Host a Game Night

You’re looking for something fun to do with friends and family. It’s chilly outside, so a BBQ is out of the question. A dinner party is nice, but what about something more interactive? We have a fun idea: Game Night! Who doesn’t love board games or good old-fashioned charades?

To host an event that’s truly unique, we’ve created a game night you can DIY from start to finish. Let the games begin!

First, let’s get the party going with this adorable Game Night Invitations.

For game night decor ideas, explore these Game Night Dessert PlatesGame Night Silverware and Game Night Straw Flags.

For the actual game, let’s create a game everyone knows and loves: Truth or Dare. To make it even more interesting, we suggest adding a wooden block towerWe’ve created the projects so all you need is vinyl or Cricut printable sticker paper and wooden blocks to create the truth or dares. 

To complete this project, there are four easy steps: Truth or Dare Tower Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

So, is it going to be Truth or Dare? 

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