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Enjoy Even Heating With the Cricut EasyPress

October 12th, 2017 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Have you been eyeing our new Cricut EasyPres, wondering if you should add it to your crafting collection?

Traditionally, there have been two options that crafters could use for applying iron-on vinyl: an iron or a heat press.

  • The home iron has the convenience of portability and can be fairly inexpensive. However, it may take several passes to make sure you cover the entire design. You also often need to apply a LOT of pressure to make sure the vinyl actually sticks since the heating surface temperatures can vary wildly.
  • Many small business crafters upgrade to a heat press. These machines usually have a clamshell type of design that allows you to apply heat and pressure evenly across your entire project. However, they can be bulky, expensive, and hot to use.

What Makes the EasyPress Unique?

The EasyPress combines the best of both worlds, offering even heating in a portable package. We made sure to create heating elements that spread throughout the machine to keep the temperatures within a close range across the entire surface. This means you will enjoy improved results from your efforts.

We have included a handy temperature and time chart in the box to help you get just the right settings for your materials. Set the timer so you know how long you need to keep pressing. That's another great feature; you don't have to press down extra hard like you would with an iron. Just apply firm pressure and wait for the vinyl to cool down before you remove it. 

It's also a safer option to have around the house if you compare it to a heat press (especially if you have kids around!). Those machines have you placing your materials between two hot plates. With the EasyPress, you have a big flat surface with a handle on top. It also has a safety shut-off after 10 minutes so you don't need to wonder if you forgot and left it plugged in.

But Will The Transfer Last Through Washes?

Another advantage of the heat press over an iron is that the results usually do better at staying intact through multiple washes. Can the EasyPress stand up to this test? The answer is Yes! Of course, results are dependent on what products you use, how you apply it and how you do your laundry, but in our tests, the vinyl stayed on through over 40 washes and counting. The even heating means a better chance that all of the vinyl will adhere and not come loose down the road.

Take it to your next baby shower and create a onesie customization station.  If you have a craft business, imagine having an EasyPress at your next craft show, allowing you to create for your customers right then and there. Make shirts for your sports team. There are so many possibilities!


Have you tried the Easy Press yet? How are your wash results? Tell us in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Enjoy Even Heating With the Cricut EasyPress

  1. bought the Cricut Easy Press and absolutely love it. Highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in getting great and consistent results.

  2. I am a huge fan of Cricut….even before the EasyPress. I had abandoned iron-on projects as even with my expensive traditional irons I would get scorch marks on the areas near the design. Now, with the EasyPress, I am absolutely “over the moon” in love. With our daughter’s wedding coming up, I just know thi EasyPress will be in full production. Thank you, Cricut-you’ve done it again!!!!!

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