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EasyPress vs. Heat Press vs. Iron: Which One Is for You?

February 16th, 2018 • Cricut Blog Team

If you love working with iron-on, you have probably looked at our EasyPress and wondered if it's a must-have for your crafting collection, or if you would be better off with an iron or heat press. Let's explore some of the pros and cons of each type.


Irons can do more than just get the wrinkles out of your clothes; they can be used to adhere iron-on and help with other crafts. They don't take up much room comparatively, so can be worked into many households.


  • It's very portable, which is great when you want to craft on the go.
  • Many people already own one.
  • The least expensive option on average of the three


  • The temperature can vary wildly throughout the surface of the plate. You might end up with iron-on that doesn't stick as well as it could. It could also be scorched.
  • A small surface means you will have to move it several times potentially to cover your entire design.
  • Since it sits upright while in use, a hot surface is exposed that can lead to burns.

Heat Press

If you have a small crafting business, you've likely considered buying a heat press. These machines consist of a base and two plates. You place your product between the plates, close, then let the heat and pressure adhere the iron-on to your item.


  • Large work surface
  • Heat and pressure make results last longer and adhere better than an iron


  • Not as portable as the other options
  • Since both plates are heated, you would have to be extra careful not to be burned. 
  • Most expensive on average between the three options


We designed the EasyPress to have the convenience of an iron with the durability of a heat press. Since the temperature is even throughout, firm pressure while pressing down is all you need for lasting results. It's so easy to craft with iron-on when you use this!


  • Even heating throughout the surface for better results than an iron
  • Portable
  • Safer and less expensive than a heat press
  • Larger surface than an iron
  • Comes with an insulated safety base to protect from burns while crafting


  • Not as large a surface as a heat press
  • Costs more than many irons

Which one(s) do you own? What would you add as pros or cons for each? Tell us below!

9 thoughts on “EasyPress vs. Heat Press vs. Iron: Which One Is for You?

  1. Still waiting for the Cricut Maker Knife Blade. The false advertising on the release date of October, then December, and now sometime in 2018 is ridiculous.
    Customers that purchased the Maker before they changed it to “Coming in 2018” should be given 1/2 dozen knife blades.

  2. I agree with Jacqueline, I specifically bought the Cricut Maker due to it’s Knife Blade feature and here I am still without a knife blade. Cricut should provide some type of offer to those who have purchased the Cricut Maker before they changed it to “Coming in 2018”. “Coming in 2018” doesn’t even give us an estimated date. I could be December of 2018 for all we know.

  3. I’ve used all 3! Started with a plain old iron, invested in a swing arm heat press and now own the Easy Press. I love my Eady Press. I use it for my small business and have had no complaints of iron one not staying. I miss the swing arm because of size and you could shut it work on getting next thing ready and come back. I don’t love having to hold the press down, but overall I’m sticking with my Easy Press. I’d love it if you release a larger one though?! Love my Maker as well. Happy crafter. ?

  4. Yes, where is the Knife Blade?? I agree with Jacqueline we should be given 1/2 dozen knife blades, that’s the whole reason I bought this machine.

  5. Certainly agree about the knife blade!! The Maker is my first and ONLY machine, and I specifically put out the high $$$ because of the capabilities of the knife blade. I purchased it before Christmas of 2017, and it was advertised as coming out late 2017. Here it is almost Easter of 2018, and I can’t find ANYTHING on the internet explaining what’s going on…

  6. I have an iron and as you mentioned the heat varies from spot to spot on it making it not good for iron-on products. I have watched many videos done by Ken’s Kreations and I am already in love with the easy press. I unfortunately am not in a position to purchase one as I am currently disabled and cannot work. For now it’s just wishful thinking, but if I can save money it would be my next purchase. Ken’s Kreations really tells it like it is and seeing what all they have done I know I want one. Thanks for all your great products.

  7. I love my easy press however my only 2 issues are:
    Temp guide: When I use non cricut HTV the manufacturers only give the instructions for a Heat press and an iron which is annoying
    I have the easy press mat however I wish it was alot bigger for larger projects.

    Also your range of products on the UK website is rubbish compared to the US please sort it out and make it more fair

    • Wondering what else you can do with that bag of baby carrots besides dunking in a bowl of Ranch dressing?

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