8 Last Minute DIY Gifts

c42b1f68-ce3e-4822-84d0-50234146c33bYou’ve made a list and checked it twice. Or so you thought. You’re missing two gifts, and, with a few days to go, the thought of going to the mall gives you heart palpitations. What if you could quickly DIY something you already own (upcycling is so chic) or grab something simple and go to town on it? Yeah, we thought so. Grab your Santa hat, get creative and check out the following eight Ready to Make projects from Design Space.

  1. Hangry Apron

    2. Vintage clock (is there one hiding in the basement to upcycle?) 

    3. Coffee or glass pitcher

4.Leather journal (make sure you never wrote in it)

    5. Pencil case or make-up bag 

     6. Tic Tac Toe for kids

     7. Cookie jar turned pet treats

     8. Champagne (this is a no-brainer)

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