Front and Centerpiece: Thanksgiving Table Crafts

November 10, 2016 • Contributor: Scarlet Letters Copywriting

Thanksgiving: it’s the holiday devoted to family, food and (sometimes) football. But, if hard pressed, many of us would admit that we give more thought to the tablescape than to the menu. Yes, of course, the meal should be a delight for the palate. But with all the work put into the preparation, shouldn’t the food be presented in a way that reflects the chef’s labors?

Take a look at the images and projects below to find inspiration for your Thanksgiving table. There are just over two weeks to go… that’s plenty of time to set a scene that will be a feast for all of the senses.



This fun project, available in Design Space, puts into words what everyone is hoping for: a delicious Thanksgiving meal, from soup to nuts.

We admit it: we’re a little obsessed with this fantastic place card project from Refresh Restyle. Not only does it reuse wine corks, but it also repurposes old books and magazines. Cheers to that!



If shiny is just not your thing, embrace the more traditional motif of fall leaves with this DIY name tag project, available now in Design Space!


Metallics are all the rage these days. (If you missed trend spotter Andrea Greco’s piece on copper, you can check it out here.) This shimmering centerpiece collection is, well, pure gold!




Just because it’s the kids’ table doesn’t mean it can’t be gorgeous. This charming dinner set from Sur La Table can brighten any place setting at the first sign of autumn chill… no need to wait for Thanksgiving Day!


This time of year, pumpkins are ubiquitous… and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Here’s a stylish way to marry an elegant floral arrangement with the cheerful orange fruit. Bright, beautiful and unexpected, it’s a lovely addition to any Thanksgiving table.



If you’re celebrating at a beach house (or just dreaming of the seaside), unexpected blues work beautifully with corals to create an ocean-inspired theme. We love this design from Tuvalu.


Everyone knows about Christmas evergreens, but who knew that Thanksgiving trees are a thing? Pictured here from the website Tiny Me is a stunning design showing how elements from nature can be incorporated into a modern tablescape with breathtaking results.



This beautiful DIY paper craft reminds everyone about what is important on Thanksgiving Day… and every day. Visit Design Space to make yours today.


Cranberries are an essential part of any Thanksgiving menu, but did you know that they can be used to create a centerpiece as well? We love this candle design for its striking simplicity (and complete lack of calories).



There are countless ways to set a Thanksgiving table. Whether your style is bohemian casual, shabby chic, ultra-modern or a little bit of everything, embrace it! Let your individuality shine through as you create a unique gathering place for the important people in your life.


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