DIY Family Jammies

December 18th, 2017 • Contributor: Jessica Roe from Everyday Party Magazine

Every single holiday since our second son was just an infant, our boys have worn matching jammies on Christmas Eve. I snap a pic of wiggling boys in front of our Christmas Tree and share it with our families on Christmas Day. It is a tradition that I love so much, but as time keeps moving forward, it is becoming more and more difficult to find jammies that match for all of the boys!

Matching Family Pajamas
Matching Family Pajamas
Matching Family Pajamas
Matching Family Pajamas

So, I have started DIY’ing them. Typically, I purchase coordinating jammie bottoms, and plain tops. The last few years I just let the boys wear plain shirts, and I hated it!

I purchased plain long sleeve t-shirts and plaid jammie bottoms from the store and opened Design Space to find an image we would all love. The boys were a part of every step of their jammie making this year, and I really enjoyed their input. They decided on a bear and Merry Christmas text from Design Space, though, they did ask me to edit the bear to make it an almost completely solid image.

1: Design Your Shirt

Choose an image in Design Space. (Find my cut file here) and size it to fit your shirt or pants. *I am so happy the template tool is back in DS*

If you want to edit the image’s size or style, do so now.

2: Cut and Weed Design

Cut out your image and weed away excess vinyl

Send the file to the machine to cut. Don’t forget, iron-on needs to be placed on the mat shiny side down, and you need to mirror the cut.

Weed the image and the text, and place it on the shirt where you like it. I fold the shirt in half sideways and top to bottom to find the center and pinch a small crease in the fabric. I do the same folding with the vinyl transfer sheet as well.

3: Apply on Jammies

Apply your design to the jammies

Once your image is where you want it, use your EasyPress according to package instructions, I set it to 360* for 30 seconds and pressed the image onto the shirt. Next, I added the text where I wanted it and repeated the process. Finally, I pressed the inside of the shirt on the back of the vinyl.

Finished family jammies
Finished family jammies
Now, all I need to do is get my wild crew to stand still for a few minutes so I can snap a few more pics!

What design would you make when you DIY family jammies? Leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “DIY Family Jammies

  1. I received my Cricut for Christmas so everything is foreign to me. The main reason I wanted this was to start using vinyl on apparel for my son, and stuffed animals for holiday gifts for him. Would a iron be sufficient enough to heat the vinyl onto the material until I have an EasyPress?

    • Yes, you could use an iron until you get an EasyPress. The temperatures can vary widely on the surface of an iron, so watch for that. Start small to get used to the process and practice. Good luck!

    • Yes. The one you would want for fabrics is called iron-on and you use heat to apply it to the fabric. For the other materials, there are adhesive vinyls that can be either permanent or removable.

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