Announcing the EasyPress 2

Cricut Announces EasyPress 2: More Projects. More Materials. More Possibilities.

July 30th, 2018 • Contributor: Cricut Blog Team

Today, during Cricut’s 2018 Mountain Make-A-Thon, Ashish Arora, Cricut CEO, announced the next generation of its ground-breaking Cricut EasyPress line, Cricut EasyPress™ 2. With the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an iron, EasyPress 2 comes in three sizes that offer flawless results to make almost any iron-on project in 60 seconds or less. EasyPress 2 gives you projects you’ll be proud of every time.

“When we launched Cricut EasyPress last summer, our goal was to make the iron-on process seamless for makers that gives them a better solution than what’s currently in the market: a bulky heat press or a home iron with unreliable and inconsistent heat settings. EasyPress 2 takes our mission to a whole new level with technology improvements and two new sizes in addition to our popular 9”x9” size that expands the capabilities of what people can make.” -- Ashish Arora, Cricut CEO

More Projects. More Materials. More Possibilities.

Cricut EasyPress 2 supports a broader range of materials and sizes of iron-on projects with higher temperature settings, faster heat-up times and a thicker heat plate design for more uniform heating for long-lasting results.

EasyPress 2 Announcement

Heats up Faster. And Higher.

EasyPress 2 heats more quickly -- up to 25% faster -- and can reach up to 400 degrees (F) to achieve amazing, long-lasting results for your iron-on projects.

Now 3 Sizes for All Projects.

Choose the right EasyPress 2 for the types of projects you love to make most. EasyPress 2 comes in three sizes: 6”x7”, think Onesies, baby bibs, cosmetic bags. Our original 9”x9”, think T-shirts and tote bags. And, 10”x12”, think BIG. Blankets, beach umbrellas, banners.

Perfectly Petite & Mobile.

Make perfect small-scale projects without working around seams. With a 6”x7” heat plate that heats up in just over a minute, make smaller projects in short order. And, don’t forget a new 8”x10” EasyPress mat because “it’s all about that base!”

EasyPress 2 Announcement

The Go-to Medium.

The medium size EasyPress 2 comes with a 9” x 9” heating plate, our classic size. It’s perfect for your essential everyday projects. It heats in just over 2 minutes, unlike traditional heat presses that take between 7 and eighteen minutes. And, again, use it with a 12”x12” or larger 20”x16” mat depending on your project design.

EasyPress 2 Announcement

Jumbo Size for Full Coverage.

Now … just what you’ve been waiting for … make large-scale iron-on projects in just one press. Our new larger EasyPress 2 has a 12”x 10” heating plate for your big bold projects! Better yet, it heats in just over 3 minutes. Use with the 12”x12” EasyPress mat for “inside jobs” when you need a mat to fit in your base or the 20”x16” for that big job.

EasyPress 2 Announcement

Matching Mats.

EasyPress 2 Announcement

Match your mat size to each EasyPress 2 for professional iron-on results. Use the larger mats for full-coverage or a smaller mat if you need a raised surface or just the perfect pad for your choice of EasyPress 2. Change up the mats depending on your preference and project size.

A Beautiful Bright New Raspberry Color.

EasyPress 2 Announcement

This summer everything came up roses with our new Rose Maker and Flamingo Pearl Explore Air 2. We love this beautiful new raspberry color and if you love a pop of color in your craft room, the EasyPress 2 is perfect for you!


Cricut EasyPress 2 will be available this Fall on and in your favorite craft retail and online stores. EasyPress mats are available now on and at retailers in-store or online.

You can visit our Help section to see FAQs and a revised heat settings chart for all of the materials and bases you can use with EasyPress 2.

We are so excited to hear what you think of Cricut EasyPress 2! Make sure to let us know in the comments, and share with your friends, all of the types of projects you’re going to make with the different sizes. #CricutMade

134 thoughts on “Cricut Announces EasyPress 2: More Projects. More Materials. More Possibilities.

  1. Everything made smaller is always so cute.. i want that little one just because its cute, lol..and yes good size for small items..

  2. I just bought the Easy Press so I could take it to events with me. I would have waited to get the Easy Press 2 that heats up faster and hotter.

  3. I was literally getting ready to buy a easy press today but I don’t necessarily need it right now so I think I’ll wait. But I do have a question. With this 12×10 – can you still do t-shirts with it? Or would you need both sizes?

  4. I am sooo glad I waited! I love the bigger easy press and the color is gorgeous. This will be a must have!

  5. The first easy press was an option for me because I was able to get it on sale. I am disappointed that the prices are so high on the new models. For these prices you can buy a large heat press. I would suggest lowering the price considerably. If you add the price of a maker plus the Easy presses your close to $1000. That price tag makes it a very expensive hobby for many to afford.

  6. Oh my goodness!! This has just made my awful Monday better! I was just discussing the need for a larger easy press!!! On the projects that I usually make, I am always needing to press twice, due to the size. The larger easy press is going to work wonders!! The only downfall, is that the prices are very high! It may take me months to save up for it, but hopefully it will get purchased! Way to go Cricut!

  7. So happy there is a smaller version. I have some limitations with my arms and this looks much lighter–YEAH!!!

  8. I just bought my Cricut easy press last month because it was on sale for 129.00 but I haven’t used it so I better return it and buy the new one. I think I like the biggest one but the price is too much maybe I will wait till it go on sale after a year.

  9. Love the color! To think I just got the original easy press!!! Need to sell that one so I get the bigger one!! Nice job!!!

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  11. What a great idea. Three sizes. The large one will be my best way to go…faster, more projects. Yes, Cricut!!

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  13. Once again Cricut has gone and “improved” an item, which although I understand it still makes me upset. What about those of us who jumped on the bandwagon and immediately bought the original Easy Press? We are stuck with an outdated machine that is not as efficient as these new ones are! While I love the innovation of Cricuts engineers and the idea that they are only trying to make things better for us crafters I still am upset that I spent so much on a product only to see it “improved” with in a short time after I purchased it. I know there is no easy answer to this as Cricut like other companies are out to make money as well as assist crafters with their projects. BUT in the interest of fairness, Cricut should take the older models not only of the easy press but of cricut machines in as trade ins towards the price of a new one. There are many of us who “just purchased something with hard earned dollars” only to find that within months our machines are outdated. I enjoy my Cricut tools but it is somewhat of a “bummer” to be the one with the old stuff and left to feel like ones tools are not up to par. Just my opinion people-so please don’t spam me with horrible responses. I will continue to use my original Maker and my original other tools until they break down. Thanks for listening.

    • I feel you on this one since I too have recently saved up for it and now to find out that a new improved one is coming out it’s like really are you kidding me. I am in the window of returning it but at the same time what I am to do in the meantime waiting for it and then pay more in price. Sometimes it hard to stay in line with the products but this always happens to me and then with the maker I feel like soon there will be a new one this again will happen to me.

    • I feel that too and not just about the Cricut, but then I remember the EasyPress I bought is just as good as it was when I bought it. I loved how it worked when I got it, and I love how it works now. I’d love to keep up with the “best” of everything, but sometimes it’s just good enough.

      (I tell myself this over and over, and though it’s true I just can’t convince myself either 🙂

      • I agree, I save to buy something and then a new and improved comes out. Why??? I think I might start looking else where to purchase supplies!

    • Well said! I just bought the EasyPress bundle at JoAnn yesterday and found out immediately that the EasyPress 2 are in the market but are not in the store : (

    • I agree! I literally just purchased the old easy press, and now see there is a bigger better one. Its upsetting because the big one is exactly what I need and now the one i got I’m stuck with it. ?

    • I agree! Thia innovation things happened when I bought my machine and I just can’t justify the spend and taking up space for the new ones. Very frustrating ?

  14. I think this is a good product, but after buying my maker, I’ll have to wait awhile so I can afford it. Will the big one go on special? For Christmas maybe…..

  15. I just purchased the EasyPress from HSN, not knowing there was a new model on the horizon. In fact, it’s supposed to be delivered tomorrow. It wasn’t on sale either! It was out of stock for a bit and when they got them back in, I grabbed one before they sold out again. Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t send it back and wait until the new model comes out. I wish I had known this before I ordered it. Now, if I return it, I’ll have to pay postage to ship it back! I just read that “the EasyPress 2 supports a broader range of materials and sizes of iron-on projects with higher temperature settings, faster heat-up times and a thicker heat plate design for more uniform heating for long-lasting results.” Sounds like they have made some improvements. I was so excited to finally be getting one, only to be disappointed that a new and improved model is coming out in just a month or two.

  16. I see a few people mentioning cost. Where are prices posted? I don’t seem to see how much they are going to be sold for? I hope the big one is affordable:/

  17. Excited for the Mini one. Do you have a U.K. release date yet?
    As much as I love Cricut and all the lovely products I feel let down as in the U.K. we don’t have hardly the products available to the US market for example patterned HTV, some tools and a lot of the content on Access 🙁

  18. So excited!-and so upset as well. It’ll take ages for it to come to UK market. You’re so lucky guys to have access to all that wide range of products. I can die for a rose gold self adhesive vinyl right now :)))

    • I have to agree with you ladies. I am also in the UK and was just about to buy an Easy Press, then I heard about the latest version. I would prefer to buy the new one but we wont get it over here possibly until next year and I really need one now. I wonder if the EasyPress price will come down, shall I make do with the original one. There maybe some being sold by current owners who want to buy the version 2. Decisions…decisions !! 🙁

  19. I am excited about the smallest and largest easy press machine. I think it will be beneficial to large and small projects. Just in time for Christmas.

  20. Can’t wait for this to be released in the UK! Was on the verge of buying one when this was released, Now got to decide which size to get!, Exciting!

  21. I love my Cricut explore but due to health issues in my family crafting has been on back burner. But seeing the great projects and the new presses makes me ready to start crafting again. Going to watch for a press to go on sale. Can the larger press still do onesies?
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi. I hope you do get to do some crafting soon!
      Yes, the larger presses can. With onesies, you would want to put something inside it (perhaps something like a folded hand towel or washcloth) to help raise the fabric on the front when using the larger presses. Otherwise, the seams can sometimes make it a little more difficult to get the best press. The smallest size avoids this problem since it is small enough to fit between the seams.

  22. I love to have the 10 X 12 or the mini one, because already have the original and I love it so much all you products, prayers to be the winner of one.

  23. Has there been a date yet set for release? I need the 10 x 12. I don’t want to order one of those big spaces suckers. This easypress will work better in my space.

  24. I would love to have the different sizes of the Easy Press. Onsies t-shirts, travel bags, the possibilities are endless.

  25. I would live the little easy less to make onesies and tshirts for my grandbabies!! I love creating stuff for my family and friends!!

  26. I would love to win this so that I could make some T shirts and banners ! I have been waiting for this!

  27. I am a new user. Can’t seem to get the hang of it with my iron. Saving up to buy the current press. I am looking forward to the new release.

  28. I was able to use my cousin’s- and now I want one sooooo badly! Saving my pennies for it, putting them on my Christmas list, and now crossing my fingers I win one!

  29. Would love the larger size for both tee shirts and tote bags. Also like the idea of more heat. Often have to do twice to ensure good adhesion. Love the color too?

  30. I just need alot of classes and would so very much love to have an easy press. I need help just getting started. I have the Cricket Explore 2. Please draw my name to win

  31. Are these machine available on Amazon, if not where can they be purchased besides the website.

  32. Yesssss please… a top and jeans with the words happy on my top and birthday on my jeans running across the side of my jeans leg ….whoo-hooooo!…….. I would love any size

  33. I have just retired and my staff gifted me with a Cricut maker (I know they have ulterior motives) because I am what they call ‘crafty’. I cannot afford the largest Easypress but would love to win one as it will work better for my large people projects. Right now I use an iron and kitchen timer. I have three grandchildren and they are excited that I can make specialty shirts, just the way they want. Loving my making with my Maker.

  34. My sister has just started using the cricut. She has been making shirts for a extra income. She is using a hand iron right now. This would be a great Christmas gift for her. When will it be available to buy?

  35. I absolutely love my Easy Press! Hope you’ll have a sale Santa can’t resist when the new ones become available 😉

  36. Why spend all this money on a maker when you can get an actual industrial heat press with a 15×15 surface area for about the same cost. I bought one on amazon 3 years ago and it works like a charm. Heats up fast and most things are pressed in under two minutes.

    • Hi. For one, some people like the portability that the EasyPress 2 offers over a heat press. You can see a further comparison between those 2 and an iron here.

  37. Hi I’m Irish and would love to be able to buy these product. I have no cricut machince yet because here in Ireland it us impossible to buy these . So maybe you can give me some information and how to avail of these product . Would love to try them out .
    Thank you

  38. I would love to have the medium size easy press. It’s just big enough for t shirts and so easy to store!

  39. I love my original easy press and unlike many people I have no ill feelings abut Cricut coming out with new and improved products. That is just the way life is. Anyway I would love to have the smaller easy press to do those itty bitty onesies and other baby items.

  40. I have been wanting an easy press since I first seen them. The medium would be perfect for my small craft space and just big enough for me to still do t- shirts. Then I would know I would get the right amount of heat to the whole design.

  41. Soooo excited for the smallest easy press… I’m a Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse and with this we will be able to make many more designs on onesies for our precious little premie patients!

  42. I have the 9”x9”, but the Big 10”x12” looks amazing! Most of the items that I want to do is that size. I also love the raspberry color!

  43. I absolutely love the presses !!They are light wait and very easy to use .such a great press.cant wait to see the others !!?

  44. I would love the newest press. It would make fantastic t-shirts where you could make the best designs on them! I would love to add the large press to my scrapbook room! I could just see those shirts now! Thanks for the ability to try and win one! You guys/gals are the best!!!

  45. I am excited about all 3 sizes but most excited about the 9×9 size 🙂
    It would be the one it’d use most for my projects. Although, I’d be happy with any of them- I can think of so many projects the smaller and larger new sizes could be perfect for as well! Hoping and praying to be one of the lucky winners ????????

  46. Great idea to make the different sizes and especially like that they heat up faster, especially now – craft fair season!

  47. Easy press would make all the shirts I make for my daughter in laws class so much easier!! I have fun making shirts for my grandchildren too, but only 7 so doing 25 – 30 shirts for the kindergartners takes much more time :}
    Have enjoyed watching the tutorials and got to play with one soooo great!

  48. I really would like the largest of the three, because then you could use it on small, medium and large projects. I love how Cricut is always thinking about us crafters and what we need.

  49. Just starting out. My daughter has given me some “orders” of shirts she wants me to make for her! An Easy press would make my life a lot easier.

  50. I love my original Easy Press, but the small size is really calling my name. I do a lot of baby items and the tiny press will be ideal. I really appreciate your commitment to research and development, you area great company. I saw the Empress on Anna’s blog today and am excited to see her demo on hsn.

  51. I would love any of them! Each size has unlimited possibilities! The small one I could use to put designs on t-shirt pockets and smaller items. I could make one heck of a design on a personalized quilt with the largest one and everything in between with the medium one! My head is reeling and may explode with all of the ideas running around in there!!

  52. I would love to the 10×12 size to go with my Cricut maker, it would really help with my projects on pillow cases, blankets and tee shirts.

  53. What I was I thinking using an iron, it will work? You never know if it was at the right temperature, if your print is ironed on and did I iron that down or not. It was frustrating. I bought the first EasyPress and fell in love. I did not buy the mat and sorry I didn’t. What a difference this press makes! Thanks

  54. I have wanted an Easy Press since it first came out. These are fantastic. The 9X9 would be the most used by me. Although all 3 would surely come in handy!

  55. I LOVE my Easy Press and use it for all my sewing and quilting projects as well as Cricut projects. I am happy to see you are always striving to make improvements and new items. I would love to have either the little tiny one or the great big one. Way to go, Cricut! Keep up the good work.

  56. I love all the sizes so it’s so hard to pick. I think I would buy the jumbo first since I don’t have any little projects planned. Although if I had the little one I would definitely have to plan something.

  57. I would love to have the Medium press. I make many gifts, tees and pillows. Using my home iorn has caused my vinal to not stick well in places and to well in others. I would so love to use multiple colors without the chance of losing the entire project! It’s just. Not in the budget to upgrade as of yet.

  58. I too am bummed that they brought a new easy press but I’m excited about the bigger one, will keep using my old one but will probably order the new bigger one.

  59. I have been looking at the Easy press for a couple of weeks now because I am looking at doing T-shirts.
    I didnt relise that they come in different sizes, they all have possiblities with the ideas I have.
    Thank you for the chance of winning this brilliant prize.

  60. I would like any size did not know what you could do with them till know ,The medium would probably be a good size to have . To cool

  61. I would love the 10×12 to do blankets and larger projects. I Love my 9×9 easy press. The smaller is nice as well, I have a new Grand nephew it would be great for onesie! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  62. Looking forward to the smallest for making onesies! The 9×9 is the one I currently.have. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  63. The medium size would be perfect for me to start out with as I’ll be making t-shirts for our new Girl Scout Brownie troop! I’ve already purchased the vinyl and am working on the design.

  64. I love my 9×9 but like the idea of being able to make larger products and baby products. So I guess I’m saying I want all three.

  65. I love all of them because I have a lot of people in my family. Im a football mom and I pay to have my family shirts made. And the other football mom do also. I feel that if I have anyone of them I can save us football mom momey and help out the team. My grands and children in school I can help out with making their classmates free t-shirt for a trip. I didnt know where to start but see your page help me out alot. So this will be the first step. I just want to be able to do for school and parents that need a helping hand

  66. I would love the 9×9. It seems to be the most convenient for projects. If I had one I would make my son some personalized ties, my daughter some shirts, and would discover many more ways to use it!

  67. How to decide which size to get? So many great ideas for all 3 sizes. Cant wait for this to be released as I’m ready to purchase and trying to hold out for the nenew one!

  68. I’d particularly love to own the medium sized press, but would love to receive such a prize regardless of size. I recently purchased my Air2 plus many accessories and am entirely happy with it. A press would just be the complete package for me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to enter the draw.

  69. The large easy press would be my choice. I purchased a Cricut 2 years ago at Christmas and although it is out of the box, I have never used it. I signed up for classes 3 different times and each time ,for some reason, the class was cancelled by the store. I became very disillusioned and decided maybe I wasn’t meant to do it. Perhaps having a press to complete a project easily, would give me some positive feelings about getting it out and learning on my own.

  70. I would love to get the largest one! Truly if money wasn’t on object, I’d love all three, love the color too!

  71. Just thinking ( dangerous ) if I could get the original 9×9 second hand I would probably buy the new smaller one for baby/childrens items. My daughter is having her first baby in about an hour ( C section ) and it would be lovely to be able to make fun stuff for my grand daughter. As you can imagine, I am beyond excited ATM.

  72. I just want the littlest one. Lifting anything much more than that is getting harder and harder these days.

  73. I just bought the original Easy Press tonight. I hope it works for stabilizing tee shirts for tee shirt quilts. Would love to have some made by Christmas!!! Truly hope you have a wonderful black Friday sale so I can afford to upgrade and pass this one on to my crafty 1st grade teacher daughter! So many possibilities for all 3 sizes. Dreaming….

  74. Can the largest easy press be used on the smallest of projects?
    I.E.: ball caps, baby clothes, etc?

    • Yes. With smaller items like baby clothes, you may need to put a towel, tailor’s ham or other object inside to help raise the fabric where you want to press. Otherwise the seams can sometimes interfere with getting the best press.

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  76. What is the availabilty of the EP2 in Australia now? I heard spmeone saw the 9×9 #2 in a Spotlight store? Are all szes available or going to be soon?

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