Custom Holiday Cards from Rob & Bob Design Studio

There is no one-size-fits-all holiday greeting card. Wouldn’t it be cool to send custom-tailored holiday cards for all the people in your life, from your coworker to Grandma?

To offer unique holiday cards, we partnered with design duo Rob Blackard & Bob Beidleman from Rob & Bob Design Studio to create a series of Make-It-Now greeting cards.

We sat down with Rob & Bob and asked them what inspired them this holiday season.

Where do you find inspiration for all of your cool, fun cards? 

We created an eclectic mix of designs this holiday season inspired by all the people on our card list. Like most people, our list includes family members both young and old, friends, neighbors, and business associates. We know how much we love receiving a wonderfully designed and thoughtfully selected card, and we wanted to create that same enjoyment for others.

What’s your favorite color palette for Christmas?

Choosing a color palette can be one of the most fun and time-intensive parts of the design process. One example is our Vintage Christmas Floral card. We considered over a dozen palettes before deciding on the “one.” Color is such a personal choice, and we love how easy the Cricut Explore makes it to experiment and make your own color choices.

Most of your cards mix different features like draw and cut. How do you come up with a happy mix of those features?

It’s really about creating a design that’s immediately interesting to the eye. When we combine the cut and draw features together, the result is a design that appears complex and intriguing. Your eyes dance around, discovering intricate surface detailing, multiple cut layers, texture, and depth. It’s like a visual adventure.


To customize this Santa Card even more, experiment with Cricut digital patterns. Make this envelope and card now for 99 cents each.

More from Rob & Bob:

Sometimes you don’t know whether to say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, or Happy New Year’s. This card says it all, literally. Check out the Rob & Bob’s Happy Everything card. It folds out into three panels with three messages.

Don’t forget about Rob & Bob’s matching gift tags.

Rob & Bob

Rob & Bob

About Rob & Bob

With a shared aesthetic that seamlessly fuses modern and vintage styles with playful sophistication, Rob Blackard and Bob Beidleman create a wide range of original art. Rob deftly employs multiple mediums in his creations, mixing bold graphics, paint, and digital. Bob loves offbeat, vintage, and quirky. These contrasts make their artistic collaboration an exciting adventure. Follow them on Facebook.


Want more ideas? Cricut offers many Make-It-Now Holiday Card options to customize and create. Check these cards out and make them now.

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  1. I am very sorry that I am not seeing more traditional cards saying Merry Christmas .
    Christmas is all about Christ after all.

  2. I’m glad it says happy holidays and not merry Christmas because Christmas is about reindeer, santa, snowmen, and Christmas trees. Which everyone can celebrate.

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