Get Back-to-School DIY Down to a Science

August 24, 2016 • Contributor: Julie May

Just when you’ve settled down into a nice summer solstice, it’s time to get packing for school again. Are back-to-school ads running sooner and sooner on TV? We thought so. The beauty of being able to create with Cricut® is that you don’t have to stress about being first in line for adorable backpacks and lunch sacks – you can personalize your own! From creating DIY pencil cases and notebooks to planners and totes, you can have fun getting your kids ready for the classroom – in style, of course!


The Perfect Bag

Whether you’re eight or 18, your bag is your calling card. For the following looks, you can buy a plain backpack and go to town or find an old number and give it a makeover for a cool, vintage look.

Go Aztec chic.

Monograms never get old.

Show ‘em how smart you are.

Don’t forget stylish pencil cases.


Plan for Style

Kids today have all sorts of planners to keep it steady and straight. Using cool vinyl decals, you can personalize a hardcover planner or a plain spiral notebook.

Perfect for the Facebook 1st day photo.


Pack a Punch

A brown bag will simply not do. Kids need conversation pieces and we’ve got you covered with these ideas.

Personalize your message each day.

Explore all types of characters, animals, and more.

Give any vintage lunchbox a modern touch.


No matter what project your Back-to-School DIY project looks like, whether it’s a backpack or a planner, you will always get an A in our books.

We would love to see your Back-to-School creations! Please share with us using #cricutmade.

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