DIY Geometric Backdrop

DIY Geometric Paper Backdrop

February 26th, 2018 • Contributor: Kristen Johnson from A Girl and Her Glitter

Creating a backdrop is essential to any celebration and takes your photos to the next level. From birthday parties to baby showers, bridal showers, and even weddings, every event is elevated when unique pieces are on the wall.  

Creating a Paper Backdrop

Backdrops can be as detailed or simple as can be. When using paper, the possibilities are endless.

Geometric Paper

We created this geometric paper design to be used on the Cricut machine. It is simple and extremely easy to create. Only a few supplies are needed for this design and can be completed in no time at all!

Tools & Supplies You'll Need

Supplies for the Geometric Backdrop

1: Cut and Score Your Design

Cut out your design

Using your StandardGrip mat (green) take your Cricut cardstock in 12”X12” (we used the Wildflowers collection for this project omitting the pink) and log into Design Space and open up this geometric shape. After the cut is complete, remove excess paper.

2: Remove Cardstock and Begin Folds

Take your cardstock off the mat

Remove the paper from your StandardGrip mat by placing your mat facing down on your workspace and peel the mat back.

Take your cardstock off the mat

Once your paper has been removed, fold your paper where the score lines have been made. You will see a triangle start to form.

3: Finish Folds and Secure

Finish folding the pieces of your geometric backdrop

Fold over the half moon tab inward.

Finish folding the pieces of your geometric backdrop

Place glue dots/ hot glue along the tab and press against the inside of your geometric shape until the paper sticks together.

4: Repeat Steps 2-4

Once glued together, the geometric shape will stand on its own. Continue steps two to four to create more.

You can then place the geometric shapes together to create unique designs!

5: Secure to Wall

Secure to your wall or backdrop using glue dots You can use hot glue if you want it to be more permanent. Place the glue in all three corners and hold onto the surface until the shape sticks.

Add more geometric shapes and build onto the paper backdrop.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to play around with this geometric shape. This paper shape is so versatile and is meant to be playful and fun!

What colors would you use?

2 thoughts on “DIY Geometric Paper Backdrop

  1. Love this simple idea! It will be perfect for my back to school fashion show. I’ll use fall jewel tones, focusing on the colors of our bts collection. I’m a manager at a Justice – our girls love our monthly fashion show that makes them the star! Thanks for the idea!

  2. Looking to connect with like minded innovators that love the idea of foldable architecture design. I’m currently looking to invest in a laser cutter and I use my cricut cutter to design prototypes for future plans.

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