Try the Simple Cards Cartridge

June 29, 2016 - Contributor: Anna Rose Johnson

We want to tell you the two main things we LOVE about the Simple Cards cartridge.

#1 – Every card in the set has anintricate design but is very easy to assemble. With multiple cardstock colors, you could make a unique, beautiful card in less than an hour.

#2 – Each card’s intricate design has an inverse equally as beautiful. By using the the Contour tool in Design Space, you can hide the outside rectangle of the card and cut out only the inside pieces. See how with these two notebooks:


First, you insert the card bases onto your canvas in Design Space. Ungroup and delete any other layers.


We’ll start with the triangle card. Select the card and click “Contour” in the Layers panel.


Once the image is in contour mode, it will turn blue and show you every contour or line that makes up the image. Now, click on the rectangle so that only the inside pieces are highlighted. Leave contour mode by clicking anywhere outside the image in the white area.


Now you can work with just the triangle images.


Follow the same steps to contour the sunburst card.



You can make so much more than cards with these images!

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What would you make with Simple Cards? There are so many possibilities! We’d love to see what you choose. Share your projects with us on Instagram or Facebook with #CricutMade. Next week we’ll be back with more project ideas.

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