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Learning American Sign Language with 5 Little Monsters

September 17th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

This week’s t-shirt collection is giving us ALL the feels! We’ve loved these collaborations with our influencer community, and we hope you have too. It’s given us a chance to hear and share personal design stories, and we hope you’ve been as inspired as we have.

This latest collection is particularly personal and meaningful. Erica Dietz, of the blog 5 Little Monsters, created a collection of shirts with various phrases in American Sign Language. When asked about her connection to ASL, she shared that three of her children are deaf.

When she and her husband first found out that their two oldest were deaf, they immediately learned a few signs to communicate. They watched as their son’s whole world opened up because he was able to communicate with them. They use sign language every day, and Erica was inspired to create this collection of shirts since it has such a special place in her heart-especially the ‘I love you’ shirt.

Design-wise, we loved the splashes of playful color Erica used in each of these shirts, while keeping a lot of the cohesion of the signs images by using the same color. Plus, ‘cute’ on that baby onesie?! We can’t resist!

Check out all the designs in Design Space!

American Sign Language Shirts

Click to Make: I Love You

American Sign Language Shirts

Click to Make: Love

American Sign Language Shirts

Click to Make: Sweet

American Sign Language Shirts

Click to Make: Friend

American Sign Language Shirts

Click to Make: Cute

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment telling us below and pin to save for later.

Make These American Sign Language Shirts

One thought on “Learning American Sign Language with 5 Little Monsters

  1. I love these shirts ! As someone who works with “special Needs” preschoolers we “teach” our children basic sign language (all students in an inclusion program) so that our students have a basic language to converse with each other. We have found that with a child who is shy or is unable to converse due to speech problems, sign language gives them the courage and ability to interact with the peers in the classroom. Your shirts make me happy! I can see myself making several to wear in my classroom!

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