unlocking it, and making it narrow to slice isn’t always helpful and is time-consuming.
    2. Please make the layout of design space the same for computer and phone/tablet users. Why have it different and confuse us?
    3. My projects and my uploaded images should have the capability to rename, create folders and subfolders, and move their location on the screen.
    4, Please add the ability for us to make corrections to our images while in design space.
    5. Why do you show text so poorly spaced and make us make the changes? Show the text spaced as it would appear normally in a text document (such as MS Word), and then I’ll change if necessary.

    Thank you!

  155. The update is mostly cosmetic changes and I got used to it pretty quickly (mostly). I agree that there are more useful features that other programs have offered for years. I use Sure Cuts Alot to supplement designing for the Cricut and it has offset, etc.

    It would be useful to be able to rename a layer or group so it is easier to find and organize, eg. Card inside, side 1, etc. It’s pretty confusing to work with an object merely called “Group” or “Attach” when there are multiple layers in a project.

    • I would love the ability to Name and rename layers in my projects. I spend so much time looking for layers to group, ungroup, and manipulate.

  156. Fantastic webinar!! Good job! Very informative ! I have had Cricut since the beginning and received my Maker for Christmas in November. I recommend the Cricut resources to strangers in the aisles at craft stores especially. is a new resource. I love the blog!
    This webinar really helped with new changes and I learned how to use things I was hesitant about, thank you!!!

  157. I like these new features as I’m getting used to them. However, I would really LOVE the ability to copy something from one project and be able to insert it in another (and not as an uploaded image). Meaning my logo for example. I use my logo on everything and have to recreate it each time with designing to make sure it’s going to work where I think. Having to redo it in each project is getting old, especially since part of it has to be arranged and welded then placed in position.

  158. The recent update is crazy slooooow. It takes minutes to open (every time) and freezes up with simple edits (changing size, moving images around, etc.). 10 minute projects now take over an hour.

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