Is a Cricut Machine Worth It?

December 16, 2019 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

For someone pondering if they should take the leap and purchase a Cricut machine, they often wonder if it is worth the investment.  Will I really use it?  Will I be able to make projects like I see online?  Will I love it or regret it?

I asked myself those very same questions before I pulled the trigger, and I can honestly say I am so glad I purchased a Cricut machine.  Here are some of the unexpected projects I've created that has made my Cricut so valuable to me.

The Last-Minute Shirt

One of the very first projects I created was shirt for daughter’s school spirit day.  You know, the one you find out about the night before she needs to wear it because she is a kid and didn’t tell me they were having a pep rally and I’m that mom who doesn’t read any of the notes they send home in her backpack.  But my Cricut came to the rescue!

Is Cricut worth it

The “I Forgot a Gift” Gift

Back in high school I wanted to go on a school trip to Washington D.C.  My parents agreed to let me go if I got a job and paid for the trip.  I strapped on roller skates and passed out burgers at Sonic.  Unfortunately, by the time the money was due, I hadn't saved enough.  My mom knew how bummed I was and said she’d help pay the rest if I would bring her back a souvenir.  That was the beginning of a 20-year unspoken agreement that anytime I travel, I bring back a little something for her.  She has shirts, snow globes, and mugs from around the country.  But a few months ago, I ran out of time on a trip to Denver and boarded the plane empty-handed.  Enter my Cricut machine.  A few minutes in Design Space and a few cuts later, I had an awesome tote bag from "Colorado".

Is Cricut Worth It

The Whose Is It Savior

Who doesn’t love unicorns?  I have two daughters who are obsessed with them!  And of course, anything big sister gets, little sister must have too. So I made sure each girl had her own unicorn, to prevent fighting.  How wrong I was!  One of the unicorns inevitably gets lost leaving both of my girls staking claim to the remaining unicorn.  With the help of my Cricut, "Sparkles" and "Angel" came to life and now if one goes missing, we know which kiddo should lead the search party.

Is Cricut Worth It?

Cards & Decor

When I purchased my Cricut machine, I envisioned making home decor, thank you cards, memory books, and party décor, all of which I have made.  But it’s been the t-shirts, unicorns and other unexpected projects that have really sold me on why my Cricut machine is worth it.  And, now I even look forward to the unexpected project!

The Most Unexpected Benefit

Finally, there was one more reason I value my Cricut that came as a complete surprise to me – the Cricut Community. I have made more than just projects, my Cricut has also helped me make friends.  There are people all over the country that I’ve never met in person, but have become close friends, all because of my machine.

Hear me out… when my family and I relocated to Utah I didn’t have many friends.  I work during the day and spend time with my family at night which doesn’t leave a lot of extra time to meet new people.  I joined a couple of Facebook groups when I purchased my Cricut machine to get inspired. I picked up a few tips and tricks for making, as well several new friends.  Everyone is so encouraging of one another making it the best community I’ve ever been a part of, and yet another reason my Cricut was such a great investment!

I hope this helps you think about all of the amazing and unexpected projects you can make!