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DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game

March 4th, 2019 • Contributor: Cricut Designer Meagan Patterson

Learn how to make this amazing 3D Wall Art Piece.

50 years of marriage is definitely something to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate a marriage well lived than a fun and interactive centerpiece? We really wanted every guest to get to know the couple in a different way than they may have in the past. Many of us don’t realize how tumultuous the past was and despite the craziness around them, two individuals fell in love and worked hard to stay married. This centerpiece is meant to highlight that aspect.

On one side is a photo of the couple during that particular decade-1969, 1979, 1989, & 1999. Then on the opposite side, you immediately see 3 major world events of that year. When you slide the card out it is then revealed what the couple was doing together at that time. It’s kind of fun to see how this special couple spent their days as they lived through pretty significant world events.

Now it’s your turn to make! First, gather 3 significant world events that took place during that decade. Then interview your special couple to find out where and what they were up to at that time. You will be amazed at the fun little things you discover! So let’s get making!

Materials Needed:

DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game
  1. Cricut® Maker
  2. Cricut® Heavy Chipboard
  3. Cardstock, White
  4. Cricut® Foil Iron-on, Gold
  5. Cricut® Weeder
  6. StrongGrip Machine Mat
  7. Cricut® LightGrip Machine Mat
  8. Cricut® EasyPress
  9. Cricut® EasyPress Mat
  10. Spray Paint, Navy
  11. Adhesive
  12. Hot Glue

Before you begin - this is a very specialized project so please feel free to fill in the information cards with your personalized phrases. Simply click on the text box you would like to edit and begin typing. The font I used is Dear John in Cricut Access and I switched the Fill to “Print” instead of “No Fill.” Once your letters look the way that you want them to be sure to use the “Flatten” option to preserve the arrangement of the text before cutting.

1: Cut all the Things!

DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game

Use masking tape to secure the edges of your chipboard to your mat. Follow the prompts in Design Space® to cut images from the chipboard using the correct cut setting and the Knife Blade.

Be sure to mirror the image when using iron-on and place the shiny side (clear liner) down on the mat.

You will have a few images to Print then Cut. Follow the prompts in Design Space to cut all of your images. You may need to customize your cut settings depending on your material. I used the posterboard setting with my cardstock because it was just a little bit thicker than typical cardstock.

2: Now Put it all Together!

DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game

Slide the two chipboard pieces together using the slots. It’s important to assemble the chipboard BEFORE you paint it. If you paint these pieces first, the slots will be too small and will no longer slide together. Allow the paint to dry completely.

While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, use a Weeder Tool to remove the negative pieces of the iron-on so that just the design remains on the clear liner.

3: All the Little Things

DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game

Apply the iron-on layers to the information cards using a Cricut® EasyPress and Cricut® EasyPress Mat. For the perfect time and temp setting use this link depending on your material.

4: Glue…

DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game

Use your favorite adhesive to glue 2 layers of the spacers together. Then when everything is dry, hot glue the spacers to the painted chipboard with the opening facing outward.

5: Line up…

DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game

Place the slider piece behind the photo, then attach the edges of the photo to the chipboard. Make sure to only glue the edges! If any glue leaks out it will prevent the slider piece from moving freely.

6: And Glue Some More!

DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game

Hot glue the “What was Happening in the World” cards onto the chipboard next to their corresponding windows.

DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game

Repeat these steps for each arm of the centerpiece.

DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game

Now you and your guests are ready for a fun interactive centerpiece that will keep the conversations flowing.

Happy making!

DIY Anniversary Party Centerpiece Game

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