DIY Cricut tool holder, pen organizer, Cricut organizer, craft organization

DIY Pen, Tool & Blade Organizer

January 25th, 2019 • Contributor: Brittany McDonnell, Cricut Project Designer

Learn how to make this handy organizer using Cricut Maker® and Knife Blade.

If you’re anything like me, you have your crafting supplies ALL over the place. My Cricut® pens, hand tools, and machine tools are vital to my crafting space and are my most frequently used items. I wanted to create a solution that organized my favorite craft gadgets in one place and always within reach. So I did!

I love that I now have a place to keep all of my favorite things! The best part, I made it cutting basswood using my Cricut Maker®. Once I determined the design and created my canvas in Design Space®, the project moved along relatively quickly. Lucky for you, those steps are complete. Take a look below at the full tutorial and be sure to share this project with friends & family.



  1. Cricut® StrongGrip Machine Mat
  2. Cricut® Knife Blade
  3. 1/16” Basswood (2)
  4. Paint in Aqua
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Wood Glue
  7. Masking Tape
  8. Clear Sealer

1: Open Project Instructions

Begin by opening Cricut Design Space using this link to the project Pen, Tool & Blade Organizer. This project makes one organizer that holds your tools and Maker blades!

2: Prep and Cut the Bass Wood

DIY tool organizer, DIY pen organizer, pen holder, tool holder

Use masking tape or painter’s tape to secure edges of the basswood to your mat.

DIY tool organizer, DIY pen organizer, pen holder, tool holder

Follow the prompts in Design Space® to cut images from the basswood. Use the correct cut setting and the Knife Blade.

If you have never used Knife Blade or worked with basswood before, check out these videos from the More Help section: Knife Blade FAQ, Cutting Basswood with the knife blade.

3: Assemble the Organizer

DIY tool organizer, DIY pen organizer, pen holder, tool holder

Paint the edge notches of the organizer pieces aqua as a decorative effect.

Dry fit the pieces to familiarize yourself with how they fit together before beginning assembly.

DIY tool organizer, DIY pen organizer, pen holder, tool holder

Use wood glue to attach the pieces. They should fit together like a puzzle. Be sure to place the interior pieces before attaching the fourth side of any of the containing boxes.

DIY tool organizer, DIY pen organizer, pen holder, tool holder

The organizer should fit together snugly enough to hold itself while drying, but some hand pressure may be required initially. Use light clamps if necessary.

When the organizer is dry, complete any sanding necessary, then wipe with a tack cloth

Seal the organizer with a light coat of clear sealer. Allow to dry completely before using.

DIY tool organizer, DIY pen organizer, pen holder, tool holder

Now that you have completed your tool organizer, throw some pens in there! Glitter Pens! Your Weeder tool! Your knife blade! Your rotary blade! Your fine point blade! Anything you’d like!

Be sure to share this blog with friends who need this in their life.


DIY tool organizer, DIY pen organizer, pen holder, tool holder

2 thoughts on “DIY Pen, Tool & Blade Organizer

  1. Hello! I am a proud CRICUTEER!!! I dove head first into CRICUT LIFE about 3 months ago. I was already a wood sign creator… Letter by letter… I got myself a Cricut for sign STENCILS… I had no idea that your little Cricut is one serious machine, in very small packaging. Design Space is frustrating… I truly wish we were able to organize our UPLOADS better… It would be nice to have our own library in Design Space. You’ll be seeing me LIVE on YOUTUBE teaching and talking CRICUT soon enough! I’m creating my own MERCH for what will soon be my online gift Shoppe called BIZZY BEE… I’ll be doing ear piercings as well.. Cricut will be my biggest MARKETING TOOL. I would REEEEEALLY love to get a FOIK TRANSFER KIT… Could you please restock them?!

    • Hi Melly,

      So exciting about your business venture using Cricut. Our teams are running full steam to try and continuously keep inventory in stock. Please continue to keep an eye out for the Foil Transfer Tool Kit to come back in stock. If you would prefer to be notified when it is back, please utilize our “Notify Me” feature by navigating to the product page and clicking the link that states “Notify me when this product is in stock.” The link is typically located just below the title and above the description. This feature will notify you by email when we have it back in our inventory.

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