Learn how to slice and weld in Design Space

How to Use Slice and Weld in Design Space

February 13th, 2018 • Contributor: Jen Causey from Something Turquoise

Hey there crafty babes! My name is Jen Causey and I’m the resident wedding expert for Cricut. I’m the creative gal behind the wedding blog called Something Turquoise and I use the Slice and Weld tools ALL THE TIME when I’m working in Design Space… so I figured I should share my best tips for using these two valuable tools. Whether you’re looking to connect script style fonts or remove unwanted pieces of a shape - slice and weld are for you!

How to use slice and weld in Design Space

The Slice Tool

The Slice tool splits two overlapping images or text into different parts. Slice creates new cut paths from two images, resulting in three or more completely new shapes! Each of the new shapes will show up in the Layers panel as an individual layer, that you can keep or discard.


  •  You can use the Slice tool to cut out a shape from another shape, cut overlapping shapes from one another, or to cut text from a shape.
  • When using Slice with images, you can only work with two layers at one time.
  • If you are using a multilayered image, you can either hide or ungroup the other layers to activate the Slice tool.
  • When the Slice function is performed with hidden layers, all hidden layers will be removed from the design screen and the Layers panel.
  • If you would like to use those image layers with your project, ungroup before using the Slice tool.

The Weld Tool

The Weld tool allows you to join shapes to create a single customized image by removing any overlapping cut lines. This can be a great way to simplify a design, keep the letters of a word connected, or combine shapes to create new designs!


  • The images/text that you want to weld must overlap
  • If you are working with multi-layered images, you may want to ungroup the layers to arrange them separately before welding.
  • Once you select one or more layers, the weld tool will become active.
  • You will know that your images are welded when they change to the same color and the new image appears in the Layers panel.
  • Once welded, the new Layer will move to the top of the layers panel, if needed drag to rearrange

I hope you enjoyed this quick video and I hope it has inspired you to get ultra creative and slice or weld something of your own! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest!

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17 thoughts on “How to Use Slice and Weld in Design Space

  1. When you get the project done to your liking can you then cut it as a stencil? * I have a cricut explore air. Thank you

    • Sure, you can make stencils with the results. You can use regular removable vinyl or cut stencil material for a more permanent option.

    • Hi. It’s a font called Watermelon Script. You could install it on your computer, then use as a system font.

  2. If you are doing a card but where the score line is you want to cut then delete that piece (back piece of card) how do you do this???

  3. Thanks for the tutorial !
    I wanted to know how to make a shadow for a word
    Like the word you used Hello if I wanted for it to have a shadow of a different color how to do that

  4. Thank you so very very much for taking the time to teach us how to get more out of our Cricuts. Can’t wait to try these tips

  5. After you weld letters together I noticed that the “font name” is no longer available. Is it possible to tell what font you used for the welded word “after” it has been welded. This tip would be helpful if you want to make another page using this same font but can’t seem to find it in the list anymore. Thank you.

  6. Fantastic and to the point video. Loved it. Heading over to your blog now to see some what other wonderful things you can help me with !!!

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