Make this Layered Mother's Day card today!

Send Your Mom This Easy Layered Mother’s Day Card

May 9th, 2018 • Contributor: Cori George from Hey, Let's Make Stuff

Hello, my Cricut friends! Cori here, from Hey Let’s Make Stuff, to share an easy card you can make for Mother’s Day! If your mom isn’t a flowers and jewelry sort of gal, a funny card is the perfect way to say I love you this Mother’s Day.

Today we’re using layered cardstock to make this card. I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips for working with layered cardstock, plus offer this free file as a download for you to make yourself!

Glitter gel pens

To make this card, start by clicking this link to download the file here. Right-click to save for uploading to Design Space. You will see that this card has three layers and uses the scoring stylus. I’m going to call the three pieces the single rectangle (white), the accent text piece (coral), and the main text card (light blue).

1: Choose Your Colors

Choose the colors for your Mother's Day card

Because the layering in this card is subtle, I suggest using two contrasting colors along with white. Cut the single rectangle out of white, and then your two text pieces out of contrasting colors, one light and one darker, such as:

  • Light blue and coral (this is what I used)
  • Bright pink and light yellow
  • Deep red and light pink
  • Dark blue and light green

I prefer the darker color to be the accent color, but both ways work!

2: Cut Your Card

Cut out your Mother's Day card

This is a simple project to cut, but there is one thing you’ll need to do in Cricut Design Space before you cut your cardstock. Use the Upload button at the bottom of the left Design Panel to upload the SVG you downloaded above.

When you insert your image, you’ll see you have the three pieces I mentioned above, and cut line.

Cut out your Mother's Day card

We need to change this cut line to a score line. Start by ungrouping your images using Ungroup in the right side Layers Panel.

Cut out your Mother's Day card

Then change the cut line to a score line, in the Layers Panel.

Cut out your Mother's Day card

Then select just the main text card (blue) and the score line and click Attach these two layers at the bottom of the Layers Panel using Attach.

Then you’re ready to hit Make It in the upper right corner and cut your three pieces of cardstock! If you have four mats when you go to cut, you’ll know you didn’t attach that score line correctly and you need to cancel the cut and try attaching it again.

Then cut your three layers of cardstock. Make sure you insert your scoring stylus so that the Cricut can score your card for you!

3: Layer Your Cardstock

Layer your Mother's Day card

I find that spray glue is best for putting layered cards together. Start by spraying the back of your accent text piece with spray glue and centering it on the single rectangle. They are the same size, so they should fit perfectly. I like to set this under something heavy (my Cricut EasyPress is my go-to now!) for a few minutes to let the glue really adhere. You don’t want any of the pieces separating.

Next, you’ll want to spray the back of the main text card. You only want to get glue on the text half of the card, however, so cover the other half with a piece of scratch paper so that side doesn’t get gluey. Then center your rectangle in the center of the front of the main card piece, so that the white and accent color show through on the front of the card. Once it’s centered, set it under something heavy to let the glue set.

Layer your Mother's Day card

And that’s it! Because this project is easy to make, it’s the perfect last-minute Mother’s Day card! And since we’re all always looking for Mother’s Day projects, tell us what you’re making your mom this year for Mother’s Day in the comments!